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When a show deals with various deaths, it is bound to enter gruesome territory...

Nightmare Fuel

  • A drunk driver gets into a car accident and is pronounced dead on the scene. Since he registered as an organ donor, he's taken back to the hospital and has his organs removed. The kicker here is that the drunk was never dead, and he was alive and just barely conscious enough to watch as his organs were removed from his body before finally, really dying when the doctors remove his heart.
  • "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead": The story of the insomniac who committed a hit-and-run and was so distraught, he began seeing his victim in his sleep-deprived hallucinations and dies of a stroke from being awake for days.
  • "Frightmare" concerns itself with literal Nightmare Fuel - a woman suffering from repeated nightmares of a monstrous dwarf who strangles her in her sleep dies from SUNDS (Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome), where the heart basically burns itself out over a frightening dream.
  • One of the latest episodes had a stewardess sucked out of an airplane. Not only was she still alive as she was falling, but she froze to death from how high up she was. Her death is shown with one of those CGI models, but if you listen closely while it shows her falling, you can hear her scream. What's worse is that it really happened. In 1988, there was a flight on Aloha Airlines (Flight 243) that suffered extensive damage from explosive decompression while in flight, but was able to land safely at Kahului Airport on Maui. The only reported fatality was of a stewardess named C.B. Lansing, who died the same way the stewardess in that story did.
  • Word of advice: don't put on psoriasis cream and then get in a tanning bed for several hours. The results are not pretty. In the digital recreation, you can hear her skin crackling like bacon as it burns off.
  • "Crappy Ending" features a man dying of an allergic reaction to a bee sting. What makes it different from the last idiot to die of a bee sting was that he got bumped off by an Asian giant hornet, and those monsters are HUGE! Not an easy death to sit through if you're an insectophobe.

Nausea Fuel

  • The Vegas showgirl who contracts necrotizing fasciitis after shaving her leg with a rusty razor, especially when she finally dies of sepsis.
    • Similarly, the woman with excessive pubic hair (which her boyfriend finds disgusting) decides to shave and wax it off herself. Yeah, too bad she waxed off more than what's necessary (and decided to do it herself rather than shell out the cash for a professional wax job at a salon or a spa), took off some of her skin, and infected herself with the same thing that the showgirl had.
  • The Frenchman with pica who dies when a nail in his stomach slices his abdominal wall.
  • The woman who used a peeled carrot as a masturbatory aid and died of an embolism when she cut herself from the inside and didn't know she was dying until she neared orgasm. The whole thing just makes you (if you're female) want to put off masturbation (and carrots) for a very long time.
  • The whiskey distiller who suffered sepsis after trying to kick open his safe (which is how realLife whiskey distiller Jack Daniel [of "Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey" fame] died)
  • The guy who tried using wet tarp as a Slip-N-Slide and disembowels himself on a nail sticking up from the ground.
  • The wannabe bodybuilder whose friend performed amateur liposuction on him and sucked out his viscera.
  • The Portuguese man who ended up ripping out his penis while trying to extract a candiru fish from his urethra and the resulting blood attracts piranhas that eat him alive. Just like the "death by veggie-dildo" story, this qualifies as both Nausea Fuel and Nightmare Fuel.
  • The nudist painter from the 1960s with trichophagia (a compulsion to eat one's own hair) whose habit eventually destroyed her gastrointestinal tract by way of bowel obstruction and internal bleeding. What's really gross (and horrifying) is that it really happened: a British girl (who, ironically, was supposed to be a hairstylist) from the 1990s was found dead in her room and when the autopsy was done, a trichobezoar (hair plug) was found in her stomach.
  • The geophage (compulsive dirt-eater) who ate her neighbor's compost out of stress over her failing savings and loan. The compost had her neighbor's feces in it and she ended up dead from E. coli (meaning that she literally ate shit and died).
  • The emetophiliac (one who derives sexual pleasure from vomit) who choked on a hot dog eating champion's blown chunks.
  • The Korean father who tried to scare off his daughter's suitor (who was Korean-American, and, in his traditional mindset, was seen as unworthy) by forcing him to eat traditional Korean cuisine consisting of live sea creatures. He would end up choking to death on a live octopus.
  • The elderly former beauty queen who injected her face with corn oil as a cheap substitute for Botox (as she couldn't afford the actual treatments). Some of that got into her bloodstream, and then it started leaking out of her face...
  • A guy dressed as Santa gets fired for sexually harassing his elf coworkers. As he's banging on the door to get his boss to let him back in, an icicle IMPALES HIM RIGHT ON HIS EYE! Cue the girls screaming and a horrible shot of the dead man with a HEEYUGGE blood red welt on his eye covered in blood.
  • A Jerkass father and husband, drunkenly trying to warm up a snow blower, gets drowsy from all the carbon monoxide in the air (and from his beer), and falls face first into the blades. You didn't think they would show the end result... but they did. Close up.
  • The man who was shredding tree branches with a woodchipper; the chipper gets jammed and the man tries to unjam it with his foot, but his foot gets stuck and he ends up being shredded to pieces, starting with his leg. It's arguably one of the most gruesome and horrific deaths in the series because it was so slow and drawn out (not made at all better by the fact that his coworker had to see his best friend and partner shredded alive and get his blood all over him).
  • The Fat Bastard who posed as a homeless Gulf War vet had maggot-infested bedsores squirming all over his open wounds (those, however didn't kill him — a poor diet and no exercise killed him) and lived in complete and utter squalor with said maggots crawling all over his dirty dishes.
  • A self-proclaimed Rich Bitch steals a dress colored Paris green for a Saint Patties party for the purpose of stealing another girl's boyfriend. She is doused in booze over the course of the party, only to wake up the next morning to find her skin green from the Paris green dye soaking into her skin, then vomiting green gunk and dying shortly thereafter. Oh, and the chemicals in Paris green dye can double as rat poison.