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Other Videos

Let's Play Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

  • After being killed instantly trying to cross a hallway filled with superheated gas: "Well. That was stupid. Note to self, hot gas is hot."
  • After Munroe's proclamation that he has to "stop this seed": "I'm like a giant space condom!"
  • The death of the Hirogen hunter loses some impact since Linkara butts into the conversation to express his real goal:

 Hunter: You...are the victor.

Linkara: Uh-huh...gimme your gun!

Munro: Hold still, I might be able to get a medic.

Hunter: No...

Linkara: No, gun! Give me the gun!

Hunter: You are the victor. May your hunts bring you...great honor...

Linkara: Stop milking your death and gimme your gun!

  • "The dildos are the weakest enemies in this game".
  • Linkara on the alien computer shutting down: "Thing must be Linux-based."
  • Linkara's mission to get rid of one of Teh Wurmz in Part 5 results in a complete shootup of the entire room of everything but the Wurm.
  • "It's a containment field" "No sh(BEEEP)."
  • "Uh, wait, I have a question. Ahh, screw it."
  • Linkara testing out his portable torpedo launcher.
  • And the end of the Unstoppable Rage in episode 12 of said Let's Play.
  • "Hello, random crewman...who is making gang signs...wha?"
  • Linkara's utter incredulity at Tuvok criticising him for not stopping the Borg kidnapping a teammate and stealing needed supplies.

 Tuvok: Could you not have prevented the Borg from taking the isodesium?

Linkara: No! They'd adapted quickly!

Tuvok: Had you fired, it is might have stopped the Borg from taking the isodesium we need.

Linkara: NO IT WOULDN'T.

Tuvok: Your emotional decision may have cost the lives of this entire crew.

Linkara: ...I want to shoot you, so bad right now.

  • In Part 3 ("It came from Planet Icky!") of the Star Trek Elite Force playthrough: "Alien ladies: check me out, I'm Ensign Monroe/Do you see my gun? It breathes, you know!"
  • The Borg dance.
  • In Part 13, when the Vohrsoth is outlining its evil plan, Linkara says, "Aw, crap, it's Michael Moore!

 Caption: Aw yeah, I went there again!

  • Any time he references Amazons Attack when saying Biessman's name.
  • Speaking of Biessman, after the Vohrsoth reveals his evil plan, Linkara is still in a Heroic BSOD after Biessman's death. Then he says something along the lines of, "No! Biessman would go on! He'd call them... stompy dorks or something!"
  • Munro's impossible shadow.
  • The series finale where Ensign Munro defeats the Vorsoth Master:

 Linkara: Okay everyone, say it with me now: "I am Ensign Munro, and I AM A MAN!"




 Linkara: *maniacal laughter*

A few minutes later

Linkara: *Still keeps laughing for 30 solid seconds.* * deep breath* Well I wished it happened in the main universe, but beggars can't be choosers.


 Linkara:As I am writing the review right now, I can confirm that Darkseid does indeed first appear in the comic sitting on Scott Free's couch.




 If you'll need me, I'll be over in the corner cutting my wrists with my gun.

  • Not in his reviews, but at the Time Force/Wild Force Panel at Power Morphicon, someone loudly announced who Linkara was when he stood up to ask a question. Linkara said, "Thanks, but I didn't want to look like a jackass,", prompting Vernon Wells to goodnaturedly reply, "Okay jackass, what's your question?"
  • From Linkara's crossover with the Last Angry Geek on Comic Book Issues:

 One of us is successful, and the other is you.

      • Even better is the outtake. "One of us is-is successful... and still flubs the line regardless."
    • Also, Geek restraining a Quesada fanboy while Linkara force-feeds said fan torn pages of said fan's mint copy of One More Day.
  • From his "Comics in Five Panels" summary of JLA: The Obsidian Age Part One: "We're the Justice League, and we have to travel back in time to rescue Aquaman! This certainly won't result in our deaths or anything! *smash cut to Skeletonized!Supes* "OH F***!!!"
    • 7 words: "I AM AQUAMAN. AND I AM AWESOME!!!"
  • During the crossover review of an Avengers video game with Spoony, Dr. Insano brings us....NEUTRO 2.0! It, well, it doesn't last long.

 Dr. Insano: (After Neutro 2.0 is destroyed) Right, erm...I'll just let myself out. (leaves)

    • Also, in the same video, Spoony's reaction to meeting 90s Kid for the first time.
      • "Just ignore him. He's like a pop-up ad that won't go away."
    • The blooper at the end of the video as well.

 Dr. Insano: (A book flies past him) Missed me!

  • During one of Iron Liz's "You're such a Card...Game" reviews, the reaction on both of their faces in regards to the Inuyasha TCG. The unboxing video alone has some of the best reactions, as the two are going in blind about the for Lewis, who's seen two episodes.
  • After losing a game of Mystery Date, Linkara plays off the fact that the game is from 1965 by saying his character, having lost out on getting a date, is instead going to watch some early Doctor Who episodes and get depressed over how they'll be lost due to BBC being unable to see the future and save the episodes.
    • The constant appearances of J. Edgar Hoover.
    • Their use of outdated insults like "hussy", "skank" , and "chippy roustabout".
    • Lewis's confusion at the Beach Robe.
  • In the first Yu-Gi-Oh vlog, Linkara gets a card named Trigon.

  Linkara: ... Trigon! Woo! New Teen Titans fan right here, Trigon the Terrible is a card now!


Oh my God, TV Tropes used one of my quotes!