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Abney Park comes from an era that never was, but one that we wish had been.


"We tried to make a buck, but we could barely stay aloft
Tried swinging a deal, but we pissed the wrong guys off
With a clockwork guitar, and a flintlock bass
We're blasting the past all over the place -
And now there's nothing left but Post-Apocalypse Punk"!


Abney Park is a Seattle-based steampunk band that mixes elements of industrial dance, and world music influences in their work. The band has a Steampunk theme that they incorporate in their instruments, music, outfits, and even their own studio, which is actually pretty awesome. Really, is there more that needs to be said?

Current Band Members:


  • Abney Park (1998)
  • Return to the Fire (1999)
  • Cemetery Number 1 (2000)
  • From Dreams Or Angels (2001)
  • Twisted & Broken: Abney Park Remixed (This album is available from the band as part of a special package)
  • Taxidermy (2005)
  • The Death of Tragedy (2005)
  • Lost Horizons (2008)
  • Aether Shanties (2009)
  • The End Of Days (2010)
  • Off The Grid (2011)

The band also produces an award-winning Role-Playing Game called Airship Pirates, and has published a Tie-in Novel of stories set in their backstory universe entitled "The Wrath of Fate."

Abney Park provides examples of the following tropes:

Each night as I go walking underneath the lamplight.
I bring my baritsu and I'm ready for a fight.

  • Sky Pirate: The group logo is a goggle-wearing skull and crossed cutlass-and-propeller; figure it out. Also the basis of much of their music, especially "Airship Pirates", "Under the Radar", "Post-Apocalypse Punk" and "Aether Shanty"; though by the lyrics they're not nearly as good at pirating as they'd like.
    • The hidden track on Lost Horizons ("The Ballad of Captain Robert") splits it squarely between the lifestyle being rough, and them being pretty hopeless.
    • They even named their RPG "Airship Pirates."
  • Space Western: "Space Cowboy."
  • Steampunk: Obviously.
  • Stripperific: Look at them garments.
  • Sword Cane: The person the vigilante in "Victorian Vigilante" kills has one of these.
  • Tie-in Novel: The band has written a novel of stories set in the Abney Park backstory universe.
  • Villain Song: "Evil Man"
  • Wanderlust Song: "Wanderlust" from Aether Shanties.

And probably every other Steampunk trope.