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For examples from History of Power Rangers, see here.

  • Almost anytime that Linkara uses his Patented "I AM A MAN!" punch, especially in a serious situation, it can be pretty damn awesome.
  • Setting Superman Bearded Idiot: At Earth's End on fire. Also makes for a good Establishing Character Moment.
  • When fighting the evil, sentient Star Trek #1 comic (don't ask), he reveals that his gun is magic and shoots lasers.

Comic: But how?! You have to explain it!
Linkara: It's magic. I don't have to explain it.

  • Cartoon!Linkara teams up with Wonder Woman to destroy Amazons Attack.
  • CHEAT CODES ARE STILL ACTIVATED *punches out Dr. Insano*
  • The end of the "Top 15 Worst Moments of Countdown", when he manages to make the incredibly Narmy line "I'll kill you to death!" sound awesome.
  • "Hey, Pyramid Head? I liked The Butcher better."
  • Linkara morphing for the first time onscreen.
    • Hell, the entire fight with Mechakara was a massive Crowning Moment of Awesome. Complete with assistance from 90's Kid, Harvey Finevoice, Ninja Style Dancer, and Pollo, a brief struggle with Black Lantern Spoony, and Linkara using a MORPHER from Power Rangers, then fighting Mechakara with the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' music in the background. That was the stuff NERDGASMS are made of.
      • What about Pollo paralyzing Mechakara long enough to let Linkara vaporize him?
      • "I'm back, baby!"
        • The whole thing could be a real-world crowner for Lewis, utilizing Double Triple Vision as well as some other, truly Badass special effects, and managing to make convincing scenes where he technically beats up himself. Quite an achievement by Web Original standards.
  • Pollo pwning Dr. Linksano towards the end of JLA: Act of God.
  • Quoting a long passage from the third canto of The Divine Comedy (the "All hope abandon, ye who enter in" bit), then saying, "Read a book, people!"
  • Yes it was pretty damn hilarious, but the 'Insano-War' was nothing but win. Like a condensed Team Brawl, except with Dr. Insano, which automatically makes it even more awesome!
  • When he finally runs across a comic that pisses him off as much as Superman At Earth's End did (The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Part 3), he sets it on fire by "I AM A MAN"-punching it with a battlizer from Power Rangers in Space.
  • Harvey Finevoice singing at the end of the Anita Blake review, reminding everyone why his voice is classified as 'million-dollar pipes.'
    • Also a crowning moment for Lewis Lovhaug, for having the talent not only to sing that well, but to sing that well while maintaining a semblance of an affected accent.
    • And this is after Linkara does an entire review in the Harvey Finevoice persona. The next week he does an entire review as '90s Kid.
      • And when Finevoice protests, Pollo reveals that not only has he found a message revealing Linkara's successor, but he'll have Linkara back in about two weeks.
  • The entire battle with the Shades from the Ewoks #9 review. Iron Liz shows her proficiency with a sword, Pollo takes out one with a single lazer beam, and Linkara even takes one out before he powers up again. Once powered up, he uses a sonic screwdriver.
  • Even the man's dreams are awesome; while reviewing Hardcore Station he mentions one where he was fighting alongside the Seventh Doctor on the Enterprise.
  • Brute Force, all on its own. How can a single comic issue contain so much Crazy Awesome?
  • Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force sees Linkara team up with Ensign Munro to fight the Vorsoth from the game.
    • We see even more of Lord Vyce, a CMoA all in its own, but we have him plotting Linkara's downfall alongside none other than Mechakara himself!
  • Dr. Linksano kind of gets one, when he launches into his speech about Lord Vyce, he comes off as legitimately menacing.
  • His What the Hell, Hero? to Superman for insulting Big Barda's makeup, after she was held captive for two days and possibly raped.
  • It requires a bit of Fridge Brilliance but after googling the Neutro comic, one learned it never went beyond the one issue Linkara reviewed. This means that, indirectly and more than likely unintentionally, the end of the Neutro review provided some closure to the original story.
    • Though that does make the Neutro story a Shaggy Dog Story; the whole cast died, accomplishing nothing regarding the robot, which was destroyed in seconds the one time someone put it to use.
  • Linkara chewing out Superman at Earth's End and saying Superman is timeless.
  • The ending of Batman: Fortunate Son.
  • The completely-justified speech at the end of the second part of his Countdown to Final Crisis review.

