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In a quiet meadow in a grassy field, Ram strolls through his land. He mighty goat legs pound against the Earth, because he felt like they should. He flexes his neck muscles, giving the group of female goats a better look at his mighty 4 foot horns. They merely giggled and hoped to the other side of the meadow.
Ramthundar, first post of the RP
"Hey, look at me! I'm making a spectacle of myself!" Death cried, leaping to the center of the crowd and dancing around in a circle. "Isn't it funny how anthropomorphic turtles smell exactly like sewage? Isnit?"
Sam G, detailing Death the Kid's attempt to distract the zombified Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while his cousin steals their wallets

Avatar Adventures is a permanently open forum-based role-playing game, which can be located here. It was the second ever RP on the Escapist forums to reach 100 pages, falling just a week behind the first. It is also technically the longest-running RP on the Escapist, as there was a 50-plus-page thread present chronicling the adventures of the various protagonists which was locked after an issue involving a character from a webcomic one of the players was using as their main character.

One of the interesting things about the AA, as it is known, is that players control the character depicted in their forum avatar as their main player character. If this avatar happens to be a pre-existing fictional character, the player may control them as such, whereas if it's an original character the player may choose abilities to bestow upon them from their own imagination. Due to the fact that roughly half the characters are already well-known in popular culture, the AA doesn't require character sheets. Character control happens a lot, so in a way it's more like a story told by numerous people than a traditional RP.

There have been over 60 contributors to the story, so it might not surprise you to learn that there are Loads and Loads of Characters. As such, you'll be happy to learn there's a Character Sheet for you to sink your teeth into.

Tropes used in Avatar Adventures include:


"But... I thought I was in an adventure! With a Ram! And a Ninja Monkey!" Phil says, reality closing in on him.
"Your brain must've been active the whole time. It was probably just one long dream." The nurse says.


"I don't usually swear, but... BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!"

  • Punch Clock Villain: Booster Gold, Who works for Ganondorf but its just his job.

"Well yeah, nothing personal though I'm more of a Punch Clock villain." says Booster


"I!" Smack. "Don't!" Smack. "Goddamn!" Smack. "Appreciate!" Smack. "Those!" Smack. "Who!" Smack. "Find!" Smack. "Themselves!" Smack. "To!" Smack. "Be!" Smack. "Better!" Smack. "Than!" Smack. "Your!" Smack. "Average!" Smack. "Lackey!!!" Volley of smacks.

  • Quirky Miniboss Squad: The Elemental Dragons
  • Rainbow Speak: All divine beings talk in coloured text, including the Soul Edge, Carmine, and powerful dragons.
  • Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: The First Restart begins with everyone instantly being killed by The Auditor.
  • Story Arc: The AA's story is a series of story arcs. I don't know all of them, but I do know the ones that have happened since I joined:
    • Cyborg War Arc (from when Cats appeared to the Steampunk Civil War)
    • Ireland Arc (from the death of John Wilkes Booth and appearance of Darth Timewave Zero)
    • League of Evil Arc (from the forming of the Sith to the battle with the CD-i characters)
    • Half-Life Arc (from the beginning of G-Man's quest to the return to the death of Maddawg)
    • Sword of Novgorod and D.L.A. Arc (from the part where Xandus mentions the sword to the Fire Temple at Death Mountain
    • Armageddon Arc (from the appearance of the Auditor to the restart of the AA)
    • Universe Restart Arc (from Ram sitting in the grass happily to the mecha assault on Nexus)
    • Oblivion Arc (from the reforming of the villains to the battle with Carmine, Beowulf, and Greek heroes)
    • Dragon Arc (from the legend of the dragon rider to the attack of the AA fangirls)
    • Rutnik, Blackwatch, and Warhammer Arc (from the attack of the Communist groundhogs to the SAS rescue mission)
    • Canada Arc (from the departure of Dark Link to the Battle of Hell)
    • Olympus Arc (from the appearance of Techno Path to the restart of the AA (yet again))
    • Underworld Arc (from the undead armies at Arizona to the massive underworld brawl)
    • Divine Arc (from the return of the Sword of Novgorod and Carmine to the Battle of Heaven)
    • Space Arc (from the abduction of Sam and Sidoh to Sam trapping himself in a pocketwatch)
    • Sam In A Pocketwatch Arc (???)
    • *Intermission*
    • Aperture Recession Arc (Introduction of Severin and Frank West; GLaDOS and Justin leave; Ken leaves temporarily
    • Timeskip (Five Years)
    • Tiberius Invasion Arc (Villains and Heroes team up to defend Earth from an extraterrestrial invader)
    • *Continuity Reboot from everyone being too OP*
    • Rugal's Tournament Arc
    • Everyone Goes To Japan Arc
    • Soul Trial/Everyone Goes to Hell Arc (Featuring Phoenix Wright as a Guest Star)
    • Quest for Camelot/ Castlevania Arc
    • Pokémon Arc
    • Left 4 Dead Arc
    • Alien Arc
    • M. Bison Took Over Asia, What a dick! Arc
  • Swiss Army Weapon: Phil's Infinity Staff and Sam G's Subspace Bag of Wonders
  • Sword of Plot Advancement: The Legendary Sword of Novgorod
  • What Measure Is a Non-Cute?: Averted: Slouch is a blobfish; the real-life animal they based the pokemon Gulpin off.You really have to see it to comprehend it.
  • You and What Army??: Both Glenrath and Maddawg have at different points had an army behind them. The latter has had several diffrent armies under his command, from the standard Locust Army to a more recent Machine-Gun wielding Roman Gladiator army.