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300px-AkomLogo1 3824.jpg

AKOM (short for Animation KOrea Movie Productions) is a South Korean animation studio formed in 1985 by Nelson Shin, a former animator at DePatie-Freleng Enterprises and creator of the Lightsaber effects in Star Wars, as well as producer of the original Transformers TV Series and director of the show's (first) full-length toy commercial.

The studio is also responsible for publishing a South Korean magazine called "Animatoon" since 1995. You can probably tell from the title what the magazine's about.

See also Toei Animation, Mook DLE, Mainframe Entertainment, Production Reed, Studio Gallop, Dong Woo Animation, Actas, Wang Film Productions, GONZO, Sunwoo Entertainment, Industrial Light and Magic, Digital Domain and Studio 4°C, other studios involved with Transformers.

with animation created by AKOM include:
Tropes used in AKOM include:
  • Animation Bump: Occurs occasionally in some of their shows (Batman, Transformers, and Tiny Toon Adventures) and Word of God points out that they did the good animation in Spiral Zone. Also appears in The Simpsons Movie for obvious reasons.
  • Limited Animation: Not to the extent of Filmation But still present. Of course the founder first worked at such a company[2].
  • Off-Model: The studio was fired from Batman the Animated Series because of this.
    • "Some Enchanted Evening" of The Simpsons had to be reanimated for this very reason; James L. Brooks even said of it, "This is shit." However, it's unknown how much of the blame can be attributed to AKOM, or to Klasky Csupo, the first domestic studio to work on the show.
    • "Carnage In C-Minor" is often considered to be one of the worst Transformers Generation 1 episodes, animation wise. Though it can't (and doesn't) do their quality justice. It's hard to explain what extreme AKOM's TF episodes go to without Walls of Text[3]. Each episode is filled to the brim with errors, such as the wrong character model being used (think "Alice's voice is heard but we see Bob talking; Dave is walking past in the background, but isn't Dave dead?!), layers done wrong that a character will 'disappear behind' something that's behind him, three shots of a group of characters will have three different versions of the roster, including an Autobot with Decepticons or vice versa, and so on. It wasn't just aesthetically displeasing, it was honestly plot-altering sometimes[4] With AKOM, get used to wondering this kind of thing. They keep getting work because they're cheap, but they are the embodiment of "You get what you pay for."
  1. Sawdust and Toonsil
  2. DePatie-Freleng Enterprises
  3. Though it's generally agreed amongst the fandom that Actas was almost as bad
  4. Of the two Bobs in two places doing different things, which actions were intended as having been Alice's? Did Dave really survive or was that an error?