Linkara: So after all this, after fifty-one issues of Countdown to Final Crisis, what is there left to say? Only this: Countdown to Final Crisis blows. It reeks. It fails. It is heinous. It is mean-spirited, wretched, nonsensical, idiotic, irritating, slow, crappy, and altogether stupid. It is everything wrong with the comic book industry, and an embarrassment on the records of everyone who worked on it. Bottom line, as we say around these parts: THIS COMIC SUCKS.

  • How about the entire Mechakara saga? The way he's been able to thread an ongoing story through his reviews without distracting from the reviews themselves at all, and building up genuine momentum and suspense along the way, has really changed the possibilities of what Internet review series can do.
    • Just seeing Harvey Finevoice firing away with a Tommy Gun while grinning and smoking like a badass in the 2010 -trailer totally justifies that sentiment.
      • The scene where we see him actually doing that is even more awesome.
    • The ( aborted) rant that Mechakara gave to the viewers at the end of his Ultimates 3 three-part review: he tears apart the concept of Reviews Are the Gospel, blaming it and the fans' adherence to it for the staying power of all the horrible comics out there. Very chilling, almost Nightmare Fuel, and true, especially in the wake of the recent Internet Backdraft he's come under.
    • The entire second half of the 2010 trailer. As if the promise of the Mechakara storyline reaching its climax and Harvey Finevoice, Ensign Munro, Black Lantern Spoony, and a mysterious scientist joining the action wasn't enough, the trailer's tone-setting music is E.S. Posthumus' Pompeii. My head nearly exploded from the epicness.
  • In response to the insulting portrayal of people who don't go to college in Future 5, he assembled a list of people who did very well for themselves after never going to college or dropping out. Number one on the list: Bill Gates.
  • "You're in my way, sir!"
  • His opening to Athena, as he once again bashes blatant sexism and ludicrous fanservice in comics, as well as giving a Take That to all those watchers that think he hates women, he's gay or he's a religious fanatic because of his anti-gratuitous-nude rants. The fact that during all of it he seems much more serious and angry than usual is just the icing on the cake.
  • Linkara quoting The Divine Comedy during his TMNT Meet Archie review, ending with "READ A BOOK, PEOPLE!"
    • He specifically recites a portion of the third canto ("All hope abandon, ye who enter in"). And quite well, too.
  • Punching Film Brain in retaliation for making him watch The Spirit, scored with the Eleventh Doctor's action theme.

"Yes well, just a little message to whoever is behind this little flim flam operation of yours. If you value your continued existence, if you have any hope of seeing tomorrow, let me tell you. There's one thing you never, EVER put in a trap. ME!"

  • Avoiding an Author Filibuster about the distastefulness of using rape as a plot device, instead directing viewers to someone he thinks is much better than him at discussing the issue.
  • Linkara furiously giving his six cents on why One More Day is terrible, giving one of his most scathing (though entirely justified) rants to date, ending it with these choice words:
  • The end of the 100th episode: All Linkara's characters, plus almost everyone else from That Guy With The Glasses, singing his theme song!
    • Plus the opening credits, with a hard rock remix of the theme song playing over the covers of every comic he's reviewed.
      • Also, not indulging in the recent storyline, despite how obvious it would've been, being such an important episode.
  • Lord Vyce. He is highly regarded as being intensely awesome and terrifying by the fans, but when you think about it, he's barely done anything! Yes, he kidnapped Linkara, attacked him with Shades, and sent the Vohrsoth after him, but the man himself has had two appearances and did very little in both. Lewis has managed to turn him into a fan favorite through hype and storylines. Congratulations, you're awesome, and we didn't even know it.
    • Moreover, the only time Linksano has ever come off as legitimately creepy or threatening is when he described Lord Vyce before being Put on a Bus back to his home dimension, giving him a CMoA by proxy.

There are forces in The Multiverse far beyond anything you've ever dealt with. Ancient, mindless evils that fill in the cracks and eat dimensions just for a snack. Monstrous deities and empires spanning Universe after Universe have risen and fallen in the span of forever! But there is still one individual, one being that they are all horrified of! When I saw him coming near my universe, I fled. Muhahahhahahha. Weep for your Universe, Linkara! Weep for all Universes! For Lord Vyce is coming! Hihihi. And all that he sees, he conquers! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • From the first part of his October 2010 Halloween review, "Ash Williams vs. Silent Hill: Dead/Alive." Winner: Ash.
    • Earlier-him managing to make a single line more creepy than the comic itself.
    • The very ending of the Dead/Alive videos: Linkara's Badass Boast scored with The Ecstasy of Gold, taking down the ghosts with his Pyramid Head, the full reveal of Lord Vyce's appearance, and Dr. Linksano returning to give Mechakara some upgrades for the final battle. Holy crap.
      • We also have to give one to the girl from the opening story in each video, who was only born so her parents could torture her and create a weapon to kill anyone who didn't believe in their god. She instead creates the Magic Gun that eventually would fall into Linkara's hands, which kills her parents using their own logic against them. And then she snaps Linkara out of the Gaslighting Mechakara was putting him through.
    • It is a crime that the video has existed for more than six seconds and Linkara's Badass Boast hasn't been mentioned.

I'm not some pretty boy with marital problems. I don't have some confused psyche or unresolved parental issues. You're not dealing with a Silent Hill protagonist here! Time and again, someone got it into their head that they could defeat me. Time and again they beat me down, they knocked me out, and they tried to make me give up. You come at me with insecurity, self-doubt, and angst? You try to make me doubt who I am? I am the man who defeated Pyramid Head. I am the man who conquered Countdown. I am the man who fought off the Vohrsoth and destroyed Mechakara! I am the liberator of Kickassia! I am a Starfleet captain! I am a Power Ranger! I'm That Guy With The Hat! I am Linkara!

