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You don't have Nixon to kick around any more, because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference...
Richard Nixon — losing a race for governor in 1962, six years before becoming President

First rule of leadership: Everything is your fault.
Hopper, A Bugs Life

A subset of Acceptable Targets. This one deals with demonized political groups. It's gonna be a Long List, because politics is one arena where (in a democratic society, at least) all groups not only have to compete against each other, but have to publicly compare themselves with each other. This too easily leads to making the other guy out to be a Strawman Political.

It is important to remember that your opinion on how (un)deserving of ridicule or hatred a given political group is has nothing to do with whether it should be listed here; this is merely an index of how the group is treated in popular culture. (So ideally examples shouldn't be "These guys suck lol" or "We deserve to be on here because we're so persecuted.")

This is not That Other Wiki, so we're not concerned with what groups actually believe. It's also not just about groups that are disagreed with or controversial—the group has to be among the Acceptable Targets for mockery and derision.

See also Strawman Political. And do not forget the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment.

Examples of Acceptable Political Targets include:

Politicians as a group

Sleazy, corrupt, and willing to lie to their grandmother to get elected. Ultimately, politicians are about the easiest group to make into an acceptable target - just about any politician has a topic that they can be attacked on legitimately, and the profession as a whole tends to disproportionately attract sleazeballs only interested in power. It generally takes several years of cleanliness, honesty, and competence before a politician is truly respected by most people - and then, to paraphrase an old Disney song, you're not a politician anymore, but a statesman.

Comic Books

  • One really gets the impression that the writing staff of Transformers have a very low opinion of politics in general. The left-wing Autobot politicians are portrayed as ineffectual and constantly bickering amongst themselves in their quest to be as inoffensive as possible while the right-wing Decepticon politicians are portrayed as... well... Decepticons.


Video Games

  • Dragon Age 2 allows Hawke to make 'politicians' jokes at every turn, and at one point if you tell Varric that you are going to change the way Kirkwall works he tells you that entering politics is either "idealism or, either way, right up your alley."

The Nazis

Let's face it; being totalitarian fascists, starting World War II and being responsible for some of the most monstrous acts of brutality and genocide in human history isn't exactly going to endear you to the rest of the planet. In fact, the Nazis had to be very evil to give birth to a very common weapon on Internet debates: Godwin's Law as well as destroying Fascism as a viable 1st world political leaning. Whilst debate may exist over in how cartoonish a fashion it is acceptable to portray the Nazis (do you make them as cartoonishly evil as possible, in an attempt to make them ridiculous and thus impossible to take seriously? Or do you take them perfectly seriously, because anything else would be disrespectful to their millions of victims?), no one outside of the particularly wrong-headed, psychotic and/or extreme far-right is going to complain if these guys are made the bad guys or the butt of the joke. Quite the reverse, in fact; start mocking their victims and you'd better be prepared for the inevitable fallout. Of course, a further unfortunate repercussion of their existence is that even today they continue to generate a rather unfortunate impression of Germany and its citizens.


  • In "Blazing Saddles", we see Nazis in line to try out for Hedley's army of thugs, and a (heavily implied) Jewish actor playing the dictator appears briefly. He is also visible repeatedly giving Nazi salutes in the background of the Great Pie Fight, as well as during the swearing in scene.

 Hedley: RIGHT hands!


Western Animation

  • In The Simpsons Sideshow Bob, who has tried to kill Bart many times, had a tattoo saying 'die Bart die'. To explain it to his parole board he says it means in German "the Bart the". A woman exclaims that it's not like anyone who speaks German could be evil.

Real Life

  • Public service announcements were directed at English fans traveling to the 2006 World Cup in Germany not to mention the war. Special attention was paid to the fact that the German authorities wouldn't take kindly to people doing Hitler impressions and the like.
    • Imitating stereotypical Nazi behavior is usually understood by modern Germans that a person believes these behaviors are still common in Germany and that rules and standards of society are still the same. Which is probably the single most guaranteed way to piss about every German seriously off. And the English are particularly infamous for doing it. In fact, it is illegal in Germany to make the Nazi salute in public.
    • Also, being Hitler. Seriously, there is a Eddie Izzard routine that goes like this:

 Hitler ended up shot in the head, drowned in petrol, set on fire, buried in a ditch. So...that's fun. I mean, it's funny...Because he was a mass-murdering many eminent historians have pointed out. And it was his honey-moon too!


The Ku Klux Klan

(Blazing Saddles and South Park both have excellent examples) because of the hoods, ostentatious rituals, and racist actions and beliefs.


  • Sherlock Holmes is a good example for how this trope changes over time. At the time people complained over how Arthur Conan Doyle demonized the KKK, but no one raised a eye-brow over how the Mormons were painted as a Church of Evil in the first Holmes-story.


  • Notably, they were featured as the villains in The Adventures of Superman... back in the '40s, when they were still considered kind of respectable. Well, the villains were called "The Clan of the Fiery Cross," but it's very clear who they meant. That show helped expose the truth about their racist agenda, which led to the organization as it was then being eventually completely disbanded. (Klansmen nowadays are pretty much all imitators) That's right, Superman defeated the Klan.


After delivering a speech in which he claimed to have a list of prominent members of the U.S State Department who were also active members of the Communist Party, between 1950 and 1954 Senator Joe McCarthy led a crusade against communist infiltration in the U.S government and society. Although immensely popular during his heyday, these days McCarthy is used in fiction and other discourse to represent the absolute nadir of political mudslinging and opportunism, and he's often in some way connected with the dark Government Conspiracy that authors like to create. Quite an accomplishment (so to speak) for a man who's been dead for over half a century.



While Nazis are already a target, being a Fascist is also a subject of hate and anger since the Axis was wholly made of totalitarian governments who at best will turn certain races to second class citizens and at worst exterminate you on the basis of nation. With the end of WWII, the notion of a Fascist politician or leader went the way of the Dodo bird and is often portrayed as only second to Hitler and Nazism in terms of evil. This doesn't mean that fascist partisans no longer exist (they do, and are even politically competitive in some countries); it does mean, though, that they usually must perform all kinds of rhetorical gymnastics in order to present themselves to the public.

Talking Heads

Anyone who has no political qualifications but who talks about politics on TV. Everyone from Michael Moore on the left to Ann Coulter on the right. They have less protection from satire than actual politicians because of the "who do they think they are?" factor. They also have the drawback of being easily recognizable symbols of the causes/political positions that they support, and thus being easily-recognizable subjects for parody, satire and mockery.

Politically active celebrities

Being famous gives you a big audience that you can use to bring attention and influence to the political and social issues that interest you, but it also opens you up to plenty of mockery, mainly for hypocritical and / or cynically self-serving behavior or just plain not knowing what you're talking about.


The first because they could reasonably be portrayed as out to overthrow the government, the latter because they look like the former, and essentially could be seen as the former with better public perception, and sometimes even fell into many of the excesses that made the former infamous. Note that this mainly applies to the US; in most of the rest of the world socialists are just another unremarkable type of politician (in Western Europe) or as only slightly more acceptable than other politicians (this is particularly true in former Communist states, where the socialist party tends to contain a lot of Former Regime Personnel). The overall stereotype has shifted over time, going gradually from one of Ax Crazy Terrorists Without a Cause a century ago to today's "Big Brother" portrayal (which invariably gets conflated with the Nazis).


  • This paranoia was brilliantly mocked in Stanley Kubrick's Doctor Strangelove. Also, chillingly, portrayed in Fail Safe was the dire consequences that many feared would be a result of the tensions between the USSR and the US.


  • Stalin is mentioned along with Adolf Hitler on the Godwin's Law page. Calling someone a Stalinist is seen as worse than just a Communist (in Western Europe, Communist is not seen as that bad. Stalinist, for similar reasons to the Nazis, would be.)


Usually portrayed as greedy, wealthy types rather than people who just believe it to be the best economic system. See: every portrayal of a Corrupt Corporate Executive ever.


