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Examples of Actor Allusions in Comic Books.

  • One Star Wars comic short story shows how Lando lost the Millennium Falcon. When Han finally shows his face in the last panel, he has a bandage on his chin. This refers to Harrison Ford's scar in the same place, which he got in a car accident. (The scar also gets a nod in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where its presence on Indy's chin is explained via childhood accident with a whip.)
  • One Toy Story comic had Rex shouting "INCONCEIVABLE!" After all, he shares an actor with the Trope Namer for You Keep Using That Word...
  • In the Carl Barks classic Lost In The Andes, Donald and his nephews find a hidden people in the Andes that speaks American English with a typical Southern Drawl accent. Donald introduces himself by walking up to one of them and slapping him on the back saying: "Hi! I'm from the South myself! South Burbank!" Disney had an animation studio in South Burbank - where they had made Donald Duck shorts, among other things...
  • One X-Men comic revealed that Wolverine likes the musical Oklahoma!, largely because he admired the lead actor in the then-current Broadway run. That would be Hugh Jackman, then...
  • The fifth issue of the Ultimate Comics: X of Ultimate Marvel features a lengthy inner monologue from Ultimate Nick Fury. It starts off with the blibical quote by Jules in Pulp Fiction and Ultimate Nick mentions how much he's always liked that quote for some reason. The reason being that he's drawn to resemble Samuel L. Jackson.
    • Similarly, a one off joke had Fury claim that, had they made a film about his life, He'd want Samuel L' Jackson play him.
  • In an issue of Spider Girl, Mary Jane noticed Dark Devil (Peter's clone's son that he doesn't know about) and noted to Peter that he looks a lot like himself. He replied jokingly that the boy looked more like Tobey Maguire.
    • And, Deadpool had a more direct one, when talking about Spidey unmasking during Civil War, commenting that we all already knew it was Tobey Maguire under the mask.
    • And, what retroactively becomes an Actor Allusion was Deadpool's somewhat famous line 'If you looked like Ryan Reynolds crossed with a sharpie you'd understand'. Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool in X-Men Origins Wolverine, and will be doing so in Deadpool's spin-off film. This scene however predates that motion, though Reynolds was a fan of Deadpool for many years (can't imagine how amused he was after reading that panel) and had been trying to arrange a film to be made about Deadpool.