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Super Pig (Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin or Boorin depending on how you romanize it) is a Magical Girl Warrior / Magical Girl series, or rather a parody of one.

Kokubu Karin is an ordinary middle school student, much in the mold of your standard Magical Girl heroine, she is constantly Late for School and has a crush on the school soccer captain, Mizuno Kouichi. On her way to school one day, Karin finds an injured yellow piglet which turns out to not actually be injured, merely hungry, and he steals her apple. He stows away in her school bag, and causes havoc for her throughout the day until she finds a compact on her way home.

A pink pig's snout flies out and attaches itself to her face. This freaks Karin out, but she's also taken by surprise when she finds the piglet (Tonrariaano) can talk, and is an alien from the planet Ringo (that's Japanese for apple, nothing to do with The Beatles). He tells her to say, "BA BI BU BE BOorin!" She does, thinking this will remove the snout, but instead she transforms (via Transformation Sequence) completely into a caped pig! This form is called Justice Buurin (more often just Buurin). Suffice to say, poor Karin is not happy about this, on the upside though she now has an arsenal of Stock Super Powers which she does find pretty cool. After saving a young boy from a house fire she returns home and Tonrariaano (or Ton-chan) tells her how to turn back, she is told she can become any heroine she wants if she collects 108 pearls for her good deeds. She agrees but if anyone finds out about her Secret Identity she'll be stuck as Buurin for life!

Has several other language dubs, including an English one (Super Pig) which aired redubbed to Spanish in Latin America (Super Cerdita, where it was a huge hit), and a couple of episodes of which aired on Fox Kids UK's anime weekend "way back" in the early 2000s.

Tropes used in Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin include: