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[W]hen Thorin struck it [his harp] the music began all at once, so sudden and sweet that Bilbo forgot everything else, and was swept away into dark lands under strange moons, far over The Water and very far from his hobbit-hole under The Hill.

This is what music recording and listening technology, from phonautographs to wax drums and gramophones to MIDIs, MP3s, and WAVs, was invented for.

A selection of music that is just... awesome. It brings the moment to life! It compels you to do your best, to collect them all, to use The Power of Love, or just look in shock.

It can come from unexpected places, it can come from a genre of music that you thought you hated. It is the reward for the work, the finishing touch, it is Awesome Music.

See also Climactic Music, Award Bait Song, Theme Music Power-Up, Villain Song, Ear Worm, The Power of Rock and Music of Note. Often the whipped cream and cherry on top for Awesome Moments.

Some of these link to YouTube, so if you wish to listen to them in stereo, add "&hd=1" to the link without the quotation marks. (Or, on the video player, change the resolution to 480p or higher.) If you want to link to a specific part, add the following to the link: "&t=1m10s" and adjust the time accordingly.

Contrast against So Bad It's Horrible/Music.

Note: When posting links to YouTube here, make sure to strip their URLs of all unnecessary fragments - the ?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 parameter is the only one needed, really. It's not recommended to post links to Youtube here due to Corrupt Corporate Executive syndrome. It's better to post webpages of artists themselves due to less regional restrictions there.

Examples: You should get ready to make your playlists now