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*Codec ringing*
Snake: Colonel, I need you to describe seiyuu here for me.
Colonel: You want to know about David Hayter, huh, Snake?
Snake: Huh? No, not my English voice actor, Colonel, but my 'seiyuu', the Japanese equivalent of a voice actor.
Colonel: Oh, right. My mistake. Akio Ohtsuka is one of the most respected seiyuu veterans in the business. He's the son of another veteran seiyuu, Chikao Ohtsuka (who's still active), making him an old son. Until a few years ago, he was also married to another seiyuu, Yoko Soumi, known for her Vamp, serious lady or Femme Fatale roles (like Karen Kasumi from X 1999 the TV series, Atsuko from Yu Yu Hakusho).
Snake: So he's part of seiyuu royalty, eh? I wouldn't be surprised if his kids became seiyuus as well.
Colonel: Known for a deep, gruff voice that fits him into veteran-like roles, Akio often lands characters who are widely considered Badass, making him quite a fan favorite amongst older seiyuus. He'll gladly do humor roles, as well.
Snake: Going from serious to humorous, eh? Wouldn't it be best to stick to one role?


Akio Ohtsuka has performed in the following roles:

His English counterpart is Crispin Freeman.