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A funny review show... that features an Eldritch Abomination, a Killer Robot / Manipulative Bastard and a Multiversal Conqueror. Yeah, Linkara is really good at creating plots that fill us with terror.

Major spoilers for Atop the Fourth Wall are abundant below. You have been warned.

  • Mechakara.
  • From Sultry Teenage Super Foxes #2, "All that he sees, he conquers." Damn it, Mechakara, stop being creepy!
    • It's worse when you get the context. It's an Early-Bird Cameo of Lord Vyce's catchphrase/slogan.
  • Lord Vyce, full stop. He's a Multiversal Conqueror considered the most feared being throughout the multiverse. He's managed to kill gods, and effortlessly took out Linkara. And the kicker? He's doing it to save reality from something even worse than him.
    • The revelation that Linksano's own reality was one of Vyce's previous conquests makes it even worse. Remember all those funny, quirky characters we met in the Party Mania universe (which include a genderbent Spoony and female versions of Linkara 90s Kid and Benzaie)? Chances are, they're all dead. Or worse.
  • The backstory of Linkara's Magic Gun.
    • It's a girl. The Magic Gun is powered by the soul of a dead girl who was tortured to death by her zealot parents. Said parents used her Unwitting Pawn to gain great power? Who does that remind you of? And the god they worshipped? It's the Entity.
    • Linkara's related breakdown. Think about it: this guy has faced killer robots, mad scientists, and horrible comics without batting an eye. His breakdown when he believes that he was the girl's father reminds us that he can, in fact, go insane if push comes to shove.
    • The whole storyline is chock-full of real world fears. Brutal child abuse? Losing your grip on reality? Being abandoned and shunned by those you care about? Losing your most important memories without knowing it? Being responsible for the death of your own child? Nothing imaginary about those.
  • The Entity. It's an Eldritch Abomination so deadly that somebody was forced to conquer universe after universe just to ensure this thing doesn't destroy the entire multiverse.
    • The Entity has stolen over a billion people including most of the cast and Pollo over a period of several months and people (including the cast) are only just now noticing it. And it is thorough in stealing people. It'll steal whole families so no one reports missing relatives, it waits until the person is alone to kidnap them, and yes, being alone in one room of a house while someone else is in another room counts as alone. It kidnaps people from heavily populated or rural areas so the disappearances will go unnoticed for a long time, and it doesn't leave any kind of traceable energy signature or other evidence behind. Basically, any time you are by yourself, the Entity could kidnap you. Just let that sink in...
  • The trailer for the Halloween review. Oh boy. Everything about it drips with creepy. The unsettling distortion of the voices, what sounds like Vyce reciting the poem from the Dead/Alive review, the mysterious voice at the start saying "EVERYONE IS GONE" and, to top it all off, Linkara's panicked cry of "Is there anybody out there?!" Oh, and the Entity storyline wrapped up in the same month. Joy.
  • Street Fighter #1: Cue cred- wait, what's happening to the video?!...time's up...what?! WHAT?! And then Linkara finds a new entry in the journal...I SEE YOU LINKARA
  • And then there's the Entity's Leitmotif, a creepy little piano tune that adds a whole level of disquiet to what ever scene it's playing in. The tune's name? "Evil" (or alternatively, "Satanic"; Linkara says that he has two copies of the tune with different names). We're not making this up, the song actually has the name "Evil". Which you can listen to fully here [dead link]. Track 45.
  • Planet of the Symbiotes: The combination of the murky lighting, odd angle and extremely freaky effect when 90's Kid opens his eyes showing light and static, revealing that 90's Kid is already gone and Linkara's alone with the Entity results in an image that seems very alien, and extremely disturbing.
    • And it gets even worse: The Reveal tells us that the Entity has been around since the first generation of Pokemon. Liz gets taken and the Entity laughs, then Linkara calls for backup and gets no one. Some really scary flashbacks reveals the Entity's systematic plan to remove every single member of the cast besides Linkara. And meanwhile, 90's Kid is slowly devolving, going from goofy and adorable to smirking, and then his voice gets higher and more electronic until...
    • 90's Kid has been gone since the KISS Comics review, maybe even longer than that, and no one even suspected it until now because Entity/Missingno was flawlessly impersonating him.
    • Linkara's final conversation with the Entity. The fact that the Entity plans on finding "what happens when an Outer God dies" by killing itself (and that it's smirking as it does so) makes you wonder if it will come back and let Linkara know what happened...
  • In "Batman: A Word to the Wise" Linkara's in the middle of his latest Badass Boast...and suddenly the Magic Gun doesn't work anymore. He may be more screwed than ever before.
    • And what's worse, if the Magic Gun doesn't work, then what happened to you-know-who?
    • Also from the same review: What has SNOWFLAME! done?

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