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"I love the kind of woman who could kick my ass."
Spike, Cowboy Bebop

"Have you ever been with a warrior woman?"
Wash, Firefly

When the lady is considered attractive because of her Amazon-ness. She could be the protagonist who needs a guy who can appreciate a girl who's stronger, tougher, faster, and more aggressive than even himself. Or she could just be a Girl of the Week for The Hero who prefers this type. Her paramour is sometimes a Non-Action Guy, which could be because she likes a man who will submit to her, or sometimes he's her equal, which may be because, in her mind, anyone less is not worthy of her. Conversely, the guy himself could be a Badass, gritty warrior who finds a woman who refuses to submit and challenges him very enticing.

Compare Pirate Girl, Nubile Savage, Lady of War, Hot Chick with a Sword, and No Guy Wants an Amazon (its flip side proper and thus where to put any inversions, subversions, or aversions). If she's got a Heroic Build as well, she's an Amazonian Beauty. If she's tall and beautiful, she's a Statuesque Stunner. Usually Ms. Brawn from Beauty, Brains, and Brawn will match to this.

Not to be confused with an Amazon Brigade (although its ranks can consist of or entirely be composed of Hot Amazons) or the actual geographic location.

Remember, this is NOT solely about attractive Action Girls. This is about Action Girls who are considered attractive in-universe because they are Action Girls. Logically, said Action Girls can be very beautiful in different ways, but THE charm point is their physical might.

Examples of Amazon Chaser include:

Anime and Manga

  • Discussed in a Dragon Ball Super episode, which reveals that the reason for Goku and Vegeta's choices in spouses is because Saiyan men in general are naturally drawn to strong, feisty women. In Goku's case, his Victorious Childhood Friend wife Chichi is a terrifying mix of Tsundere and Cute Bruiser who is among the few who can handle an Idiot Hero like him; in Vegeta's, his girlfriend and later wife Bulma is a Plucky Girl who at first fears him (and very understandably, considering how he started as a villain), but later is there for him when he truly needs it and, as years pass, develops enough pluck to handle him; and in the case of Goku's eldest son Gohan, his highschool girlfriend and then wife Videl Satan is a Cute Bruiser in her own right. When Vegeta explains to Piccolo how male Saiyans tend to be pretty much wired to fall for strong ladies (including their fellow female Saiyans), Piccolo can't help thinking "That explains SO much..."
    • Hilariously subverted with Vegeta's younger brother Tarble, married to the Proper Lady-like and cutesy-looking alien Gure. Even Vegeta himself can barely believe it.
  • In Devilman Lady, Jason Bates says he would have liked Jun more if she was stronger than him.
  • In Kimagure Orange Road, Kyosuke Kasuga definitely prefers Tall, Dark and Bishoujo ex-delinquent Madoka Ayukawa over clingy, sweet, ex-pseudo-delinquent Hikaru. However, he is the only one in his school attracted to her; pretty much all of the other guys are shit scared of her for her bad reputation. The rivals he worries about are quite a bit older (and mostly in his head)... And despite that, no one would dispute that Madoka is very beautiful.
  • In Urusei Yatsura the second test for a beauty contest is a strength test, and the third is a wrestling match.
  • Giroro fell for Natsumi from Sgt. Frog after she handed his ass to him in battle. She's now the only Earthling he doesn't want to destroy.
  • Sango in Inuyasha is a demon hunter who wields a bone boomerang bigger than she is. Both her canon love interest Miroku and the Canon Foreigner Kuranosuke Takeda certainly appreciate that she can beat them all the way around the block and back—especially Takeda, who fell into starry-eyed infatuation-at-first-sight with her while watching beat the crap out of an enormous demon with the aforementioned boomerang.
  • In a manga omake, Ryuu-oh's father in RG Veda specifically tells his young son that he fell for Ryuu-oh's mother because she's "macho, strong, wild and cool". Amusingly, his wife says says she loves him for "being a good cook, sweet-tempered, clean and handsome". Ryuu-oh's conclusion? "YAY, I WANT A MACHO WIFE!"
  • One of the above page quotes comes from Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, wherein Spike is inspired to ask Electra, a cute Mars Special Forces officer on a date... while she's attempting to beat the crap out of him, and, considering that he's basically Bruce Lee, doing a damn fine job. The Lab Rat is also smitten with the same lady, and asks for a date in exchange for her help. She appears somewhat squicked by the thought.
  • In Berserk, Guts fell in love with Casca because of her being able to fight and kick ass just as much as he can. He even confessed to Judeau that he would never go for a woman unable to defend herself unaided.
  • Getter Robo: Armageddon—Kei takes a page from Ryoko and Mao and turns it up to eleven by defeating a Metal Beast (which had just finished utterly owning the rest of the army) while completely naked. The first things she's greeted with afterward are the simultaneous nosebleeds of all but two of her teammates, much to her adoptive father Benkei's distress.
  • In Getter Robo Go misogynist Jerkass Schwarzkof falls for Lady of War Shou (as does Linda) due to her piloting skill, strength, and strong character.
  • In Baccano, Career Killer Claire Stanfield falls in love at first sight with Chane Laforet after seeing her knife-fighting skills against Ladd Russo using a SHOTGUN. He even buys her a dress with knife holsters.
  • Detective Conan: Miwako Satou is a beautiful, badass and kind Action Girl. She's very popular in the police station she works at, and her eventual love interest Wataru Takagi quite admires her for being plucky and beautiful and strong.
    • The main character's girlfriend Ran is a karate champion who gets hit on by guys MANY times, has lots of male admirers, and once nearly got chosen as a model if it wasn't for the murder case that occured. Shinichi himself quite likes how strong of an Action Girl she is—unless, being a Tsundere, she redirects her kicks at him.
  • Ophiuchus Shaina from Saint Seiya was liked by her student Cassios because she was the fiercest and most beautiful woman he knew. Seiya himself is enticed by her beauty and her strength, despite his stubborn refusal to fight her full force because she's a woman. Shaina doesn't approve!
  • In Code Geass, Nice Guy Gino is smitten with Fiery Redhead Kallen in large part because she's the best all-around female fighter (i.e. both as a mecha pilot and martial artist) in the series.
  • In Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa Keigo suddenly decides to try and "catch" Mako after he sees her beat up a group of muggers trying to steal her mobile telephone.
  • Queen Boa Hancock in One Piece is greatly admired by her female subjects and by male AND female outsiders because Amazon Lily follows the mandate of "strength equals beauty". And she has the worldwide reputation and the skills to back it up. Even more: her mix of strength and beauty is vital to her fighting style, considering how her Devil Fruit powers work - she can turn anyone who finds her attractive, whether male or female, into stone.

Comic Books

  • John Byrne's favorite Trope. He usually adds a wimpy guy as a henchman to emphasize her size and sexiness. (See: Babe, his tenure with Wonder Woman, and so on.)
  • The DCU and Justice League: Scott "Mister Miracle" Free and his wife, Action Girl Big Barda. Barda is a beautiful 7-foot-tall bruiser who towers over her husband, but that doesn't bother the super escape artist in the least. In fact, they are Happily Married, and he is so secure in his own skills and abilities that he gladly defers any heavy lifting or fighting to his wife, who is eager to smash the bad guys when appropriate. To be fair, their appearances are mundane compared to most characters in the Fourth World... although it was innovative when Jack Kirby created them in the early 1970s.
  • Wonder Woman, a literal Amazon, is an Ur Example of this trope. In the Pre Crisis DCU, Steve Trevor, the beau of Wonder Woman, rarely showed concern about being overpowered. Post-Crisis, Wonder Woman generally doesn't get into romance either way—she just doesn't have time—but it's joked that small-time crooks will gladly get manhandled by her.
  • Rose Wilson/Ravager of the Teen Titans, who was the toughest member of the modern version of the team. Both her friends Kid Flash and Kid Devil harbored a crush on her, most likely because of her badass-itude.
  • Marvel Comics' Jennifer Walters. For the most part, the super-powered men of the Marvel universe can't get enough of her seven-foot, green alter ego. Her experiences with mundane men are rather well-documented, too, usually with the implication Jen in her She-Hulk forms is much more outgoing and confident.
  • Hulk's daughter Lyra.
  • There's Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel, the Marvel expy of Power Girl, who was already an Action Girl even before she got superpowers.
  • Chris Claremont popularized this during his legendary run on the X-Men. There's Storm who canonically stands at 5'11 (1,80 m) and is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Even when depowered, her Action Girl skills wooed many as shown in the 70's. Others include Rogue, when she still had a copied version of Ms. Marvel's powerset for virtually two decades (she later lost it), and Psylocke (who experienced both a Race Lift and Take a Level In Badass from being a Faux Action Girl English spy to a faux-Japanese McNinja, when she accidentally body-switched with a fellow telepath.)
  • In the DC miniseries The Bulleteer, part of the Seven Soldiers of Victory maxiseries, the lead character's husband has a secret fetish for superpowered women and dies in an experiment to give his wife superpowers (which she doesn't actually want). The series also reveals that there are a number of women with superpowers who have no intention of being heroes or villains but dressing up like them for porn websites.
  • Redlance and Nightfall from Elf Quest fit this quite closely. Nightfall isn't too amazonian, but she definitely qualifies as an Action Girl. Redlance is the quiet, gentle half. In a further stretching, Redlance is left behind on two separate occasions to look after the tribe's children (he may not be macho, but he is plenty brave).
  • The tellingly-named Amazon Gazonga, from the comic of the same title, is another obvious candidate. Possessed of well above-normal physical strength (especially given her diminutive and mainly-slender physique), highly athletic and skilled in combat, and living in a society where men are generally slimly-built toys for her and her kind. She also, as her name suggests, possesses far more than ample measures of the Most Common Superpower.
  • Robotech II: The Sentinels featured the Praxians, a Proud Warrior Race Guy One-Gender Race of Hot Amazons (they were one of many races from Sentinels Put on a Bus for Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles).
  • Tara, Mariah, and Shakira from The Warlord. Tara is perhaps the purest example and is the one that captures Morgan's heart.
  • Plourr Illo. Crown princess of Eiattu VI. Highly skilled starfighter pilot. When she returned to Eiattu to take up the reins of governmental matters, her betrothed (her cousin Count Rial Pernon) may have been her fiance since childhood, but he was her staunchest supporter.
  • Caitlin Fairchild of the now-defunct Gen 13. The series even had the team travel to Coda Island, the Wildstorm Universe's Amazonian equivalent where Fairchild impressed the island's inhabitants and was accepted by them.
  • Zealot, member of Wildstorm's Avengers/JLA Expy WildCATS is from Coda Island.
  • Also from Wildstorm, Victoria Ngengi aka Flint of Stormwatch was married to Benito Santini of Team Achilles for quite a while.
  • Red Sonja. In the comics, many men are explicitly attracted to her because she is a woman who knows how to fight.



 Buford-2: I am so in love with her right now.



  • Asha Greyjoy, from A Song of Ice and Fire, is lusted after half the male crew of her ship and even her own brother before he recognizes who she is. Note that she can raid and pillage with the best of them.
  • Kerowyn in Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books.
  • Angharad, and her aunt Arianrhod, and presumably other women from their clan from the third Ravenor book.
  • Cordelia Vorkosigan gained her husband in the midst of a war by impressing him with both her brain and her martial prowess. Droushnakovi is a female martial artist whose husband is not the least bit intimidated by her still and instead finds her skill attractive. Elli Quinn and Elena Bothari, of the Dendarii Free Mercenaries also gain male attention not just for their looks but for their physical aptitude as well.
  • Black Sheba in The Pyrates is this trope turned up to eleven and poured into a leopardskin tracksuit.

 Born a Barbados slave, she had clawed her way to power in the Coast fraternity by a piratical genius and ruthless ferocity that had made her the toast of women's liberationists all along the Main. Her fellow sea-wolves respected her, had astonishing fantasies about her, and went in terror of her, and she despised them all with a curl of her shapely lip and a lift of her perfect Egyptian nose and a low-lidded glare from her smoky slanting eyes, fingering her one long silver earring the while.

  • Honor Harrington and half the women in the series. It is implied that an excess of amazon-ness is possibly the only thing that is particularly attractive about Iris Babcock, it is certainly what first impressed the man she eventually married. Thandi Palane is not only a Hot Amazon, she leads an entire Hot Amazon Brigade in the Honorverse.
  • Taizu, from C. J. Cherryh's The Paladin, becomes this, at least in her mentor Shoka's opinion. Most other men seem to follow the No Guy Wants an Amazon trope.
  • Ashlin, from Amanda Downum's The Bone Palace, is this, at least in the opinion of Savedra, Ashlin's husband's mistress, who finds her very attractive in an Amazonian way.
  • Nihal from Chronicles of the Emerged World.
  • In Death: Eve Dallas. Just ask Roarke and Webster!

Live Action TV

  • Xena: Warrior Princess. Despite not actually being an amazon, Xena counts as this trope. So does her daughter Eve, and her arch-nemesis Callisto. Actual amazons that fall under this trope include Gabrielle (Seasons Five, and Six), Ephiny, Varia, Amarice, Velasca, Melosa and Chilapa. And, pretty much every other amazon in the show.
    • Except Yakut, Otere and all the other Siberian amazons who wear lots of animal skins and are pretty androgynous.
  • Hercules: The Legendary Journeys—Atalanta, female blacksmith and occasionally recurring character. She was played by Real Life female bodybuilder Cory Everson. Here's a video montage of Atalanta being all hot and amazony. She's actually a mixture of Hot Amazon and No Guy Wants an Amazon. Atlanta was dumped by a date because she was too amazony, but Hercules and Salmoneus, being more enlightened, hinted that they liked her.
  • When Buffy the Vampire Slayer introduces the new slayer Faith, Xander hangs on her every word. At which point Cordelia asks what's with him and slayers (knowing that he's had a crush on Buffy). Should she dress up like one and put a stake to his hear? He did wish she wasn't kidding.
  • Alias: Sydney Bristow—quite possibly the hottest butt-kicking TV heroine in years. Even the very sexy and mysterious Mr. Sark repeatedly makes comments throughout the series about how he'd like to 'work with her' and what a great 'team' they'd make.
  • American Gladiators. Just about every female gladiator on the show, ever.
    • Just Gladiators in general. The Australian version had the smaller Gladiators such as Blade, Rebel, Nitro, and Viper, who were by no means wallflowers. Then they got bigger, badder and stronger like Storm, Fury, Angel and Olympia. Then, we genuine Hot Amazons Flame, Glacier, Destiny, and Amazon.
  • Kara Thrace on the rebooted Battlestar Galactica seems to be surrounded by men who have absolutely no problem with the fact that she can, and probably will, outfly them, outshoot them, beat them up, and then drink them under the table. On the first date. Of course, the fact that those qualities make her a dynamite wingmate you want in battle would explain the pilots. Gaius Baltar, one of her one-night stands, is better known for his various liaisons with Cylon females—all of whom have been tall, intimidating, and capable of snapping him like a twig should they so choose. One was even played by Lucy Lawless.
  • Chuck has strong feelings for his femme fatale CIA bodyguard, who is a master martial artist with a thing for throwing knives.
  • Agent Ziva David from NCIS. Lampshaded in one episode where two nerdish kids get arrested, and Ziva and DiNozzo try some psychological warfare on them.

 "This is some kind of supersecret government organisation. Did you see that chick playing with her knife?"

"Yeah? She looked kinda hot actually."

  • Explosives-loving ex-terrorist Fiona from Burn Notice, although her partner/love interest Michael is certainly skilled enough to keep up with her.
  • Deputy Josefina "Jo" Lupo from Eureka certainly fits this trope. According to the show, she holds the all-time Army Ranger's marksmanship record. Not to mention this particular quote from the second episode of the third season.

 Zane: Jo? I need a gun. A big, powerful gun.

Jo: I've been waiting for someone to say that to me my whole life.

Meaningful smiles at each other

  • Aeryn Sun, Farscape. The best fighter in the series (well, it's a toss up between her and D'Argo—he's stronger, but she might be more skilled), very protective of her husband (whom she trains to fight), and up walking and fighting again minutes after giving birth. Oh, and she's frelling gorgeous.
    • Never mind after giving birth, she was firing her gun while giving birth because it "Made her feel better"!
  • Firefly: Wash, a geeky pilot who plays with dinosaurs, is Happily Married to Zoe, former career soldier and current first mate on Serenity, despite (and possibly because of) the fact that she's a gun-toting warrior who could kill him seven ways with her pinky, while the closest he's ever gotten to a firefight is having been "fired from a fry cook opportunity".

 Wash: Have you ever been with a warrior woman?

  • Teyla Emmagan from Stargate Atlantis certainly qualifies.
    • And Samantha Carter from Stargate SG-1. Jack O'Neill falls head over heels.
  • The first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation features a visit to a planet where the familiar gender roles (before about the 1960s, in the west) are reversed—the women rule the world and are strong and aggressive, while the men are effete, perfume-wearing arm candy. Riker seems to like it, and happily makes himself the planet's ruler's Man of the Week, in a sort of manly way. Of course, this was before he (and TNG) grew the beard so it sucked.
    • Tasha Yar was a Hot Amazon warrior woman, and probably the most attractive woman on the show.
    • Deep Space Nine had steely and gorgeous ex-freedom-fighter Major Kira Nerys, and free-spirited, elegant martial arts expert Lt. Jadzia Dax. Star Trek: Voyager had the authoritative Captain Kathryn Janeway, hot-tempered half-Klingon engineer Lt. B'Elanna Torres, and later added Seven of Nine, whose Latex Space Suit didn't impede her at all from shooting like Eastwood and punching like a freight train. One suspects a certain pattern during this era of the franchise.
    • Technically, T'Pol, though she is surprisingly vulnerable for this trope. But being Vulcan she was stronger than any of her fellow crewmen and it was shown more than once that she knew Alien Fu.
  • From Glee: Though a bit on the wide side, Lauren is an intimidating teenager with a state championship in Greco Roman Wrestling. Puck likes her because of her attitude and has been hitting on her, but after she wiped the floor with Santana he practically asks her marriage.
  • Babylon 5's Susan Ivanova, The Lancer and Number Two. Marcus Cole is absolutely besotted with her, and becomes so after seeing her kick ass and take names.


  • Alt-country singer/songwriter Kevin Welch has a great song, "Hill Country Girl," that exemplifies this trope. Lyrics snippet:

 My woman's a fire eater

My woman's 'bout six feet tall

She comes from down in Texas

She's got my number, y'all

Yeah, she's a flash of lightning

Yeah, she's got x-ray eyes

Man, she can see right through you

Don't trouble with your disguise



Tabletop Games

  • The whole point in the Trollbabe indie RPG is this: there are, in the world, a few "Trollbabes", who are very tall, very sexy, and very powerful in strength, in magic, in personal influence. They eventually become, while game progresses, able to affect whole continents with their actions.
  • The Talislanta setting is home to the Danuvians, a near-human folk in which the women are Proud Warrior Race Gals, while the men are delicate and housebound. Polyandry is common, as many Danuvians keep both a beautiful Danuvian husband to father their children (no Half-Danuvian Hybrids here), and a husky non-Danuvian warrior husband, whose physical prowess and military background give them something in common to talk about. Thus, these warrior-women fulfill both sides of this trope simultaneously, where tastes in men are concerned.

Video Games

  • One scenario in Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 involves the Ouendan helping out Kaede, a former female pro-wrestler who marries Kazuo, the nerdy-looking son of the owner of a ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn). Kazuo seems quite happy with the arrangement, and quite distraught when his Almighty Mom threatens to throw Kaede out on her ear if she doesn't get up to snuff as a ryokan hostess.
  • Some of the canon pairings in Fire Emblem also fall into this trope of a guy falling for a Lady of War or Hot Chick with a Sword character and finding her charming because of her strength. These girls are:
    • The pirate Brigid, the thunder mage Tailtiu and the swordwoman Ayra from FE4 aka Genealogy of the Holy War as well as Ayra's daughter, the also swordwoman Larcei.;
    • Fir the myrmidon from Binding Blade. In her supports with Noah it's explicitely mentioned that he fell for her when he met her in the arena;
    • Lady Lyndis of Caelin (Lyn), the swordwoman Karla who is actually Fir's mother and idol, for whom she took up the way of the sword, the Pegasus Knights Fiora and Farina, and the Dragon Lord Vaida from Blazing Blade.
    • Marisa, Eirika, and Vanessa from The Sacred Stones.
    • Titania from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. While the man she loves (her leader Greil, as deduced by his son Ike) already had eyes for someone else (Ike's Hot Mom Elena), the Hot-Blooded (and several years younger) Boyd seems to hold her in this regard... until he subverts it/covers it up by saying that she's like a mother to him. Rhys may also have some feelings for her as well, as he asks if he can watch her train in one of their supports.
    • Fire Emblem Awakening has the Female Avatar, Sully, Cordelia, Panne and other women being admired and loved due to their fighting skills on top of other attributes. Among the second gen there's Kjelle, with many of her potential boyfriends commenting on how strong and some even begging her to train them. (Plus, Severa's comment about her abs...)
    • In Fire Emblem Fates, Prince Xander of Nohr has a thing for Action Girls. Other than Princess Sakura, near all of his brides count as such, and he sometimes specifically praises his potential bride for her fighting skills: i.e, he chose Peri as his retainer after seeing how Unskilled but Strong she is, and if they get enough support level he explicitly says that this was a big factor on his romantic feelings for her.
    • Pictured above: The Fire Emblem Gaiden remake, Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, has the Supporting Leader Clive pretty much swooning and fawning over his girlfriend Mathilda's Lady of War-dom every time he can. The DLC states that he already crushed on her and her fighting skills before he actually met her.
  • Bastila in Knights of the Old Republic, doubling as a White Magician Girl. The Handmaiden and Mira in the sequel qualify as well, to the point that Mira's somewhat cursory rejection of the player (she didn't want to have to beat up the Handmaiden and Visas) was rather disappointing (Visas is a bit too much of a woobie to qualify). If the player plays as a female soldier then she's the game's greatest example, being bigger, stronger and taller than the other characters.
  • Aribeth in Neverwinter Nights would have been a great one, except for the fact that she never actually does anything until her Face Heel Turn. Nathyrra from Hordes of the Underdark is a better example.
  • Neverwinter Nights 2 averts this, with (assuming a modded game) the only one of the three female characters a player can express any interest in whose primary strength is combat having a Plotline Death at the end of the second chapter.
  • Mass Effect has Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams, who is a possible romance option for a male Shepard. Some of the dialogue (if you use it) indicates that her Hot Amazon-ness may be one of the reasons why Shepard finds her attractive. And female Shepard's status as a Hot Amazon seems to be what Kaidan Alenko finds most attractive about her.
  • Baiken from Guilty Gear. Anji Mito might try to shield her since they're both Japanese, but in the end, she's the one who wears the pants in their Will They or Won't They? relationship of sorts.
    • In the Revelator games, Ky Kiske is the only one who's not awed and terrified when his love interest Dizzy pulls her Instant Kill. In fact, he's pretty much glowing at the sight.
  • Lady of War Raquel from Wild Arms 4 impresses everyone with either her looks or her BFS; while it's implied that she's not so pretty under her clothes, Arnaud doesn't seem to mind, and ends up marrying her.
  • This could be one way to see the relationship between Khalid and Jaheira in Baldur's Gate. She's definitely the one who wears the pants in their family. The relationship between the PC and Jaheira in the sequel has also been portrayed on this basis.
  • Metal Gear Solid series:
    • Meryl Silverburgh /Campbell/Sasaki; a hard fighting member of the Next Generation Special Forces, and later commander of Rat Patrol 01. Additionally, subverts Real Women Never Wear Dresses by revealing to her comrade/fiancee Johnny her childhood dream of being a bride, pretty dress and all. Mind, we are talking about a girl who was introduced to her signature Desert Eagle as a preteen.
    • During the time Foxhound was stationed at Shadow Moses to provide security, Otacon seemed to have become very fond of Sniper Wolf.
    • And there's Olga Gurlukovich in MGS2. Growing up as the daughter of a mercenary commander and becoming his second in command as an adult, and taking over as commander after his death certainly qualifies her as an amazon. And though we don't learn anything about her private life, at least one man must have felt drawn to her. Having a kid and all.
    • The Boss.
  • Final Fantasy VII—Tifa Lockheart. Described by more than one as a tank (and (in)famous for her Boobs of Steel), she's also almost obscenely gorgeous.
  • Aqua. Just ask Zack.
  • F-Zero X gives us Jody Summer and Mrs. Arrow. The former was the quite the Little Miss Badass in her youth [1] and retained her merits as an adult. Jody is a highly capable fighter pilot, earning her the admiration and respect of her peers in the Galactic Space Federation (most of all, John Tanaka). Mrs. Arrow, on the other hand, may possibly be one of the best racers in the series, earning her the friendship of Super Arrow when he tried to resurrect the F-Zero League, a relationship that eventually resulted in him popping the question. GX implies that they don't just race together, but that she even assists Super Arrow in keeping the peace despite having no powers of her own.
  • StarTropics has Shecola—a castle full of women in viking helmets and bikinis who spend all their time sparring with weapons, working out with weights, and throwing out guys who try to sneak into the castle to watch.
  • Dragon Age:
    • A female Warden in Dragon Age Origins is adored and admired by her boyfriends. Especially Zevran and Alistair.
    • Dragon Age 2 has a female Hawke, as well as Aveline, whom Donnic definitely admires for her strength.
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition has the Female Inquisitor wooing the pants and panties of everyone she can romance. It's even seen in the gameplay: the lesbian archer Sera is impressed by a female Inquisitor from the start, but a Qunari one will have an easier time wooing her.
      • If a male Inquisitor falls for Cassandra Penthagast, he'll play it straight.
  • Seiken Densetsu III has an entire country of these, Rolante. Complete with Princess Lise; who is the only one of the three main female leads that has physical power.
    • The Prequel Heroes of Mana contains this country as well as Lise's mother, Minerva, who is the top warrior of the country.
  • There's an entire island of them in the first game of The Spellcasting Series. Of course, being literal Amazons, they've been without male companionship for quite some time. Seems like a blessing for our amorous hero Ernie, but it rapidly becomes a curse.
  • One questline in World of Warcraft involves the player attempting to put together an Arranged Marriage in order to unite the Wildhammer Dwarf clans. At first, the groom-to-be, Keegan Firebeard, admits that the intended bride, Fanny Thundermar, is quite attractive by Dwarven standards, but he's still unsure. Then, Fanny gets captured by ogres, and Keegan decides to help in the efforts to rescue her... but by the time he arrives, Fanny had already beaten the living crap out of the three gigantic, fully-armed and armored ogres that were guarding her using only her bare hands, and was just waiting to be picked up. After that point, the wedding can't happen fast enough for Keegan.
  • The female barbarian from Diablo III.
  • Mortal Kombat:
    • Jonathan Carlton aka Johnny Cage initially is attracted to Sonya Blade for how hot she is, but is NOT disencouraged at all after seeing that she's REALLY tough too. Their Belligerent Sexual Tension is quite entertaining to fans, especially in the new timeline.
    • In Mortal Kombat 9, Liu Kang meets Princess Kitana when she launches a sneak attack on him. His reaction? Block her attacks, look at her in the eye, smile, praise her Lady of War skills and ask her to show him more. Some X and 11 pre-fight dialogues confirm that one of the things he loves the most about her is how strong she is.
    • Also in X, Erron Black often praises strong and good-looking female opponents. The list includes the aforementioned Sonya, her and Johnny's daughter Cassie, Jax's daughter Jacqui and Kitana, plus Jade in 11; even more, he's revealed to have dated Skarlet and Nitara in the past!
    • The Ninja Takeda Takahashi's Love Interest is the aforementioned Jacqui, and some pre-fight talks state that he would REALLY not mind having Interplay of Sex and Violence with her...
    • By the time 11 hits, Kotal Kahn joins all of these guys. He turns out to have a very kind, plucky and action-geared Love Interest (none other than Kitana's best friend Jade), he adores the Hell out of her, and she explicitly brags that this is one of the reasons why he likes her. Heck, one of his and the similarly-minded Erron Black's intros lampshades the fuck outta the trope!
    • Also in 11, Shao Kahn reveals that he's one - he tells Cassie in a pre-fight intro that he liked fiery ladies and wants her in his harem, understandably squicking the heck out of her.
  • In The Walking Dead: The Final Season, Clementine can fall in love with Violet. Violet is a capable fighter, both with walkers and when confronted by the Delta.



 Zoë: I've destroyed a vampire queen, crushed a demon under my foot, I'm the goddam Storm Breaker and you will not treat me like some porcelain doll who can't take the truth!

Torg: You're so hot right now.


Web Original

  • In the late, lamented online erotic Sword and Sorcery story series site, The Wulf Archives, the title character has many lovers, 80% of which are hot amazons. The hottest of which include Ushandra of the Veldtland (that fantasy world's version of Africa), a Zulu-like cat rider warrior and especially Li-Shu, a ferocious tiger woman warrior who is as exotically beautiful and passionate as she is powerful.

Western Animation


  Fry: I'm scaroused...

  • While Dr. Holiday rarely throws down outside of her Mama Bear tendencies, there was a particularly epic moment she got where she saved Agent Six and Rex by rapid-firing at a huge monster, driving it back. Six's gobsmacked expression said it all.

 Six: Wow.

Rex: Yeah.

    • This also seemed to be the point where Six started returning Holiday's UST for him.
  • Ron in Kim Possible. He's attracted to four girls over the course of the series: one is among the greatest warriors in Everlot, the second is a Ninja and a third, that he ultimately hooks up with, is the show's heroine. He even lampshades this tendency.
    • Motor Ed hits on Shego even more persistently after she lets him have it with a plasma blast.
  • Korra of The Legend of Korra (sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender) portrays her as buff and beautiful. Bolin admires her because of this. "You're the roughest, toughest, most incredible girl in the world!"
    • Bolin's older brother Mako fits in too, for both Asami and Korra herself.
    • At the end, Korra and Asami... are this for one another.
  • Amusingly used in the Pucca series. Pucca's best friend Ching has a thing for Garu's best friend Abyo, and with Pucca's help she tries to set up several Hostage Situations so he'll rescue her but fails each time. Then Abyo ends up being captured, Ching is the one who rescues him... and after she does so, Abyo is pretty much lovestruck.

Real Life

  • Hypsicratea, the bodyguard of Mithridates VI of Pontus, was very strong and skilled fighter, and according to ancient writers, masculine (her nickname was Hypsicrates, the masculine equivalent of her name). Mithridates found her to be a hot enough Amazon, as he married her, and she was famously loyal to him.
  • Empress Matilda (daughter of Henry I, who fought her cousin King Stephen for the crown); Eleanor of Aquitaine (wife of Henry II); Isabella of France (wife of Edward II). The BBC 4 series She-Wolves and the accompanying book by Helen Castor show what formidable fighters these ladies were. Stiff and haughty, carrying themselves like kings, and at the same time very beautiful, their dominance and fighting spirit is essential to their allure.
  • Female gladiators in the Roman empire were considered rare novelty acts, and were often used to provide fanservice. There was actually a female gladiator nicknamed "Amazon".
  1. her accomplishments, listed here, would put many to shame