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A Treatise of Schemes and Tropes.png This a Useful Notes page. A Treatise of Schemes and Tropes.png

The text on:

  • the inner flaps of the dust cover of hardcovers
  • near the last page or inner cover of Trade Paperbacks
  • near the last page of paperbacks

Most often a few paragraphs to a full page of information about the author, arranged either by the author him/herself, or by the author's press agent, most frequently containing a microcosmic biography:

  • The Author's name
  • Where the author was born
  • Where the author lives now
  • The author's marital status
  • What pets, if any, the author has, and how many
  • What they like to do with the scant spare time they have when they're not writing the book you're reading and the other books they hope you read.

If the book in question is a children's story or humorous in nature, there will always be jokes or a fake biography in this section.