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  • In "Cops & Roger", the way that Roger kills the dirty cop. He climbs up a metal chain to escape said cop, and tries to elbow drop him, but WINDS UP MAKING HIS HEAD IMPLODE BY ACCIDENT!
  • The first true CMoA in the series comes at the end of the episode "Bullocks to Stan", where Stan engages in a fight with Deputy Director Bullock for calling his daughter a "cheap slut".

  Stan: This is for treating me like a errand boy! This is for delaying my promotion! This is for disrespecting my daughter! And this is for not letting me stop for a drink!

  • In "Bully for Steve", Steve finds Stan's childhood bully on Facebook and has him beat Stan to a bloody pulp. The whole episode revolved around Stan teaching Steve to stand up for himself and not have other people fight his battles for him by bullying his own son; while Steve did resort to having someone fight his battle for him (which means he completely missed the point of Stan's lesson), Stan did have it coming, and boy, was that beatdown fun to watch.
  • Jeff Fischer finally stands up to father-in-law Stan, who's been putting him down for years, as the Smith family fights off Santa and his elves. It was in a Christmas episode, so it might not be part of regular continuity, but it was still awesome.
  • In one episode, Roger attempts the Smoke Out and fails both times (falling asleep in the smoke cloud). Later on, Klaus (who Roger's been belittling throughout the episode) manages to do the Smoke Out right. A few seconds later an octopus-like monster appears and Klaus, sitting in a golden chalice, wearing a crown and wielding a sword, cuts his way out of its belly. He then tells Roger "I was gone sixty years! [...] I don't know [where I went] but wherever it was... I am their king now."
  • Stan -- who is a fountain of these, despite the fact that he borders on being a Villain Protagonist in some episodes -- spends the early parts of an episode digging through the foundations of the house searching for Oliver North's hidden gold cache while everyone is calling him insane. Stan's moment comes when Francine is doing an interview with reporters/neighbors Greg and Terry in the kitchen; while she's saying how insane Stan is and the Greg and Terry are calling Stan an idiot, Stan walks in carrying a chest. Stan drops it on the table, opens it up to reveal Ollie North's gold -- which instantly shuts everyone up -- then puts the cherry on top by flipping off everyone as he walks out of the room.
    • And then he sticks his head back into the room and flips them off again for good measure.
  • Steve beating the living shit out of Beauregard, a greyhound-riding half-man, after the latter unleashed a barrage of insults about Stan.

  Steve: Don't talk about my Dad that way! Just because he doesn't know everything doesn't [punch] mean [punch] he's [punch] stupid! [punch]

    • And then he proceeds to steal Beauregard's cash.
  • Stan beating the hell out of a meter maid, because...well, let's face facts, it's something we've all wanted to do.
  • Toshi single-handedly takes out half a dozen serial killers to save Stan, Francine, and Roger.
  • In "Son of Stan", Stan clones Steve to prove his strict parenting methods are better than Francine's lenient methodology; Francine's Steve (the real Steve) becomes a disrespectful, lazy brat (while Stan's Steve becomes a crazed lunatic). When Steve mouths off to his parents even after they save him, Francine decides she's had enough; she slaps Steve twice, then tells him to do what she says or...

  I'll shove you back up my clownhole, birth you again, and name you my bitch, NOW GET OUT OF THAT CAGE!

    • From the very end of that episode: "I'll see you in hell." *BANG*
  • In the hurricane episode, when Stan decides not to evacuate, his whole family calls him out, citing he always makes bad decisions in bad situtations.
    • From the same episode, blink and you'll miss it, but when the family finds Hayley after she was wounded by the shark, Francine makes a truly impressive display of physical strength by hefting her teenage daughter, whom it should be noted is about the same size as she is, into her arms and carrying her back to where the rest of them are.
  • In one episode, Roger falls face-first into some cocaine and then takes out an ENTIRE DRUG GANG.
  • Francine free-running like a boss in "Stanny Boy and Frantastic", and it was her first time doing it!
  • In The Scarlett Getter, Stan realizes his former fantasy girl is actually an alien hunter who's been using Stan to get to Roger. As she's tying Stan up and calling him a loser, Stan tells her that she's trash and not worth the trouble he went through to get her, reminding himself that Francine is more of a woman then Scarlett will ever be.

 Stan: Lady my wife blows you away!

(Cue Scarlett being shot in the chest by Francine with a shotgun)

Francine: Damn right I do.

  • Raptures Delight contains several of these:

 Klaus: I think you only turn to me when you have no one else to turn to. I think you really don't care what I have to say and you just like listening to yourself talk. I think you are a selfish bastard and I think you can go to Hell!

Stan (shocked): Wow. Okay. I'm, uh, I'm just going to-

Klaus: Yes why don't you go do that.

  • In Dr. Klaustus, Klaus airs all of the Smith Family's lies to help them work through them, as they've all been turning to Roger's psychiatrist persona "Dr. Penguin" who's been telling them to lie. Their problems include:
    • Stan has been have pre-dinner meals every day for ten years because Francine's cooking is awful, and has been feeding her meals to a pit of wolves built under the kitchen. And some of the wolves are in fact fourth generation.
    • Francine has been stealing fifty dollars from Stan's wallet every week to go to her "emergency fund", for drugs.
    • Steve has a girlfriend and has been telling her that Greg and Terry are his gay fathers because he's embarrassed of Stan and Francine.
    • Jeff can only think of Francine when he's having sex with Hayley because it's the only way he can get aroused.
    • Hayley has been playing ultimate frisbee without Jeff because he's horrible at sports.
    • None of the family will listen to Klaus because they can't see past his fish exterior. After Roger realizes that the way to get the family to listen is by providing a mouthpiece, Roger gets into his Drill Sergeant Nasty persona "Sgt. Pepper", and barks them into submission and then orders them to work out their problems. Stan should just shut up and eat Francine's cooking, Francine should use her emergency fund for a cooking class, Steve should be lucky he has parents who love him, Hayley should dress up for Jeff because "hippies aren't sexy, they're dirty", and Jeff should work out. Roger then orders them to thank Klaus because these are his ideas and he deserves the credit. The family then apologizes and honestly thanks Klaus for helping them. This is one of the nicest things Roger has ever done Klaus, and it's a genuine Pet the Dog moment for Klaus.
      • This was an amazing moment for Klaus, who's been neglected and ignored for years.
  • In the episode when Stan kidnaps Greg and Terry's infant daughter because he thinks gays won't make good parents. After kidnapping the children of a lesbian couple who tried to change make him see the error of his ways, the kids make him realize he's in the wrong. When he stops and hands the kids back over to their rightful parents and apologizes, Terry punches him out.
  • Steve gets two in Toy Whorey. The first when he successfully sets up an ambush in his room to stop Stan from taking away his toys, ala Home Alone, complete with a firecracker assault. Stan actually crawls out of Steve's room on his knees in fear. The second when he tricks the two guards holding them prisoner into playing make believe with them, at which point Steve locks them in the cell so he and Stan can escape.
  • In one episode, Stan and Steve are trying to get a door for Stan's project of building a DeLorean, and are competing with a Back to The Future fanboy, who steals the knob from Stan's gearshift. Steve climbs out onto the hood, leaps into the other guy's DeLorean, steals the knob back, and then jumps back to Stan's car, even flipping back down into the passenger's seat. All while The Jimmy Hart Version of the Back to the Future theme song plays. Stan himself calls the stunt awesome, and the smug look on Steve's face afterwards shows that he knows it.