Generally portrayed as some or all of the following: paranoid wackos stockpiling guns and Krugerrands for the imminent collapse of society, regular conservatives who just want to smoke weed all day, crypto-racists and anti-Semites, "Fuck you, I got mine" style sociopaths. Often, liberals will see them as an exaggerated version of their stereotypes of conservatives, and vice versa. Note that these words do not mean the same thing outside the United States.

Live-Action TV

  • Jeff Winger on Community runs for student government under the Libertarian platform, according to Abed and Troy's show anyway. He is, of course, only running to aggravate Annie.

Western Animation

  • Dale from King of the Hill isn't a libertarian, but is subject to the same hostile right-wing lean libertarian caricature via gun rights.

Real Life

  • Zig Zagged in the American political culture, with changes in portraying political ideology or any movement that has libertarianism as part of it or any American political groups or individuals throughout late 20th and early 21st centuries.
  • Both played straight and for some laughs along the way with Gary Johnson for his political career. Despite being the former governor of New Mexico, (as a Republican) he wound up being mocked in the 2016 election for his lack of knowledge on foreign issues.
  • Generally the American Libertarian party itself in recent years, as with most American third parties like Greens below, is viewed as a "spoiler" party that only exists to take votes from the two main parties, (In 2016 especially, the third-party candidates and their voters were seen as having put a damper on the Democrats' voter share) thus attracting a lot of derision from Democrats, Republicans, and tactical voters alike.


The word invokes images of groups of bikers with guns and Molotov cocktails spreading terror to the surrounding countryside and militia that do what they please, regardless of the damage that is done in the process, because, after all, Anarchy Is Chaos. Of course, they tend to see the government the same way. (In reality, most of them are hippie-type activists and usually pacifists.) Was particularly strong in the 1800s, mainly because anarchists went around assassinating world leaders (Leon Czolgosz kiled William Mc Kinley, for example).


Members of any country's Green Party tend to get portrayed as Politically Green Single-Issue Wonks who don't care about anything but their overly naive brand of environmentalism (or in some versions, and even radical anti-technological views as "reason" why the planet is 'dying'). Their platform is actually a lot broader than that. In fact, the word "green" in their case might be said to stand for reform or renewal rather than the "woodsman-spare-that-tree" cliche.

Live-Action TV

  • Used twice with their former presidential candidate, Ralph Nader, in Adam Ruins Everything as a passive-aggressive bad thing and superbly idealistically naive for making the country for what is right now like how he unintentionally making the Airline industry for the worst, with a criminal as his supporter to a boot in the episode Adam Ruins Prison.
  • Ally Mayfair-Richards in American Horror Story: Cult, revealing in the first episode of the season to vote the last Green presidential candidate Jill Stein instead of Hillary Clinton like her pro-Democratic Party friends and family, because of she was too critical with Hillary Clinton as a person, similar with more then-recent devout left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter stereotype reason on not voting her.

Real Life

  • Ralph Nader himself is also frequently made fun of as a politically irrelevant miscreant who (according from tactical voters and "common sense" members of Democratic Party) gave the 2000 presidential election to George W. Bush, enough this unchanged mostly until 2016 (although technically he was was unaffiliated with the Green Party after the 2000 election). One joke told by Conan O'Brien: "Ralph Nader announced he's running for president again. Immediately after the announcement, the guy sitting next to Nader on the park bench told him to shut up."
    • Jill Stein instantly became this in the 2016 election to Donald Trump as she was getting more supporters during the election campaign up until election day. She has become a Butt Monkey for Democratic Party-leaning pundits and celebrities to the point of even being called the literal Devil by both staunch Democratic Party loyalists members and tactical voters for being a spoiler. (Despite Gary Johnson (the Libertarian Party candidate) stealing more votes from Hillary than Jill.)

The US Congress, or any legislature for that matter

As Mark Twain once put it: "If the opposite of Pro is con, then the opposite of Progress is Congress." It is generally accepted that people generally approve of THEIR senator/representative, often even supporting those who are of the opposite party, but view the Congress in general as a bunch of corrupt morons out of touch with reality. Except for the nontrivial number of people who despair that Congress is a bunch of corrupt morons in general including their senators or representative, and tend to spend their time voting for dark horse candidates in the primaries and then slouching through general election season in apathy. You know people don't like them when even the much reviled Bush's approval rating was double digits more than the congresses under him.



 "I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is called a disgrace; that two are called a law firm, and that three or more become a Congress!"

      • Bear in mind that this comes from the mouth of someone who is both a member of Congress and a lawyer.


Forcing others to grow illegal drugs or join an illegal militia can't be right, can it?


The term refers to a specific subset of US conservatives, but the term is thrown around generously to refer to any US politician who belongs to a conservative party yet advocates un-cautious action. By the end of the George W. Bush's second term "neoconservative" had come to mean "Republican I don't like."

The Tea Party

Springing up in the wake of the 2008 elections, the Tea Party is mostly made up of junior Republican Congressmen and Senators. The term is ill-defined and usually self-applied, though liberals use it as an insult. According to the Left they're a bunch of theocratic fascists hate women and who worship the super-rich.

Western Animation

  • The Family Guy episode "Tea Peter" can be basically summarized as "Why the Tea Party sucks in 22 minutes."

Occupy Wall Street

A protest movement of liberals and left-libertarians, working through "sit-in" demonstrations in financial districts across the US. Their stated goal is to force criminal investigation and tighter regulation of the investment banking industry. Like the Tea Party, you become a member by publicly declaring sympathy with them, but conservatives also use it as an insult. According to the Right they're shiftless, lazy, and entitled, and their demonstrations are hotbeds of crime.

Category Traitors

American political culture is full of stereotypes, and failure to fit a stereotype can open someone up to mockery just as much as adhering to it too closely. Wealthy individuals who vote progressively and poor individuals who vote conservatively are clueless and have no idea where their own interests lie. Men who vote liberal are sensitive wimps or naive hippies, and women who vote conservative are prudish shrews or submissive doormats. And everyone apparently knows that African-Americans, Hispanics, and other minorities are fools to vote conservatively, regardless of their personal beliefs; whites, on the other hand, always vote for whichever party is popularly perceived as more racist.


See also Misplaced Nationalism

According to most people and media nowadays, every nationalist party or movement is the KKK, the neoconservative paleoconservative elite, or British National Party in disguise—though possibly for a different race. This goes double for people in first world countries, triple for people in world "superpower" nations, and quadruple... err... times infinity for people in the United States.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Some common complaints about PETA's policies can be refuted by a simple examination of their webpage. However, it's also worth noting that when it comes to PETA and certain other animal rights campaigners, the Animal Wrongs Group trope isn't entirely make-believe. Interestingly, PETA is widely disliked by many people and groups who agree with the fundamentals of their position, as many environmentalists believe that PETA makes it impossible for them to be taken seriously.

Western Animation

Incumbent politicians and those running for office

Because mocking them is only relevant for so long.

Live Action TV

  • The political sketches of Saturday Night Live in a nutshell. Any major political shakeup in the United States during an SNL season brings with it a mockery of those politicians involved.

The People's Republic of China

See also China Takes Over the World and Yellow Peril.


  • To a large extent they've replaced the USSR as the Communist Big Bad (see, for example, Tomorrow Never Dies). Interestingly, for a few years after the fall of the USSR the new Russian Federation (often incorrectly called things like the "Russian Republic") became a brief stand-in for the USSR due to the common misconception that it remained as powerful. Crimson Tide and Goldeneye were good examples of this.
  • This was very much a Cold War era trope. Consider the James Bond films: the Red Chinese are Goldfinger's backers (1964), and in they tolerate Scaramanga operating out of their country (1974).
  • And then there's The Manchurian Candidate...

The government of Myanmar (Burma)

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Imagine a cheap knock-off of the USSR under Stalin, as performed by a junior high drama club. Then give them constant food shortages, an insane cult of personality around their leader, and enough missiles to wipe the capital of South Korea off the map.

Live-Action TV

  • How bad is North Korea? It's like this: Jon Stewart had on a guy who wrote about his experiences helping North Koreans escape to the Freedom-Loving paradise that is... the People's Republic of China.

