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ABC3 logo smaller 5182.png


"It's the place to be."


ABC3 is a digital channel, and the only free-to-air channel in Australia aimed solely at children (specifically primary and upwards). It has a quota of 50% Australian content, which is problematic, as Australian television is not a thriving industry. Consequently, the channel tends to air a lot of Aussie oldies, like Round the Twist.

Still, perhaps unsurprisingly, more kids watch ABC3 than any other channel. Dance Academy, produced by ABC3, was the most popular drama series to air on the channel since its launch--the drama attracted up to 1 million viewers a week at the height of its popularity (and in Australia, that's huge). Other popular new shows launched by ABC3 include Good Game: Spawn Point and Prank Patrol, while My Place was bombarded with critical accolades. The non-Australian 50% are overwhelmingly Canadian or British shows, but also include shows from the US, New Zealand, some Japanese Anime, and miscellaneous content from other countries.

Between shows, the channel has Studio 3, a show consisting of a string of quirky segments hosted by a team of young presenters.

ABC3 is an initiative of Australia's state-funded broadcaster, The ABC. It launched on 4 December 2009 at 6pm.

Shows created for or by ABC3 include:

Shows that have aired on ABC3 include: