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A self-inflicted version of the Dope Slap, this is when a character hits herself softly on the head, winks, and sticks her tongue out after tripping, dropping or doing some other mistake in acknowledgement of her blooper. As it is considered a childish and endearing mannerism, this gesture is most often employed by a klutz, the overly cute, or The Ditz. Though the female pronoun is used throughout this article, the "Silly Me" Gesture is not Always Female and can be found, for instance, in many a Keet's repertoire.

Sticking the tongue out is sometimes forgone from the gesture, but other variants are also possible. Another gesture that is used in similar circumstances but conveys a somewhat different image is the Hand Behind Head.

Examples of "Silly Me" Gesture include:

Anime & Manga

Fan Fiction

Video Games

  • One of Trucy Wright's sprites in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is her doing this, with both eyes closed.
    • Ditto Ini Miney from Justice For All.
  • Selphie's introductory FMV in Final Fantasy VIII shows her trying to climb down a hill, followed by her tripping and almost falling down. Her reaction leaves out the head-hitting, but it leaves the tongue-stickout and wink intact.
  • Sora and Ven do this a lot, but sheepishly laugh instead of sticking their tongue out and winking.
  • Tsuruhime from Sengoku Basara does this in her standard stage ending video while giggling. It makes bubbles appear.

Western Animation

  • Miss Martian's catch-phrase, "Hello Megan!", goes with the little forehead slap. No tongue or wink, but sometimes she rolls her eyes.