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  • The Chipmunk Adventure has a lot of them!
    • Like the recording:

Alvin: Hello? Dave! What a coincidence! We were just talking about you! Sure. Miss Miller, its Dave. He wants to talk to you.
Ms. Miller: Hello?
[Theodore presses a button to play the recorder. But it's playing in reverse.]
David (recording): Eyb eyb. Eporue ni em teem ot, Erodoeht dna, Nomis, Nivla tnaw I. Rellim sm, olleh? Eporue ni em teem ot...
Simon: It's not your hearing aid, Ms. Miller.
Alvin: (nervous laugh) Its a bad connection.
[Theodore tries to press the right buttons. He presses the slow motion button.]
David (recording): Heeelllloooo Moooossss Maayyoooo?
Ms. Miller: David, are you drunk?
[Theodore pressed the correct button. He faints.]
David (recording): Hello, Ms. Miller? I want Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, to meet me in Europe. Bye bye.
Ms. Miller: Could you repeat that, David?
{{[[[Here We Go Again]] Alvin throws his arms up in frustration.}}]

    • Simon getting drenched while hanging on to his dear life. Then he gets crushed between two hot air balloon baskets.
    • Klaus and Sophie's rivalry.
      • Playing tug-of-war with Klaus' favorite socks.
      • Claudia blames Sophie for the broken vase.

Klaus: You mangy mutt. That was a priceless antique!
Claudia: KLAUS! HEEL!! Really now, you're such a bully.


Alvin: You take all this wassum, and we take little butterball you steal from us last night. How about it?
[Alvin and Simon tied up]
Simon: Great negotiation, Alvin.

  • One episode of the 80s show has Alvin suing Brittany on a parody of The People's Court. The best gag is how Alvin proved Brittany was faking her injuries.

Alvin: "Hey look, it's Don Johnson!"

[Brittany leaps out of her wheelchair & excitedly hops up & down]

Brittany: "Where? Where?"

Alvin: "A-ha! See your honor, she was faking!" [1]

  • Simon getting roped into helping Alvin hunt for a monster in Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman.
  1. Alvin says this while he was pretending to be to be injured too.