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BET Logo.svg

BET (Black Entertainment Television) is a Viacom-owned cable network based in Washington DC. It was one of the first channels to specialize in programming for African-Americans. The network was launched on January 25, 1980, by its founder, Robert L. Johnson. It primarily showcases music videos by black artists, with a strong leaning (for better or for worse) towards hip-hop and pop-R&B. On Sundays, it shows gospel oriented programming such as Sunday Best. Since 2001, it has hosted the BET Awards, to honor black contributions to the media and sports.

Many black leaders, such as Bill Cosby, have accused BET of promoting black stereotypes and corrupting the youth, and because of this, it now censors music videos with inappropriate content.

Past Shows

  • Video Soul
  • All
  • Rap City (Before The Basement was added)
  • Teen Summit
  • Midnight Love
  • Video LP
  • Video Vibrations
  • Planet Groove
  • Caribbean Rhythms
  • ComicView
  • BET Nightly News

Original Shows:

  • 106 & Park: The show most people think of when they think of BET and its highest-rated show.
  • American Gangster
  • Bobby Jones Gospel
  • BET Inspiration
  • The Deal
  • The Family Crews
  • The Game (as of 2011, previously on The CW) And you just lost it
  • Let's Stay Together
  • Monica: Still Standing
  • The Mo'Nique Show
  • My Black is Beautiful
  • Reed Between The Lines
  • Sunday Best
  • Toya: A Family Affair

Syndicated shows: