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File:Astro plan poster.jpg

Macross Frontier revisited?

Astro Plan is an Animesque Chinese series first released in January 2010. It is notorious for generating a lot of publicity not because of its plot, but rather because it is obviously copying popular Japanese anime series such as Macross Frontier, Gundam Seed, and Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and also because much of its initial promotional artwork consists of blatantly traced and copied artwork from other sources. See also promotional poster at the left.

The plot (shamelessly ripped from The Other Wiki, as seems appropriate for this series, and expanded with information from the Youtube trailer that actually manages to partially contradict the main plot synopsis provided by the production company):

In the distant future, mankind has begun to venture into space to find a new home after Earth's environment succumbs to a meteor rain causing massive destruction global warming. During their voyage, the Gundam Seed Archangel Macross space migration fleet encounters the Varja an alien race from the planet Iccus. As raiders of natural resources, the aliens are bent on galactic domination. To combat the threat, six young fighters are recruited into the Sentai Sky Arrow Flight Team and are equipped with transformable Macross Valkyries Type Yi Gundams fighter planes.

Alternatively, Astro Plan can be seen as a truly massive intentional unintentional Shout-Out to the other series mentioned on this page.

Tropes used in Astro Plan include: