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As a modest-sized nation, Australia has a modest number of literary works and authors who've achieved worldwide acclaim. Popular internationally or merely in Australia are:



Notable authors and/or works without pages on this wiki

  • Patrick White, Australia's first Nobel Prize winner for literature. Although he was born in England and prefered it to Australia (He was accused many times of un-Austalian sentiments), Australian's have a natural habit of ignoring that anyway. His works include The Tree of Man, Voss and The Eye of the Storm. Sadly not well known amoung the majority of Australians.
  • Peter Carey, an internationally acclaimed cynical satirist. Currently lives in the USA.
  • Jackie French, an author of over one hundred books for all ages. Has a slight wombat obsession.
  • Morris Gleitzman; an ex-pom, who uses his experiences travelling to write witty books for teens. Co-wrote two series, Wicked! and Deadly! with Paul Jennings. Also wrote Two Weeks With the Queen and Bumface, among others.
  • Andy Griffiths... no, not the American guy. Famous for the 'Bum/Butt Trilogy' and the Just... Series, which inspired a Canadian TV Show. Uses a lot of Toilet Humour, and the main characters are based upon him, his childhood best friend, and his family.
  • Thomas Keneally, famous for writing Schindler's Ark, which was adapted as Schindler's List.
  • Melissa Lucashenko, author of Steam Pigs, Hard Yards and Killing Darcy.
  • Henry Lawson. The other of Australia's great 'Bush Poets.' Worked for the same newspaper as Paterson, at the same time. The two had a rivalry, and wrote a series of poems, The Bulletin Debate, attacking each others' poetry. Less remembered today due to the more depressing tone of his works compared to Patterson's generally upbeat style.
  • Emily Rodda (real name: Jennifer Rowe). She's known for writing children's fantasy, such as Deltora Quest (now an anime), Rowan of Rin, Fairy Realm and Teen Powers Inc., along with writing crime fiction for adults under her own name. Some of her books was adapted to television (Finders Keeper), anime, manga and video game (Deltora Quest).
  • Christos Tsiolkas, an internationally acclaimed author of gritty realism. His most famous works are probably Dead Europe and The Slap.
  • Markus Zusak, best known for |The Messenger (to use its original publishing title; it's only known as I Am the Messenger in the USA) and The Book Thief.
  • It should say something about Australia that one of our most beloved children's books, The Magic Pudding, was:
    • written due to a bet
    • by a racist
    • who made pornographic etchings.