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File:Vtl 15 1971.jpg

Audrey Hepburn

How kind of you to write her an article.

Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993) was one of the most elegant actresses in all of cinema. She never seemed to try to be iconic, it just came naturally. From wearing scarves, to nuns habits, to The Little Black Dress, she was an unforgettable image.

Look up the word "classy" in the dictionary, and a picture of her will be staring back at you.

Even in her later years, she was still a looker, appearing in Blackglama's "What Becomes A Legend Most?" ad campaign, although she spent most of her later years doing philanthropic work with UNICEF.

A British citizen, she was born in Brussels, Belgium to a Dutch Baroness and an Anglo-Irish ne'er-do-well. Her father walking out on the family when she was young and her subsequent adolescence in German-occupied Holland made her something of a woobie in her childhood.

No, she's not related to Katharine Hepburn.

Audrey Hepburn has performed in the following roles:
Audrey Hepburn provides examples of the following tropes:
Homages to Audrey Hepburn

General homages to Audrey Hepburn

Anime and Manga

  • In the manga and anime series, Rec, Aka Onda, the lead female character, idolizes Hepburn, and would quote Hepburn's lines from the movies she appeared in. In the opening, Aka is wearing some of Hepburn's famous clothing.
  • Lina's character design in Slayers is supposedly based on Hepburn.
  • From CLAMP School Detectives, kindergartner Utako Okawa dons an outfit identical to the Royal Ascot dress worn by Hepburn in My Fair Lady.

Comic Books

Film - Animated

  • In Disney's Sleeping Beauty, Aurora's design is based on Hepburn.
  • In Anastasia, the title character's design is based on both Meg Ryan and Hepburn.
  • Similarly, Jenna from Balto was based on Hepburn.

Film - Live-Action

  • You, Me and Dupree. Audrey is Dupree's ideal woman, much to Molly's surprise.
  • Audrey is one of the actresses on whom S1m0ne is based.

Homages to Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday

Anime and Manga


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