Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

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  • Does anyone have any clue about how the chorus and verses of Juicy relate to each other? One's about sex and the other's about playing poker for body parts, FFS!
    • ...NightmareFetishist?
      • They're playing Organfleisch Poker.
      • I got that bit- but how does the sex fit in?
      • It doesn't necessarily have to be about sex... it just seems like they're high on conobine and Destroying Angel to me, and talking about how fake the Krankhaus members are.
      • Actually, to me the verses kind of sound like they're gloating over how they're the masters of the poker game and the Krankhaus members are destined to lose... but that's probably just me. Still doesn't explain the chorus.
  • Has anyone in the band realised that 1, some people actually like their jobs, 2, a lot of people stuck in jobs they don't like probably won't like being reminded of it, 3, often they don't have an alternative to escape to, 4, no matter how much they bitch about money, it'll still exist and thus we'll still have to fuck ourselves over to get it, 5, money is usually just a means to an end, 6, not everyone is creative and not everyone can make a living from their creativity, and 7, if they want to do something, they should actually try exhorting the crushed masses to uplift their lives instead of telling them that their lives suck because of the jobs they have to do to survive?
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