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Astro Boy (2009 film)

  • After Astro is captured and deactivated, Dr. Tenma suddenly turns on Stone and, with Dr. Elefun's help, snatches the Blue Core so he can reactivate Astro, assure him that despite not being Toby Astro is still Tenma's son, and send Astro off to escape while Tenma and Elefun face the military. The interaction between Astro and Tenma makes this the Crowning Moment of Heartwarming too.
  • Astro defeats a coliseum full of robots, slows a falling island enough to minimize damage and casualties, and flips a skyscraper-sized baddie that has absorbed most of the air force's weaponry over his head. Astro is Badass Adorable, plain and simple.
  • Zog, the giant robot Astro revived, is about to crush Hammegg who wronged them underneath his foot. Hammegg protests that he can't, due to the laws of robotics, which have apparently been in use for 50 years. Zog, who was built far earlier than that (100 years), simply says:
    • The fact that he's voiced by Samuel L. Jackson probably made it far more Badass than it would be if it were anyone else.
  • The scene where Astro learns to fly and then spends a few minutes playing in the clouds, with the scene culminating in his iconic tunnel-through-the-mountain. Whatever your overall opinion of the movie is, if you didn't find this sequence thrilling something is wrong.