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"The Time Bomb Is Set."

File:Syndrome 16b 972.png

Alien Syndrome is an old Arcade game made and published by Sega. In 2007 an updated game of the same name was released for the PlayStation Portable and Wii, adding RPG Elements. This article covers the original 1987 game.

It has a ton of ports, including a Sega Master System version, a Commodore64 version, and a bootlegged version for the NES, made by Atari's Tengen division. It has 7 stages, with stage 7 consisting of only the final boss fight in all versions. The differences between versions were many and varied, though the screen displaying the enemy ships was pretty much consistent. Some versions changed stages, or the final boss, or musics, or some mix. The Commodore64 and NES versions are known for being close to the original arcade.

The gameplay is nothing notable, just a Timed Mission with all stages but the Final Boss fight requiring hostage rescues. What is notable is that all versions have DoubleEntendres of some kind or another. And not mild ones, either. The kind that makes people not post their reviews on youtube for fear of violating the terms of service. And not just of the Freud Was Right variety either, but also of the serious Squick kind. One enemy, encountered on level 6 in most versions, is noted for looking like intestines.

The arcade was noted for having an egregiously short timer, though other versions have more forgiving ones.

Tropes used in Alien Syndrome include: