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  • There is a bit of controversy in Teen Titans fandom over whether the fate of Terra, who was transformed into stone at the end of season two and possibly revived in the series finale, involved this or not. Creepily, a few particularly vindictive Fanfic writers have her remain conscious during her stone imprisonment, going against the fan consensus that she is/was probably unconscious or in a death-like state. Those who see her as The Woobie sometimes do this as well to portray her in a more sympathetic and tragic light.
  • Early in a Werewolf: The Apocalypse fan fic, the main character suffers sleep paralysis in his bathtub and wakes up right before drowning. As if that wasn't Nightmare Fuel enough, the character is later kidnapped by the villains and forcefully possessed by an evil spirit. He likens it to the episode he suffered earlier, except he actually drowns.
  • The Silent Hill fanfiction Praying in Vain. Over the course of the story the protagonist finds and frees the victim/s and the murderer/s of several killings throughout the town's history, trapped in its Dark World ever since they were killed and continually experiencing their moment of death (including but not limited to bleeding to death, dismemberment and immolation). It's heavily implied that every single person killed there is in a similar state, forever tortured to sustain the town's Genius Loci and at the end, though pissed at the loss of its food, the personification of the aforementioned loci assures the protagonist that she has accomplished nothing, and that there is plenty more where they came from.
  • In a The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time fanfic titled "The Legend of Link: Lucky Number 13" a god imprisons a mage in a Sealed Room in the Middle of Nowhere, where his honey covered heart is painfully devoured by insects over and over again for thirteen years.
  • In a Final Fantasy VII fanfic, Need for Control, Hojo had put Vincent through this as a method of torture that left him unable to function as a 'free' human being:

Vincent: "After my arm was removed, I was rendered unconscious again. When I awoke, I had no idea where I was. I found myself in the dark, unable to move. I couldn’t feel my body or hear anything. Even the air around me seemed to lack any type of smell whatsoever. At first, I found this to be a relief, thinking that if nothing else, that I wasn’t being tortured. However, that complete lack of external stimulation began to do something to me. Time seemed to have stopped, and I had no idea of how long I had been in there. I began to wonder if I was even alive… Not being able to feel, see, or hear anything does something to you after a time. I began to long for the torture. At least when that had been happening to me, I knew that I was alive."

    • However, that's not even the worst of it, as it's stated that all the time that Vincent was in the coffin before you find him? He's in that state. Twenty-seven to thirty years of it.

Vincent: "He put me back in the dark…I never even knew what it was that I’d done wrong… He just put me back in the dark and forgot about me… Twenty-seven years, Cid… I was in there for as long as I had been alive before Hojo had put me in there…"

  • The Ranma ½ fanfic Song of the Phoenix. The souls of certain victims of Jusenkyo --the ones who originally drowned in the springs to create the curses in the first place-- are trapped in the waters. Some of them "sleep" in blissful oblivion... others exist in absolute, endless darkness as nothing but thinking souls, for however many thousands of years it takes for someone to fall in the spring and, if they're exceedingly lucky, hitch a ride in their body. They can only watch from within the body, unable to interact, until the cursed person dies and the other soul is allowed to manifest briefly. And then they go right back into the spring, and the darkness... It is explicitly stated that the soul of the Drowned Girl from the spring that cursed Ranma went through this for 1500 years, to the other characters' horror.
  • The people whose minds Kodachi Kuno of Divine Blood devours in order to take over their body as part of her collective are eventually shown as having fragmented pieces of their mental identity remaining in her collective mind as well as their entire souls enslaved to her will. When she manifests in a mindscape shortly before finally being exterminated, the mouths of the multitude of people she'd devoured are shown to be either gagged, sewn shut with needle and thread, ripped out or simply not there.
  • Poke Wars has two particular instances of this:
    • Mewtwo's fate at the hands of Ho-oh, who turned him into a conscious puppet that can't take any action, even self defense, without some sort of command.
    • Manaphy gets frozen in a pyramid of of ice by Kyogre.
  • Much like in Sailor Moon, Jadeite's Expy Phaedos gets the same freezing treatment in Power Rangers GPX. And it might be worse...
  • Progress has Luna trapping Discord in a dream-world and turning his mental self to stone. Since his physical body also suffered this fate, Discord is effectively sentenced to Eternal Waking.
  • In Case of the Missing Technology, Melanie C wakes up to discover she had been sliced into into pieces, with her head being placed an a device that the narrator was able to gain hold of. Of course, she scared about it since she has a family, which was way the narrator didn't want anyone else to see her... at least, without body.

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