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Never leave home without them.


"A redhead on my left arm
A brunette on my right
A blonde or two to hold the candles
Now that seems just about right, eh, Louis?"

Prince NaveenThe Princess and the Frog, "When We're Human"

A common Establishing Character Moment. A man (and it's almost always a man) walks into a room, arms intertwined with those of two ladies, showing what a stud he is. Conversely, the ladies may get on his arms mid-scene just to imply that everything's goin' pimpin'.

The Japanese call this trope also "a flower in each hand" (両手に花, "ryoute ni hana").

A more unlucky fellow will have this lead to a Lover Tug of War. Often overlaps with In Da Club, Hookers and Blow and the Paid Harem.

Examples of A Lady on Each Arm include:

Anime and Manga

Comic Books

Film - Animated

Film - Live-Action

  • Iron Man: Stan Lee as Hugh Hefner (or as himself, except Tony Stark thinks he's Hugh).
  • Batman Begins: Bruce Wayne does this. Bruce also does this with three women in The Dark Knight.
  • Variant: In Catch Me If You Can, Frank Abagnale strolls through an airport in full pilot uniform and surrounded by a gaggle of excited, giggly stewardesses. In this case, though, the aim is to distract all the FBI agents looking for him.
  • Rent: A Rare Female Example. At the end of "Tango: Maureen", the bisexual title character walks away with a guy and girl on each arm as Mark and Joanne look on.
  • In The Big Picture, Nick, feeling low, imagines himself in a 1940s-esque picture, sitting in a bar lamenting how he used to come in there with "a broad on each arm and a bankroll that could choke a hippo," but now he can't even get the bartender to give him one more drink.


  • There's a variation in one of the Elf Quest novelizations, where villainess Winnowill has a guy on one arm and a girl on the other.
  • Daisy Miller: 1880s Europe's local Strange American Girl finally goes too far when she walks down a street in Rome with a man on each arm! One of them is the protagonist who, unlike Daisy, is painfully aware of the awkwardness of the situation. It causes a scandal.
  • Anansi Boys: Spider does this with an entire crowd of women; his brother Lampshades this by saying it shouldn't be possible.
  • The Eye of Argon introduces Agafnd as having "a naked wench seated at each of his arms."
  • During Wedge's Gamble, Corran Horn, undercover on Coruscant with some other Rogues and Rebel agents, tours the Imperial palace in the company of two women, aware of what it looks like and pleased at the jealousy, because both are tall - taller than him, actually - and striking. Of course, one's one of his wingmates and the other is from Intelligence and a ranking officer. Being thought of as arm candy is useful.

Live-Action TV

  • Done in NCIS to get McGee into a club.
  • Happy Days: Fonzie. Aayyyy!
  • That Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rissa episode where it happens to Quark.
    • In "Way of the Warrior" Dax is shown with a (holographic) man on each arm.
  • It happens on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody when Zack fantasizes about being a bigwig at a company.
  • Gossip Girl: The first time we see Chuck Bass he is sitting on a couch with two of Blair's minions, Kati and Iz. In the next episode we first see him waking up in bed with one woman on each side of him. He is then continuously seen with two women at a time, when he's not fawning over Blair. Apparently, twins find him.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • In one of the earlier seasons, Xander enlists Buffy and Willow to fake this with him. He's trying to make Cordelia jealous. They play along.
    • Later, the recurring Buffy character Andrew turns up on Angel with a woman on each arm. Since he'd been heavily implied to be gay in the past, some fans found this annoying. There have been two different explanations given for this change: Joss has blamed it on last-minute changes to the episode, saying it was supposed to be Dawn with a gender-swapped version of this trope, and the other story was that it was originally supposed to be a larger group of men and women meeting Andrew, meant to give a general impression of beauty to contrast with Andrew's earlier characterization as a social outcast, that was shrunk to just two women due to a misreading of the script.
  • The Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Shore Leave" ends with the revelation that all the strange occurances have been just illusions; McCoy appears (having been seemingly killed) with a lady on each arm.
  • "President T.W. Hunt Sr." on The New Treasure Hunt, who is escorted in this manner by two models who throw money around.
  • In Mahou Sentai Magiranger, a Monster of the Week splits Vancuria into her two human selves just so he can have a girl on each arm. She is/they are not very pleased.
  • The Office: Done so Michael, Ryan, and Dwight can get into a club.
  • Hustle: Danny Blue has a scene in episode two of the first season where he's accompanied by two female flight attendants, as a quite obvious Shout-Out to Catch Me If You Can (mentioned above under "Films").
  • Glee: When Sam goes to the prom with Rachel and Mercedes (they both went with him because he thought he wouldn't be able to afford it), they are clearly invoking this with their prom picture.


  • The ACDC song "TNT" makes a reference to this, along with several other tropes among the Badass vein.
  • The Beach Boys song "Surf City" includes the line "Two girls for every boy," but it might mean something different.
  • Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie is shown like this on the cover of Women in Uniform single.

Newspaper Comics

  • 'Killer' from Beetle Bailey—frequently. In one case, Beetle and the others arrive a bit too late for a party, and find Killer showing the length of his arms with two ladies on each arm!
  • In a Farley strip, Farley is recounting to Bruce the Raven a dream he had in which he had A Lady on Each Arm.

Bruce: Gee, I'm surprised.
Farley: Why?
Bruce: You said you'd never get tattoos.


Video Games

  • Smash TV has a group of well-endowed bikini models who seem to have two purposes, cheering on the Deadly Game's contestants, and posing with the host this way.


Web Comics

  • In Sinfest, Satan commonly appears with succubi on each arm. Less now that the succubi have personalities.

Western Animation

  • Pietro from X-Men: Evolution shows up to a dance with a girl on each arm... and two girls besides them.