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File:Rsz asuras wrath wyzen fight 9563.jpg

And this is only the first boss!

Asura's Wrath seems to be shaping up as one of the most epic action games ever created. The sheer moments of awesome are so great that even the trailers alone are absolutely insane.

Go here for moments of awesome from the game's many jaw-dropping boss fights.

  • The trailers alone are so insanely awesome it's hard to even begin to describe it. In this first trailer here, Asura is shown having several spears stuck through him. An enemy demigod orders his soldiers to attack by throwing what could only be seen as a Macross Spear Massacre. Asura then rips the spears from his side, and slowly but surely starts up and runs straight into the barrage. He dodges some, but gets speared multiple times in mid-air. He just keeps on going like they are nothing. He then lariats a couple of goons in the the face and causes a shock wave that causes several others to fly into the air.
    Then we see assorted in-game action with Asura ripping through all the regular enemies, using their own weapons against them, taking a giant concrete pillar and ramming it through a slew of enemies, punching a giant Buddha in the face like it was just a regular person, and then doing an epic Cross Counter with his fellow demigod. After that, the enemy demigod turns into his true form, a planet-sized Buddha bigger than the planet Earth, whose massive finger alone is bigger than any boss in the history of Hack and Slash and Beat Em Ups, is about ready to squish Asura. Asura's Reaction? COME ON!
  • In the second trailer, we get a small flashback to the previous trailer. Then, we see Asura dodge shots from another giant Buddha statute, then run along its arm, and punch it in the face. Then we see the massive planet-sized Buddha again, ready to squish Asura. With all six arms, Asura yells out COME ON at said finger. Now, any normal person, even Kratos or Bayonetta would probably be squished like an ant. Asura? He actually stops said finger. A finger bigger than any boss in the history of Beat Em Ups and Hack and Slash games, and he stops it with his bare hands.
    • Then he starts to go either ATATATATATATATATATATATATA or ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA by punching said finger rapidly. Even when his arms start breaking from the force of the finger poking him. Then we cut to the giant Buddha who is shown visibly shocked, and with his two remaining arms, Asura actually punches back the finger that was coming at him at full force. Another arm disintegrates. Does this stop Asura? Hell. No. He takes his remaining arm and gives one final punch to the finger. After the credits at the end and the result from this, it shows that the planet-sized Buddha exploded from the force of said punch!
  • In the GamesCom 2011 trailers, Asura and his former master Augus decide to have A FIGHT ON THE MOON. Augus doesn't even flinch until Asura uses all 6 arms, and then after a while of fist-fighting he whips out a sword that eventually gets so long that he uses it to fling Asura off of the moon. He then does a running jump and proceeds to bring Asura and himself down to Earth in the most EPIC Meteor Move possible, stabbing through Asura AND Earth... and STILL GOING.
    • The sheer size of Augus' Blade is one of these. How big is it? Hiroshi Matsuyama of Cyber Connect 2 stated it's 3 80 000 Kilometers long! Probably the most insane example of a BFS ever made.
      • The kicker? It goes out at Australia!
      • The real kicker, and also another moment of awesome? Asura breaking said blade while its still going through his abdomen, destroying his last arm and in the process knocking the remaining piece of the sword out of Augus' hands, then grabbing the sword with his teeth and finishing Augus off with the ironically short broken sword.
    • And the music that's playing during all this? Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 ("From the New World"), 4th movement, making it the second time it's been used in one of the contenders for the best fight scene ever.
    • And if that wasn't enough, soon after the fight when a giant Gohma with an impurity level of 47,000 shows up soon after, Asura calmly walks off to confront it with... with no arms, nothing but Augus' broken sword once again in his mouth. Its not revealed what happened in the fight, but as a cherry to top off this scene, he manages to somehow cause a massive explosion.

Asura: I'm borrowing this.

  • Every single quote during Augus and Asura's fight can be considered this. The former trying to nudge his former pupil into becoming just like him yet Asura rebuffs every attempt in his usual fashion.
  • The video of the game's Eighth stage, where Asura saves a girl who was around when he awakened from the Gohma. After an intense chase sequence through a temple, Asura punches the Gorilla Gohma carrying the girl, making both fly out and drop down towards the ground, but fortunately our angry Demi-God jumps in to catch the girl and break her fall. Just as things seem to be over, a giant Turtle Gohma appears. Before the girl starts panicking, Asura gently pushes her aside and goes to do what he does best: Kick ass. A main protagonist that can be badass, furious, and a menacing force, but at the same time is good and righteous enough to protect the innocent around him? That's awesome in and of itself.
  • The very first episode of the game. It could go down in history as not only being one of the most insane and memorable first levels in an action game, but one of the most memorable opening levels to video games in general. Just look at it here and here. The very first moment of the game features Asura, diving off of a gunship from high orbit, falling to Earth at terminal velocity, straight through one of the largest space battles in videogame history, taking on Gohma space whales that are larger than even the Divinities' Star Destroyer-esque spaceships... and winning. Must be seen to be believed.
    • In Asura's battle with Kalrow, he plows through every defense and strategy that Kalrow can think of, making mincemeat of the Deity's fleet and withstanding the primary weapon of Kalrow's flagship. Once he finally gets his hands on Kalrow, who is fleeing in an escape pod, he just crushes it with his bare hands, killing Kalrow.
  • The French website had an exclusive chance to play the first two thirds of the game. They show two excerpts here. In the second one, we see Asura SLAUGHTERING THE ENTIRE DIVINITIES' SPACE NAVY!!
    • Without mentioning that Asura is here in a Super Super Mode! His "bonus" arms are MUCH bigger and he looks devil-like.
    • Just how powerful is Wrath Mode Asura? Powerful enough that Olga fires the Brahmastra at him, using up three fourths of the seven trillion souls the Seven Deities had collected. To her credit, it does knock him out of Wrath Mode... into a very slightly less powerful form whose next appearance has him curbstomping Sergei's entire fleet in less than a second, with no once noticing he's there until ships start exploding.
  • Asura's Berserk Form.
  • The entire final battle, serving as an epic Call Back to the very first episode. Except Gohma Vlitra is killed this time. It's indescribable just how awesome it is. Just play it for yourself.
  • Yasha Rider Kick'ing the Brahmastra.
  • Any time the player initiates a 'Shut [X] up'.

Asura: You talk too much!

  • Lord Deus vs Yasha in Chapter 15.5. The same punch that subdued Wrath Asura? Deus doesn't even flinch when he is punched right in the face by it.
  • Two Words:

Asura: I refuse.


Asura: "You idiot. You were always a brother. Never an enemy."

  • The Epilogue, A Life Well Lived. Any player who saw this interlude had their jaw dropped and they know it.
    • Asura: GET BACK!