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We've all been there. We've had a rough day; the Alpha Bitch is being particularly bitchy; someone has decided to unleash their inner Jerkass on us; and we can't do a damn thing about it. We're mad as hell, and somebody's paying for it—be it with a long rant or a full-on barrage of punches.

Of course, we never think of how they feel. The good news is, they perfectly understand the problem, and are willing and able to absorb it all. And after it's out of our system, they simply turn to us and ask, "Are you done yet?"

The line used by indestructible big brothers, parents, and various others—but it comes with a risk: sometimes, merely asking if you're done will set you off again.

Examples of Are You Done Yet? include:

Anime and Manga

Comic Books

  • Superman does this all the time—as you can imagine, having Nigh Invulnerability will allow you to take a meaningless pounding, be it from Lois Lane or Batman. Especially if you deserve it.
  • Batman occasionally does this to the members of the Batfamily calling him out on being manipulative, closed-off, and secretive.

 Nightwing: Ignoring all the many layers of denial, and the fifty feet of psychological armor that you throw up to avoid feeling anything! Aside from that--! And the pathological need to control everything on Earth and beyond! Ignoring all that--! What exactly is your compulsion , your burning desire to deceive, lie and manipulate the only people who give a good god damn about you?

Batman: You getting to a point?



  • In Rocky III, Rocky does this to Clubber Lang, daring Lang to keep hitting him without putting up a defense. Of course, Lang is a Mike Tyson type built on quick wins, while Balboa is built on long bouts—Balboa is banking on being able to survive until Lang is winded.
    • Interestingly, this is a Shout-Out or Homage to a real boxing match: Muhammad Ali defeated George Foreman using exactly this strategy (which he called the "Rope-A-Dope") in their infamous Rumble in the Jungle.
      • There was an interview with George Foreman about this fight where he says that at one point right after hitting Ali with a hard shot Ali leaned over and whispered to him: "Is that all you got, George?" Which caused Foreman to think: Actually... yeah. That's pretty much it.
    • Drago also does this briefly to Rocky in the fourth movie, giving Rocky a free shot at his body in the early rounds, pushing him away, then inviting him back in to more as a show of confidence.
  • Beautifully subverted in Scent of a Woman.

 Al Pacino's character: I'm just gettin' WARMED UP HERE!


Live Action TV

  • An episode of Law and Order in which the Israeli struggle is used as an excuse for murder features this in spades. The defense witnesses go on and on about the conflict (in front of a majority Jewish jury—the prosecution got blindsided), and Jack McCoy just lets them rant, finally ending with "Are you finished?" before continuing his cross-examination. It doesn't work; McCoy hammers home that the defense is a smoke-screen, winning the case.
  • This was used in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "The Search, Part II", when things start going to hell during the Federation-Dominion peace process. Sisko bursts into the room where the Federation admiral and the Dominion representative are.

 Sisko: I want to know what the hell is going on!

Necheyev: Commander, I don't appreciate your barging in here...

Sisko: I want to know why my Science Officer has been transferred without my consent. I want to know why my Chief of Operations is lying in the infirmary while the Jem'Hadar who beat him is free to walk the station! And I want to know why the Federation is willing to risk a war with the Romulans to form an alliance with a group of people we hardly know and barely trust!

Necheyev: Are you finished?

Sisko: I haven't even begun!



  • In Euripides' dramatic adaptation of the Medea myth, Jason coldheartedly rationally tries to explain to his Magical Girlfriend why dumping her and marrying Creon's daughter is the most practical option for him, nothing personal, she can accept that maturely, right? Her response: "Have you finished now?" Anyone not sympathize with her becoming a Woman Scorned now?

Video Games

  • Arcanum had Arronax encased in a prison that prevents him from being harmed. If you insist on trying to stop him, realize he's unattackable and speak to him again, his reply asks if you are finished trying to stop him.

Western Animation

  • In the episode of The Simpsons when Homer became a boxer, his strategy consisted entirely of being beaten until his opponent became too tired. Then he fought Drederick Tatum, a Mike Tyson expy. It didn't work.
  • In an episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Wilt spends most of the episode getting distracted from watching the big game by his inability to say "no" because various people keep asking him to do menial tasks. He remains calm even after being sidetracked to the point of having to break out of jail (twice!) and repair a spaceship in orbit, but when Bloo has the audacity to stomp the bowl of chips Wilt brought him into the carpet because they aren't salt and vinegar flavored, Wilt finally snaps and shouts "no" over and over again until he's exhausted. Finally:

 Bloo: Are You Done Yet?

Wilt: Yes! Yes I am!

Bloo: How about those chips?

Wilt: Sure thing, buddy!

He calmly leaves to get Bloo some salt and vinegar chips, but by the time he realizes what's happening and turns around to reprimand Bloo, the door has been slammed in his face and the episode is over.

  • In The Emperors New Groove", Yzma and Kronk are at Pacha's home, Yzma claiming to be a distant Great Aunt of Pacha's and trying to stall them for time, so as to recapture Kuzco. The son, Tipo, jumping rope, mentions to Yzma that she doesn't look like his Great Aunt;

 " look more like my great, great, great great great-" *Scene cuts to out- when it cuts back, Tipo's still going:*

"Great, great, great, great-"

Yzma, exasperatedly: "All right- are you through?"

"Great-great aunt."

  • On Rugrats, when Tommy is about to lead the babies away from Grandpa on an outing to the museum:

 Chuckie: *sigh* All I wanted was a nice, quiet trip to the museum -- no running away from grown-ups, no getting lost, no making trouble -- just a nice, quiet trip... But, no! You guys always have to think of something scary.


Tommy: Chuckie, are you through?

Chuckie: Um, yeah, that's about it.

Tommy: Then let's go!


Real Life

From the Deep South page:


Sam Donaldson: Governor Clinton, let's be frank. You're running for president, yet your only experience has been as the governor of a small, backward state with a population of drunken hillbillies riding around in pickup trucks. The main streets of your capital city, Little Rock, are something out of Lil Abner, with buxom underage girls in their cutoff denims prancing around in front of Jethro and Billy Bob, while corncob-pipe-smoking, shotgun-toting grannies fire indiscriminately at runaway hogs.

Bill Clinton: I'm sorry, Sam, do you have a question?