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"...Just remember that you and I are made from the same stuff: taxpayer dollars, American pride and the sweat of an honest day's work."

Welcome to Eagle Land, USA bitches! We're rich, industrious, militarily powerful and burningly patriotic! How to show that in fiction? Why with Giant Robots of course. An America Robot, in short, is any super fighting machine that hams up the America to the power of eleven. Expect them to be decked out in the stars and stripes and packing the heavy artillery (as well as having a burning American pride).

Examples of American Robot include:

Anime and Manga

Comic Books

  • The Big Guy, of The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, which is Justified Trope, as the whole program was an over glorified publicity stunt. He's partnered with an Expy of Astro Boy though.
  • Atomic Robo reeks of the trope, especially with his classical 20th century American values.
  • DC Comics' G.I. Robot (aka J.A.K.E.)
  • S.T.R.I.P.E. from the Stars And STRIPE comic in The DCU.
  • Dark Reign Iron Patriot is a smaller-scale example of this, mimicking both Iron Man and Captain America. He happens to be the Green Goblin under a new name, but you can't have everything...
    • Marvel also made Detroit Steel shortly afterward. Subverted in that he changes design to suit his current employer, at one point becoming a Japanese Robot.


  • Short Circuit Johnny Five, as of the epilogue of the second movie.
  • Subverted in Iron Man 2: Hammer tries to pass off the Hammer-roids as this. They come in Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine models no less. Every model has a specialist weapon or device attached to it - an anti-armor cannon for the Army, missile launchers for the Navy, high-speed flight systems for the Air Force, and close-range machine guns for the Marines.

Video Games

Web Original

  • Code Guardian, an an awesome web-original video production of a giant American Robot defeating a giant Japanese Samurai Robot and a Giant Nazi Robot in an Alternate(mech-based) Pearl Harbor.


  • In Sinfest, being the president of the united states apparently involves piloting one of these.

Western Animation

  • A robot introduced in the last few episodes of Sym-Bionic Titan was the Homeland Mobile Emergency Robot or HMER (pronounced hammer). Commanded by General Steel. Commanded, not piloted, because it has a large a crew as a battleship. Not patriotically colored, instead it goes for a traditional army green. It also is more of a Real Robot than a Super Robot, it is very slow and resource intensive. There are multiple shots of all of the tank shells it expends when it fires its machine guns.
  • Big Guy and Rusty The Boy Robot: the BGY-11 in this version is just really patriotic because it's his job to defend the country, rather than as a publicity stunt. He's also not really a robot.