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The greatest title screen of all time, which also has nothing to do with the game.

Arfenhouse was a series of RPGs and Flash movies made by a group of disturbed internet celebrities who, in their 15 minutes of fame, were collectively known as Disaster Labs. They released their first Flash movie in 2002. After the movie series "Arfenhouse: The Movie 1-4" was released piece by piece on Newgrounds, it became popular enough to get its own IRC channel, #arfenhouse.

The games were intentionally made to look awful, which was reflected in the Flash series in all the character designs.

  • Housemaster is the guardian of Arfenhouse. He has a piece of bread for a face, and is clearly a Heroic Sociopath of some kind.
  • Piakchu is Housemaster's pet, an obvious pixelated styling of the mascot Pokémon, who he feeds jelly beans like the blob from A Boy and His Blob.
  • Dog is one of the other characters to join Housemaster's party. He's an icon made from a photograph of a dog's face, and happily joins in any insanity that Housemaster starts.
  • Evil Kitty/Good Kitty is one of the early villains who plays turncoat and joins Housemaster. Like Dog, she's an icon from a photo of a cat's face.
  • Joseph is one of the only fully-drawn characters, a humanoid character from another RPG who got warped into Arfenhouse. He tries to play the Straight Man role, but nobody listens to him.
  • Woogy is one of many round, two-colored ball guys who frequently trade non-sequiturs with each other and the other characters.
  • Billy is the main villain of the series, an 8-year old brat represented by a yellow ball with a face, who tries to make popular Flash movies using stolen content (i.e. copyrighted video game characters), among other methods of gaining notoriety.

Tropes used in Arfenhouse include:

Housemaster: Super Sayan Bread Makeup!


The Flash series has examples of these tropes...

  • Animation Bump: The sixth and final film as a whole has more fluid animation than the others.
  • Art Shift: A couple scenes from the sixth movie stand out.
  • Battle Cry: Teh BUHHS/BUHAAZZ (Pringles cans) always do their signature cry whenever they appear. And it's hilarious.
  • Non Sequitur Scene: The second movie devolves into a whole bunch of these.
  • Bond Gun Barrel
  • Butt Monkey: Joe, in spades.

'Joe: Hey!! Let me see that! ... '...Beef jerky... Joe goes to... jail'? 'Get $400, Joe goes to jail'... 'Get out of jail free except for Joe who goes to jail'... Everybody wins except for Joe who goes to jail'?! ...Y'know what? Forget it! Why did I even come here thinking I could play a decent game of Monopoly with you people?"

  1. a Freeze-Frame Bonus rant in 8-Bitch Fyve elaborates on this.