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For History of Power Rangers examples, see here.

  • The end of his Extreme Christmas review.

Linkara: So let me just end this Holiday Clustercrap with this... Merry Christmas, and happy holidays from Atop the Fourth Wall.

  • Linkara and Iron Liz hugging while kicking ass against Lord Vyce's shades. Knowing they're a real life couple makes it all the sweeter.
  • His Blue Beetle review. Period
  • The anti-rape rant in Action Comics #593. Also is a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • Everyone from That Guy With The Glasses singing his theme song at the end of his 100th episode. Really shows how beloved he is.
  • In Silent Hill Dead/Alive, the spirit of the girl who was tortured and murdered to make the Magic Gun breaking Linkara out of his Gaslighting and telling him he wasn't responsible.
    • To go along with that, Linkara's sincere apology to her saying anything he can do won't make up for what he did driving him to suicide
      • The fact that the Girl called him "partner" and "friend" to get him to stop was what really got this troper.
      • Also, the voice actor for the Magic Gun was That Chick With The Goggles. She missed her chance to be in the 100th episode, so Lewis gave her the chance to.
  • The end of the Santa Claus Conquers the Martians video, with Linkara, Liz, Pollo, Tom Servo, and Bear on the couch, wishing us a Merry Christmas.
  • In the Top 15 Screwups video, he griped plenty about all the comments he got from fans correcting him (on stuff like Schrödinger's cat, Naked News and the Kool-Aid Man in space). And yet, he followed up by sort of thanking everyone for commenting. Even with all the redundant statements he reads through, Linkara still appreciates them, that so many people watch his show and are willing to talk this much about it.
  • The Crowd Song rendition of the theme at the beginning of the live Atari Force review.
    • Hell, the entire video is a CMOH. It's clear as day that everyone there was having a blast, it's almost palpable, especially when the audience starts contributing to the jokes.
  • In the final installment of his "Cry for Justice" review, when it gets to the point in the story where (for the sake of avoiding spoilers) a side character who had no influence on the story what so ever was killed. This character also happened to be a little girl. He then devoted a small portion of the video to rant about what an atrocity that was, even to the exclusion of other bad things that happened in the comic.

"It is sickening to think that a child character is killed like this. A child who had no baring on the proceedings of the story. A child character whose father has just been maimed! A child who served no purpose in this story then to be a shock moment for the readers. It is despicable."

  • Linkara snapping out of his Heroic BSOD and realizing how to beat Vyce, with the triumphant music even playing over the V-minus countdown.
    • On top of this, Iron Liz trying to make her boyfriend feel better at the beginning of the review just made this troper feel all warm and fuzzy.
  • Linkara telling Lord Vyce to respect Iron Liz after Lord Vyce calls her an "unimportant whelp.", even whacking him over the head with the Clue Stick.

Linkara: "That woman stands beside me and fights for this universe with as much bravery and courage as any Champion. You're in my house, Vyce, and YOU WILL SHOW HER RESPECT!"

    • Also, Finevoice helping Munro up after he's been knocked out and tossed aside.
    • Linkara giving Liz his old Morpher before the final fight with Vyce, considering how important the thing was to him it was a good moment.
    • It may be a minor thing, but... Angry Joe and his army assisting Linkara by taking out Vyce's Shades--and Linkara personally thanking him afterwards. Especially when you remember that Linkara told Joe he didn't like him during Kickassia.
  • This may be a stretch, but it really warms this troper's heart that he hates One More Day not just because it was a horrible, nonsensical story that had wall banging Character Derailment for Spider-Man; but also because of the simple fact that it broke up one of his favorite comic book couples.
  • His completely open admittance that he loves Superman's goody-goody philosophy, in both the intro and conclusion of Superman: At Earth's End, complete with the Superman music playing in the background.
  • Any time Linkara tells Liz he loves her in the "You're Such a Card Game" videos.
    • He can't even bring himself to call Liz a bitch when she pulls off a combo in their Yu-Gi-Oh duels. Aw!
    • This gets better - to explain for those who haven't seen it, every time she does a combo, he says "You..." then she prompts him to say "Bitch," while laughing and he flat out tells her he would never call her a bitch. Then later he calls her "Sweetie." This troper melted, considering she knows guys who won't call their girlfriends pet names in front of people period much less on video posted to the entire internet!
  • While reviewing Ultimatum, he's usually either horrified or just plain pissed off at the relentlessly incompetent and mean-spirited story...but every time Captain America shows up, he completely geeks out about how awesome he is, even in a story like this.
  • After reviewing Gameboy #1, Linkara informs us that there are more issues than just the one comic. Instead of his usual disgust, we see an abosolute joy that he will be able to revisit this comic series. In his own words, "This comic sucks... but it's SO much fun in its stupidity!"
  • An earlier example, in the second duel of the Sailor Moon episode of "You're Such a Card...Game!", after Iron Liz makes a rather disturbing joke about one of the characters featured in the game, she jokingly asks Linkara if he's glad to be living with her. He replies with a completely genuine "Every day". D'awwwwwww!
  • On their Suburban Knights commentary, Liz finally catches that she keeps including herself when she talks about the people behind That Guy With The Glasses. Linkara replies "You're a part of my show, so you're a part of the site."
  • In the commentary for the Lord Vyce finale, Liz laments that the opening scene was shot while her hair was wet. Linkara: "I think your hair is pretty." Yeah, it has a joke delivery, but it's still a sweet sentiment.
  • What was the first question Linkara asks Wately before he lets The Girl judge him? Her name. It has been lost sadly but the gesture is incredibly heartwarming.
  • There's something warm-fuzzy inducing about how one of the first people Linkara calls for help is Apollo Z Hack, if even on a meta-level after all that has gone down.
  • Linkara racing to hug Liz after she returns to existence.
    • After spending the whole review bashing the Pokémon comic mercilessly, Linkara finally declares that it doesn't actually suck; it's something that was never meant to stand up to his style of in-depth analysis and is a fun time with a good introduction to the main protagonist, exactly like a first issue is supposed to be.
  • Linksano's Cybermat refusing to hurt Linkara. "What can I say, robots love me."
    • "Who's a cute little Cybermat? You are!"
  • His Thanksgiving greeting on Twitter, addressing his family (including Iron Liz) and his fans as the things he's thankful for.
  • After Lewis and Iron Liz ended their romantic relationship, he had this to say on his Twitter:

"I'd also like to note that if anyone makes any rude or terrible comments to @Iron Liz in light of this news, I will not be kind in return."

    • Just the fact that they're still friends and he still cares about her is aaaaw-inducing.
    • Particularly the contrast to Spoony's Tear Jerker of a breakup earlier in the year. You don't see any posts about being left in a dark place and unable to summon the energy to make videos out of this one.
  • Linkara asks Pollo if it's possible he could end up like Mechakara:

Linkara: Look, if you've ever felt that I've mistreated you, or any other machines-
Pollo: You have not. You have given me incredible freedom. I can come and go as I please, and I am a paid producer for your show. In return, you have repaired me, offered upgrades, and even volunteered to construct for me a new body. I have been, and always shall be, your friend.
Linkara: Thank you.

  • From the end of the Wrath of Khan videos, Linkara realizes that Pollo's still alive somewhere on Earth, and vows to find him.
    • There's also a little Fridge Brilliance involved: The credits lack the usual "The End" text. This isn't over yet.
  • Actually all of Linkara's glorious geekery involved with reviewing the Wrath of Khan comic adaptation. It was basically an excuse to praise one of his favorite movies to the high heavens, and even the plot of the arc was essentially an adaptation of the Wrath of Khan. His main criticism of the comic was that it failed to live up to the original movie, and he even admitted that apart from some scary artwork the comic itself wasn't half-bad on its own.
  • Specifically refusing to review Identity Crisis in it's entirety because he realizes it's a Love It or Hate It comic, and doesn't want to make the fans feel bad.
    • In the same video, there's also his explaination of how poorly handled Sue Dibny's rape at the hands of Dr. Light was, and how insulting it was to see such mature subject matter handled in such an immature manner and used simply for "shock value."
  • After telling Linksano to go into Engineering near the end of the "Youngblood #4" review, Linkara follows with this:

"Oh, and if there's a radiation leak, don't be a hero!"

  • The reunion with Pollo in the "Star Trek III: The Search For Spock" review.
    • Earlier in the review, the sheer fact that Linkara gave command of one of Comicron-1's self-destruct codes to NIMUE, and her willingness to use it to prevent Lord Vyce from taking over. Pollo wasn't kidding when he said that Linkara truly respects robots and other machines.
  • Linkara's blatant hero worship for Mr. T when he reviews Mr. T #1 and #2. Even though he does make fun of Mr. T's cornier stuff, you get the sense that he really respects the guy and gets absolutely outraged when a big mook in the comics manages to defeat him.
  • His reaction to Marville #2 when it remarks that police officers just send homeless people to shelters and arrive when the criminals have already left: he angrily responds that over one hundred police officers are killed every year in the United States in the line of duty.
  • When revealing the winners of the Pollo design contest, he takes time to discuss/gush about the other designs he liked but were passed over for various reasons. He then finishes the episode with a montage of every entry he received.
  • Plugging the Snowflame webcomic as part of his Snowflame PSA running gag.
    • Snowflame's PSA after he watches My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, where he states that the only thing better than invading a military base... Is invading a military base with a friend, with what seems to be complete sincerity.

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