      • What seals it for this troper is The Ecstasy of Gold plying in the background, building as he gets further, compleated with the erasing of the three projections, Pollo vanishing with a Dalek death sound.
    • Of course, a mere appearance by Lord Vyce is an instant win, but now we get to see the whole costume! Well, from the chest up anyway.
    • Linksano is hired by Lord Vyce to upgrade Mechakara. He isn't put down, he isn't laughed at, in fact Vyce describes him in a very serious manner. That must be one HELL of a self-esteem boost considering his track record.
    • And let's not overlook how Lewis was able to talk his girlfriend into wrapping her face in gauze and stumbling around in a nurse's outfit for thousands of people to see.
    • The taking down the demon nurse with the Pyramidhead in a Poké Ball.
    • The alternate ending where the demon is defeated with The Power of Rock, followed by stating in the credits that anyone who makes fun of Michael Jackson should try doing some of his moves.
  • Lewis wearing a fully equipped Green Ranger costume. Enough said.
    • Followed by his ambushing Doug at a convention while wearing it, after Doug had been doing a mocking impression of him. The pop when he takes off the helmet is incredible.
      • All Lewis says is 'move' and Doug jumps seats immediately, looking scared. Now that's bad ass.
  • The last third of the New Kids on the Block #4 review, done entirely in rhyme even when it stops being applicable.
  • His What the Hell, Hero? to Uatu over the Esoteric Happy Ending of his teamup with Spider-Man.
  • His wailing on Douchey McNitpick for his commentary during his Top 15 Screw Ups of Atop the Fourth Wall.
    • Heck it was even awesomer at the beginning: Rather than get pissed at Douchey, Linkara turns his Insane Troll Logic back at him and actually manages to confuse Douchey enough to shut him up.
  • At the end of his first Cry For Justice Review, he starts a count down: V-MINUS 42, counting down to the final battle with Lord Vyce. For each new review it goes down by seven- therefore, the final battle will be on February 14, 2011. The awesome comes at the end of his Care Bears #13 review: Each time the graphic is shown before, it is usually accompanied by creepy, ominous music. However, at the end of this review Linkara figures out Vyce's weakness and proudly proclaims that he knows how to beat Vyce, and triumphant music plays through the credits, and over the V-MINUS 14 graphic, canceling out the creepy music.
  • He's been nominated for Most Inspiring Geek on the Shorty Awards on Twitter!
  • The Power Rangers Zeo #1 video has almost too many to count for both Linkara and Mechakara.
    • The fact that despite owning a complete Green Ranger costume at the time, he avoided what most people would have expected him to do & morph into that, and instead morphed into the White Zeo Ranger. Yeah, you read that right.
    • Four Words: Giant Mechakara vs Neutro
      • And even better: Neutro is not an animation like last time, but an actual costume worn by Liz so that the two can fight for real.
    • Linkara finally getting to use the "I am a man!" punch effectively against Mechakara, after failing the last two times.
    • In a real-life example, Linkara actually getting Ron Wasserman himself to make the music for the main fight!
  • The blog post near the end of the Vyce arc, compiling all the videos that have contributed to his story arcs. Even if not all of them were planned at the time, it's still an incredible display of the intricacy of Linkara's writing, and his determination to make his show more than just a regular review series.
  • Lord Vyce's Implacable Man rampage at the end of Cry for Justice; he even kills Pyramid Head without breaking a sweat.
    • And though it's easy to forget in the wake of the fight, Linkara's dead serious rant about the death of Lian Harper and how it represents a horrible failure of the writer rather than being properly shocking.
      • What really makes it so awesome is just the whole tonal change when he said it. There wasn't any music due to how joking the atmosphere was. It truly showed how much Linkara cared about this.
      • We've seen 'Linkara' rant, rave, and generally get riled up by all sorts of bad comics to no end, but this seems to be Lewis, not Linkara, royally pissed.
      • When Linkara gets pissed, there's usually a bit of a whine to his voice in order to say "Hey, I may be pissed, but I'm just in-character and this is just for fun." In Lewis' rant toward the death of Arsenal's daughter, there's no whine or cracking of his voice, just pure, emotional, unmitigated FURY. And that's something considering that Lewis has NEVER been as angry as he was in that scene.
  • At MAGFest 2011, Linkara attends The Angry Video Game Nerd panel. He introduces himself as "the comic book reviewer [he] punched two years ago" then proceeds to ask if the Megazord could defeat Mechagodzilla. James then tells him "That's bullshit!"
    • Gets even funnier with the Deadliest Character video on The Spoony Experiment, where Linkara supports Megazord and James Rolfe (uncredited) supports Mechagodzilla. Turns out, Megazord does win (by cheating).
      • Not to mention Linkara making the Megazord sound unbelievably Badass by mentioning that it defeated almost every monster Rita and Zedd throw at it, while Mechagodzilla couldn't even beat one.
  • The defeat of Lord Vyce - Lieutenant Munro, Harvey Finevoice, 90's Kid, Iron Liz, and Linkara teaming up to strike the final blow.
    • Less Impressive when you realise that if it wasn't for Linkara's universe weakening him they'd have lost... badly
    • Linkara verbally attacking Vyce for insulting Liz in his house.
    • Angry Joe and the Joe Army defeating the Shades and seizing control of Vyce's ship. Complete with Joe using his force lightning powers.

