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Anatomy of Hell is a 2004 film by French director Catherine Breillat. Wikipedia classifies it as an "erotic drama". Its starred by Amira Casar and Rocco Siffredi; since their characters are actually unnamed in the film, the name of the actors will be used in the following synopsis.

Rocco takes Amira to have her wounds bound. They take a walk. She sucks him off. She then claims that all men hate women, and invites him to visit her at her house for the next four nights to prove this hypothesis. He agrees. The next night he comes, and Amira strips, lies on the bed and displays herself to him, to prove the revulsion that men have for the female form. Fauxlosophic Narration ensues ("The elasticity of a boy's anus doesn't lie."). Over the remaining three nights, we are treated to such delights as Amira recounting her past (Playing Doctor with some local boys during childhood in which there is an uncensored shot of a prepubescent girls' privates), Rocco sticking his nose up her orifices, Rocco sticking a rake up her orifices, and her pulling out her tampon, dipping it in a glass of water like a teabag, and then drinking it. The two then have sex, in what is quite possibly the most Fetish Retardant depiction of said act since that in the The Matrix: Reloaded. Rocco then goes down to the bar and grumbles a bit to another patron, then comes back up and pushes Amira off a cliff. The end.

If the Fauxlosophic Narration that alternated between coma-inducingly boring and unintentionally funny, the copious Squick and Nausea Fuel, and the aforementioned scene bordering on child porn didn't bog this film down enough already; there's also its apparent message. All men hate women and seek to destroy them, and gay men hate and seek to destroy them even more; in fact, male homosexuality is just an expression of men's inherent misogyny. Apparently, the only reason why the aforementioned drinking of the menstrual blood would be considered an unenthralling act, and why the scene is considered so shocking and disgusting, is because of the stigma that has been built up around women's bodily functions. Thank you so much for the revelation, Breillat. That shouldn't be considered unnatural at all; especially since gay men eating each other's excrement absolutely does not have the exact same degree of stigma attached to it as well. Why don't we all start guzzling down our urine too while we're at it.

Tropes used in Anatomy of Hell include:

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