Video Games

Robert Mugabe and the ZANU-PF


Tend to be characterised as shrill misandrist harpies who twist any kind of male / female interaction, no matter how innocent, into a warped representation of male domination and violence against women and who, at the furthest extreme, actively wish to see men eradicated. They're also often presented as utterly humourless, absurdly politically correct and hypocritical lesbians who actively hate sex, especially if it involves a man. For such characters, feminism is a kind of reverse-chauvinism, rather than a movement for equality.

Real Life

The Canadian Senate

Held in particularly low regard because Senators are appointed by the party in power and there is no input from the voting population. Since Senators also have very little actual power, they are generally perceived as useless party cronies with no redeeming traits. People outside of Canada may notice this stereotype echoed in Canadian-made shows.

Real Life

  • Similarly the British House of Lords, largely made up of political appointees but formerly with many hereditary aristocrats, is generally portrayed as full of incredibly ancient out-of-touch people who're either permanently asleep or actually dead.
    • To some extent, this reputation was even brought to American awareness when Saturday Night Live did a sketch about it (or was it the House of Commons?) where, among other things, Will Ferrell's character kept pushing a resolution to declare Oasis the greatest band ever. The other points of order were equally trivial and/or outright rude.
    • The opinion of the House of Lords seems to be improving, because they're spending most of their time opposing nearly everything the government passes to them. The fights between the two are referred to as Parliamentary ping-pong, as both houses have to agree on something before it becomes law. (However the Commons can invoke the Parliament Acts to push laws through. There is also the Salisbury Convention which states that if something is in the ruling party's manifesto, it should eventually be allowed to pass.)

People who vote for major parties (In Dominant or Two-Party systems only)

Characterized as broken down or unable to think for themselves. Obviously, these people are brainwashed, there's no other reason they wouldn't vote for the right party other than what both (usually corrupted) major parties' propagandists and pundits tell them so.

Western Animation

  • South Park episode "Douche and Turd" have people who keep voting two major parties (even they are clearly broken in reality) as portrayed either Ax Crazy (like Stan's friend Kyle, Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs, his "Vote or Die!" campaign and few of town's folk or Paraoniacally/religiously political fantastic to one either major party like Stan's father Randy and most of town's folk) when come try getting apolitical voters like Stan to vote Douche or Turd for supposedly "Democracy" (in otherwords, voting their sides' candidate with no alternatives in the way).

People who don't vote for major parties (In Dominant or Two-Party systems only)

Characterized as stupid, naive or college students who only do it because they want to be different, or rebellious adults who done keeping the political system of what it is and prefer to changed it by voting third party or independent candidates, and who often are considered portrayed to have "wasted their vote", if not throw the election to the greater of two evils. Frequently overlaps with Communist, Green, and Libertarian or sometimes more rebellious versions of Nationalists, Liberals and Conservatives stereotypes in American and Canadian politics, if they completely felt betrayed by the two (or one) major parties over most of the time, not their candidate they prefer based on ideology.

Live-Action TV

  • In American Horror Story: Cult, Ally Mayfair-Richards gets a whole lot of flak for deciding to vote for Jill Stein in the 2016 election over according to from Ally words "didn't trust her", despite being a loyal Democrat herself since 9/11 happened.

Western Animation

  • In King of the Hill episode, The Perils of Polling, playing both straight and laughs in the same episode, as they focus on Luanne and eventually Hank himself, of what they voted for the 2000 United States presidential election as firstly, Luanne (being portrayed as a Dumb Blonde in this episode, long before the later seasons used the trope more on her nearly straight) for voting a (fictional; Communist) fringe third-party candidate in the subplot rather than the family's Republican Party's then-candidate George W. Bush through ideological and 'intellectual' reasons, however, later Hank himself suddenly decide not to voting then-Republican candidate George W. Bush, because his handshake was that terrible.

Moral Guardians

Let's face it, trying to get media censored, often for sometimes trivial reasons, won't ever endear anyone to you. Especially nowadays.

Western Animation

  • Many a Marge episode of The Simpsons can be described as the writers taking a whack at this, showing that many Moral Guardians will only attack what they view as offensive and refuse to censor something that they like but others view as offensive.

Orly Taitz

Liberals and Conservatives in general

Due to The War On Straw, people perceived as being, or who defend even a single position that is, far to the left or right of center politically are often portrayed as crazy or evil.

Comic Books

  • Marvel Comics likes to make its disdain for right-wing policies clear by usually having their Complete Monster villains, such as the Red Skull, all but quote real life right-wingers.
    • Spider-Gwen went one step further and made its reality's version of M.O.D.O.K. (called M.O.D.A.K.) be its reality's version of Donald Trump. A black female version of Captain America punched him.
  • The author of Valerian never missed a chance to cast the philosophy of the political right as the worst thing in the universe. Notably, all of Galaxity's Ambiguously Evil moments; namely imperialism and colonization; qualify as right-wing actions while all the good aspects of it; like universal healthcare; are of a left-wing bent. All too often, the conflict was actually resolved by convincing the relevant powers to adopt a more leftist worldview. Though the increasing lack of subtlety about this is considered a factor in the series' Seasonal Rot.

Live Action TV

  • People on the political right in Doctor Who are, 9/10 times, pawns of the Master, the Daleks or the Cybermen.
  • The Good Place Committee in The Good Place is a not so subtle jab at left-wing politicians. While the Committee is racially diverse, it's also so obsessed with with not offending anyone and being as calm as possible that it accomplishes nothing but petty squabbles.
  • While Saturday Night Live leans left on the spectrum, it does mock both sides of it. Those on the left are mocked as Attention Whores who highlight more than they passed progressive laws rather than focusing on any good the new bill will do while those on the right are mocked as greedy hypocrites who are concerned only with keeping the racist and sexist old white men in power, covering up their criminal activities and making sure rape victims are never listened to.

Western Animation

  • If there was ever a show to mock politics, it's American Dad!. Everything about Stan Smith is meant to show that Republicanism is a stupid idea. Though Stan's daughter Hayley, a hardcore liberal, shows that some people on the left care less about the good that left-wing policies can do and only want the ego boost of being on the progressive side of the debate.
  • At least Once a Season, Family Guy has an episode taking the mickey out of right-wing politics. Though since Season 8 or so, they've made efforts to show that the left-wingers, while usually framed as correct in Family Guy, are not always totally selfless paragons.

Real Life

The Australian federal government

Subject to the usual vitriol, but state and local governments in particular are often seen as incredibly corrupt and/or comically inept, and either way painfully underfunded and of questionable use.

Real Life

  • Former South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson, the sole reason Australia doesn't have an R rating for video games. Unfortunately, his seat was pretty secure thanks to the votes of other old people who think video games are all Pac-Man. After he resigned, much progress was made on moving toward getting that R rating in place.
  • Stephen Conroy, the Minister for Broadband and the Digital Economy, is rapidly becoming a target of scorn and laughter from virtually the entire internet, and even the American government, among others, got in on the scorning action! It's not just because he is pushing a plan to instate a mandatory internet filter across Australia. It's not just said filter has been proven in tests to be ineffective and detrimental to internet performance. It's more to do with the fact that he's still pushing the filter plan at every opportunity even though it's overwhelmingly unpopular and at this point has no chance of becoming a reality.
  • John Howard, who somehow managed to be the second longest-serving Prime Minister in history (possibly because his opponents were either devoid of charisma or Mark Latham). Considered a toady to George W. Bush (who was an Acceptable Target overseas long before he was in the US), racist, miserly and looking kinda weird. It was a moment of glorious schadenfreude for a large part of the Australian public when not only did his party lose the election, but he lost his actual seat in the House of Representatives—becoming only the second Prime Minister in Australian history to suffer this (the first being in 1929).
  • Speaking of hated Australian political figures, Pauline Hanson and One Nation are considered the national mascots of racist, xenophobic, idiotic, trashy bogans led by a fish-and-chip shop owner and 'celebrity'. Even long after the One Nation furore blew over, Hanson was still pretty much everywhere milking the "celebrity" for all it was worth, memorably leaving Australia to emigrate to England... because she didn't like Australia's welcoming attitude to immigration... and then returning to Australia within a matter of months...
  • The Family First party have a rather deserved reputation for being fundamentalist, homophobic, heavy-handed and a large part of its leadership coming mostly from the congregation of a church that is very exclusive and selective of its members. They're also known for issuing contradicting statements and flip-flopping between sides on an issue depending on whether being deeply conservative is fashionable with the public. Their press conferences are very much a case of Think of the Children personified.
    • Though not a political party, the Australian Christian Lobby is derided for similar reasons, and also for its support for the internet filter and opposition to the R rating for games, again both cases of Think of the Children. More than that is their audacity in claiming and acting like they represent the interests of all Australian Christians, which they kind of don't. Their leader also gained some infamy for using ANZAC Day as an opportunity to denounce immigration and the legalisation of gay marriage as "unAustralian".
  • Julia Gillard, the current Prime Minister, is susceptible to this owing to the circumstances which led to her taking the role; she's widely seen as The Starscream to her predecessor Kevin Rudd. The federal election which soon followed didn't help - her campaign was widely poked fun at for being inconsistent and unfocused, to the point that partway through she declared everything so far to be a mistake and said she'd change that and start being the "real Julia" (cue every Australian comedian trying to figure out who the "old Julia" was and what the "new Julia" did to her).

Convicted Criminals

Political Muslims

Can end up being painted as people who want everyone to be Muslim and take us back to The Dark Ages, or are all considered to be in league with Osama Bin Laden (no Sunni/Shia divide here!) who is mentioned on Godwin's Law for this very reason. The fact there are a number of political parties opposed to Islamic immigration that paint a view very similar to this doesn't help much.

Real Life

  • They are quite infamous for imposing Sharia Law. "Strictly". Immigrants in other countries rally to impose it. While they say they're doing it peacefully, they're quite mean to those who think differently.

The Fox News Channel , or any news organization for that matter

Despite its slogan being "fair and balanced", its reporting on political events is often accused of leaning in favor of the Republicans and conservatives and it often gets hit hard with examples of the Strawman News Media, which is why it is frequently subject to the Ban on Politics. Other reasons, both concerning political coverage and otherwise, involve its rather sloppy journalistic practices, and quite a few people have noted that many of the stories presented are often seen as Face Palm-invoking or a Tear Jerker. Of course in fairness news organizations in general are also subjected to this in that pretty much every news organization (and for that matter, every news journalist) has often have issues showing their biases and preferences when it comes to presenting the news. The sayings that "No Good News" and "If it bleeds, it leads" pretty much sums it up.


  • The film Network is all about satirizing these organizations.

Live-Action TV

Web Original

  • The Onion is pretty much a satire of news in general.

Western Animation

  • The Simpsons mocked Fox News about their political leanings a few times which was so acrimonious that Fox nearly sued itself over it.
    • For example, Not racist, but #1 with racists.
    • We're unbalanced and it's unfair!
  • Family Guy had an entire episode, "FOX-y Lady" mocking Fox News. As Lois says in "Excellence in Broadcasting", everything Fox News says is a lie. Even if it's a true fact, its utterance on Fox News automatically makes it a lie.

Government itself

To a large degree. Virtually every type of government has been presented as the villain at least once; some that come in for a larger share are autocracies, corrupt democracies (democratic in appearance, but really plutocratic or dynastic), empires and monarchies.


Usually treated as lazy, greedy and exploitative people who take advantage of their people. The luxury of their facilities doesn't help that much, also.

The Lib Dems

In Britain, the Lib Dem stereotype has changed drastically. Up until the first TV debate of the 2010 General Election, they were considered a party with no chance of ever getting any power, and the usual candidate for protest votes. Several months, a coalition, and a lot of broken promises later, they have become a by-word for spineless, power-grabbing hypocrites.

Anything political in general

You name it, you can always find a way/reason to hate/bash it.

Comic Books

  • This Sluggy Freelance strip demonstrates that sometimes you don't even need to specify what political group you think is living excrement.