Joe: (via communicator) Is that Lord Vyce? (fires gun) Tell him he's an ASSHOLE for me!
Vyce: Who is that?
Joe: The name's Angry Joe, Lord of LAME. Remember it!

    • Linkara's got his own spaceship!
  • The spot-on April Fools Day parody of The Irate Gamer, particularly going above and beyond the usual pranks by announcing on Twitter the day before that he was thinking of taking on a new style.
  • Shutting up Spoony mocking his musical tastes with his spaceship, then promising to name it next week.
  • The introduction of Ultimatum #5. He talks about continuity for nearly five minutes, and before he starts, tells the Continuity Alarm that it can't interrupt him, because it's during the introduction and not the review. And sure enough, it doesn't (apart from when it tries to before he starts).
    • And while talking about continuity, he calls out DC and Marvel for the fact that, in attempting to reboot everything to make continuity make sense to new readers, they have only succeeded in making the continuity even more confusing.
    • Why does he not burn Ultimatum? Fire is too good for it. He then throws it in the trash.
  • One night during an impromptu chat session on Lord Kat's livestream, Lewis was asked whether he'd read his own Fetish Fuel page. He replied, "Yes, I have. It's very flattering." That was it, plain and simple. He didn't *nudgegiggle* like Jew Wario and Angry Joe, or flip out and panic like Spoony; he just accepted it as "part of the experience", and left it at that. It might not have been the most entertaining personal response to the Fetish Fuel pages, or the most humorous, but it was without a doubt the most mature. And for that alone, he gets a mark of awesome.
  • His Godyssey #1 review, which features a bizarre take on Christianity, a Mortal Kombat joke, and the character of Avengelyne, was released on Easter Monday, one week after Mortal Kombat 9 was released, and on the same day a new Avengelyne comic was announced. NONE of those were intentionally planned!
  • SCI-Spy #1 and #2: Linkara's Sean Connery accent has to be heard to be believed.
  • In the Gameboy #1 review, the theme song is done in video game style.
  • Reiterating his feminist position in the Barbi Twins #1 review, saying there's no one philosophy to feminism, and specifically stating that he's not against any sexuality in comics as he knows full well some people will try to put those words in his mouth.
  • Turning off the continuity alarm during Rise of Arsenal so he can properly explain just how horrible and hurtful some of Arsenal's lines are. And actually managing to make jokes about the comic while being perfectly clear that he's not mocking the pain of losing a child.
    • His delivery of Roy's lines straight, even when he's, as he put it "An insane jackass we have no sympathy for" especially the line: "You left her! You left my baby alone in the house while the entire city was coming down on top of her!"
    • In the second video on the series, he does another dead serious rant on how offensive the premise is, and Arsenal is completely impossible to sympathize with despite all he went through.
  • The opening of his Comic Book Ad's episode: Douchey Mcnitpick shows up and accuses him of ripping the idea off from the Nostalgia Critic's Commericals episodes... only for Linkara, who had been expecting Douchey, to blindside him by flat out stating he stole the idea and actually causing Douchey to shut up for a minute. Then when Douchey tries to rebound by saying Linkara is doing this without the Critic's permission, Linkara asks for it and Douchey does not accept it, Linkara calmly asked if Douchey has watched the show recently, which he hasn't and then gets Douchey with Comicron-1

Linkara: I love having a spaceship.

  • The opening credits of the "Star Trek #2" review, with clips from the Mirror Universe, including Mechakara and Lord Vyce being taken down much more violently.
    • The entire scene with Mirror Insano.
    • How about all the clever references to the Star Trek episode that inspired this episode (which continue through the end credits)?
  • A troll hit Linkara's blog giving some really nasty and cruel insults towards him and Liz, Linkara takes it in stride and even debates with the guy. The second the troll insults Linkara's fans? That's when he gets mad!
  • Two from "Mightily Murdered Power Ringers"...
    • 1. The writer of the comic to appearing at the end, who answered some of Linkara's questions and condoned the thrashing of the comic.
    • 2. Defeating the now sentient (and rude) comic by morphing into the Green Ranger.
      • "Go, Go, Power Rangers."
  • In the interests of honesty, Linkara admits that he didn't have an actual copy of Superman At Earth's End at the time of filming the original episode, though he did destroy the copy once he got it. And then he gets another copy and burns it on screen, just so it's official that the comic has been burned on the show.
  • Linkara's killer impression of Rod Serling.
  • Between the "glitches" in his videos, the "comments" about certain videos, and the fact that he made another Twitter account just for this storyline, I think Lewis Lovhaug has come up with a viral marketing campaign of the same caliber of The Dark Knight.
    • I really don't think the Twitter account is legit, but even without it, the viral marketing is fantastic.
  • What's Linkara's response to a direct message from the Entity, the most terrifying villain he's faced so far? "Oh, it is ON now!"
    • For some reason, that is basically Linkara getting into Let's Get Dangerous territory. After months of hidden messages and glitches, the one thing The Entity does to really piss off Linkara was to give him a direct message. And for that moment, for this troper made him cheer.
  • At the end of "Paint It Black," the Silent Hill fog rolls in just like before...except this time Linkara makes a call to say "It's begun," showing that this time he's not going to be caught off guard.
    • And we find out just how prepared he was in "The Grinning Man": He created a hologram of himself to do all three Silent Hill reviews (with the clue clearly visible the whole time, yet many viewers had probably forgotten about it by the time of the reveal) and has the spirit of the girl inside the Magic Gun ready as the only one who can properly judge Whateley.
    • Also from Grinning Man, "COME ON DOWN, KIDS!"
  • Linkara finally deducing the Entity's true form, name and who it is, just by 90's Kid saying "Heavy".
  • After the epic battle climaxes of the three previous storylines, Linkara actually manages to make Talking the Monster to Death seem just as awesome for the Entity finale.
    • Made more awesome by the Chekhov's Gun from last week's review the plan to make the giant symbiote monster self-destruct from a mental breakdown was good, but could've been better executed. Which he then demonstrates.
    • The episode really deserves kudos for its editing alone, with all the split second distortions of the Entity being such a complex job that Lewis missed his usual update time for the first time in three years.
  • Cosplaying as the Seventh Doctor (the one he first saw as a kid) for his second live show.
  • Linkara seems to have started a habit of destroying his villains' motivations, getting Linksano to do a Heel Face Turn by pointing out how much work ruling the world would be. And then he still threatens to send him to Lord Vyce if he goes back to his old ways, and is darn intimidating while doing it.
  • Gushing over the first issue of Captain America (comics), especially the iconic cover of Cap punching Hitler (in fact, his only real issue with the comic is that this never actually happens in any of the stories). And finishing it off with the USO montage from Captain America: The First Avenger, which he calls one of the greatest sequences in movie history.
  • The revised version of the Electric Tale of Pikachu review has Linkara and Missingno., who is currently in 90's Kid's form not just in the same shot, but Linkara actually walks around him seamlessly as he taunts him. It stands out as probably the most complex and striking visual effect in the entire history of the show.
    • Bonus awesome moment for Phelous for completing the effect in one day when Linkara had been working on it for some time.
  • After the news came in that he and Liz had broken up, Linkara swore on Twitter that he'd come down hard on any of his fans who insulted her, as they remain on good terms.
  • After Mechakara starts taking over Comicron 1:

"Comicron 1 has enough destructive capability to level the Earth. Its sensors were designed to track every variety of lifeforms it could find. If Mechakara gains control of it, he will kill every living thing he can find. I will not allow that to happen. This is my ship, and I will destroy it before I let anything like Mechakara possess it!"

  • Pollo’s crowning moment of awesome has got to be his speech on how he will never end up like Mechakara and how he’ll always be Linkara’s friend. Seriously, that whole speech was just made of awesome.
  • Linkara's delivery of Khan's big speech, followed immediately by his quite frightening rage at how badly the comic screws up the movie's most famous scene.
  • Pollo replicating Spock's Heroic Sacrifice... after downloading himself into a new body.
    • Which doubles as a heartwarming Tear Jerker: the reason why Pollo did what he did was to fully prove to Linkara that he isn't like Mechakara.
      • It veers back into awesome territory when we learn that Pollo downloaded his mind onto a device, meaning that there's a strong chance that Linkara's Robot Buddy will return for sure.
      • He does.
  • The Cybermat attacking Mechakara was pretty badass.
  • He starts the list of his own favorite jokes on the show by saying he's not including any Running Gags, then makes up for it by using them all in one sentence.
  • The way he handles his 15 things wrong with Identity Crisis, he admits that there people who like the story and to some it was their introduction to comics which is why he does this different from a review or a countdown, he goes about this whole thing mild-mannered, save for yelling about moments that are really stupid, and simply giving his opinion on what this story did wrong.
  • Snowflame. That is all. CMOA and CMOF. That is all.
  • Using Comicron 1 to hijack the Nostalgia Critic's TV so they can do a crossover review of Star Trek Insurrection.
  • "That is not my name." And the Oh Crap goes through the roof.
  • The following Big Damn Heroes Moment:

Pollo (in Tom Servo's body): Excuse me?
Lord Vyce: (turns around) What?
Pollo: Surprise. (blasts Vyce)

  • Playing an especially dramatic rendition of the A Team theme during Mr. T's He's Back moment in "Mr. T #1."
  • The opening of "Mr. T #2," where we actually get to see several of the TGWTG cover artists, plus the guy who wrote the show's theme song.
  • Ninja Style Dancer catching a shuriken right in front of his face, and driving off the Plaid Ninja with Cybermats.
  • Immediately bringing up the clip he knew everyone would point to after he said it isn't right for Autobots to kill a surrendering enemy, and explaining how the two situations aren't compatible[1].
  • His exceptionally well-researched argument for why the absurdly simplistic solution to high taxes put forth in Captatin Tax Time wouldn't work.
  • "Superman #701" sees him give a What the Hell, Hero? to the Man of Steel even more furious than the last one, when he decides he's done enough by pushing a street gang into another neighborhood, and even sends a little kid to tell the extremely pissed off gang to go away.
  • His response to a quite mean-spirited anti-cop joke in "Marville #2," a Tranquil Fury reminder of how many cops are killed in the line of duty, then telling the writer to go to hell.
  • The Magic Gun responding to Linkara starting to go a bit Time Lord Victorious by turning herself off.
    • Which also doubles as Nightmare Fuel.
    • Just prior, Linkara fighting back against the Gunslinger while declaring that after everything he's been through, he really can't be arsed to care about this random new villain.
  • At the 2012 MA Gfest, he topped just cosplaying as the Seventh Doctor by doing it while driving a Delorean.
  • The afterword to the crossover review of Southland Tales:

The future is going to be far more futuristic than we ever anticipated. Hopefully it'll be more practical.


In the introduction to the graphic novel, Richard Kelly explains the reversal of the T.S. Eliot quote as "satirical." Satirizing WHAT, exactly? Better writers?


Pimps suck.

  • Reading Linkara's account of how the Southland Tales review was made, it's nothing short of a miracle that it turned out as good as it did: everyone had just a few notes to work off, there wasn't time to get the people he wanted to talk about certain things, and the whole filming was a rush to get as much as he could with everyone in what little spare time they had.
  1. For the record, it's a moment in Transformers: Generation 2 #1 where an Autobot kills a surrendering Decepticon mook in cold blood, being compared to the classic scene from the 1986 Transformeres movie where Optimus Prime sees right through Megatron's attempt to supposedly surrender.