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File:Bakatest2 TVT 3474.jpg

Japanese Title (Literal): "Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beasts"
English Title (Localized): "Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts"


At Fumizuki Academy, a new class system has been implemented. Students are separated into classes A through F based on entrance exam results, and the quality of classrooms and facilities vary according to level. They can also conjure Summoned Beings, miniature versions of themselves whose strengths are based on their test scores, to engage in inter-class matches called Examination Summons Battles (ESB). If a lower class defeats an upper class, the former can impose a trade of facilities.

Mizuki Himeji was forced to skip placement exams due to a fever, technically forcing the poor girl, who has the brains to become a Class A-caliber student, to end up in the woefully ill-equipped and moldy Class F. Among her classmates there are: Yuuji Sakamoto, the Brilliant but Lazy Class Representative; Minami Shimada, the only other girl in class and a violent tomboy; Hideyoshi Kinoshita, an extremely effeminate stage actor; Kouta Tsuchiya, the resident pervert; and Akihisa Yoshii, the "biggest idiot on campus", who out of sympathy for Mizuki, decides to start an ESB with Class A to help her climb up the ranks. It's a bunch of misfits against the world — and the world is more than ready. It's time to see if they are... up to the test.

Based on a popular series of Light Novels by Kenji Inoue(the translation of which can be found here), an anime version aired in the winter of 2010. While it's not animated by Studio Shaft, it is directed by Shin Ohnuma, and many Shaft-isms are prevalent in the series. The first season is 13 episodes and finished airing on March 31, 2010. A second season began airing in the Summer 2011 Anime. There are also two manga adaptations.

The series is also licensed by FUNimation. You can now watch the series on their video portal, here. Find the character sheet here[1].

Tropes used in Baka and Test include:
  • Abuse Is Okay When Its Female On Male — Poor Akihisa and Yuuji. Yuuji's is taken to ridiculous extremes, as he's repeatedly tasered if he complains about horrible dates. Or gets his eyes poked if he tries to (or Shouko thinks he tries to) look at any woman, or Hideyoshi, in a bikini.
    • Not that Akihisa has it much easier though. Minami loves hitting him or putting him in wrestling holds (and in one instance, breaking his back), and Himeji often tries to force him to eat her food. And should either girl seemingly get the lead, the other one will beat him up some more, or at least guilt trip him.
  • Academy of Adventure — Fumizuki, and it is filthy rich enough to fund the adventures. In one instance, they bought out a hotel to be used as a study training camp. Another is implementing the Summon test system with very expensive technology.
  • Actor Allusion — Nishimura-sensei looks quite like Solid Snake and/or Big Boss, and also shares the same voice actor as them. At one point he hides under a cardboard box.
  • A-Cup Angst — Minami. From the "On the Next..." preview quiz at the end of Episode 8:

Fukuhara-sensei: We use the unit "cup" to measure the bust size of women. Describe the size of a basic A Cup.
Akihisa: Shimada Minami!
Fukuhara-sensei: No comment.

    • Mizuki and even Shouko feel a bit underwhelmed compared to Akira. They even grope her in episode 1 of Season 2.
    • While Yuko is disguised as Hideyoshi in episode 3 of Season 2, Akihisa says something to tick her off and she puts him in a wrestling hold. He seems to be in pain initially, then...

Akihisa: I faintly feel soft breasts!
Yuko: What do you mean "faintly"? I have some, more or less!

      • Which hilariously causes Hideyoshi later to feel concerned that they're going go suspect even more he's a woman. Yuko immediately dismisses the idea, telling him that's how they've always treated him anyway.
  • A Day in the Limelight — Yuuka and Hazuki gets some screentime in episode 3 of Season 2.
    • Minami gets one in episode 8 of Season 2. Counts as a Flash Back as well, since we get to see how she first met Akihisa, and why her she has a hard time with Japanese text.
    • Shouko and Yuuji get two together, episode 7 of Season 1, and episode 11 of Season 2. The second one is particularly interesting as it gives major Character Development to both of them, and helps to shine light on the background as to why Shouko likes Yuuji so much. Turns out that Yuuji in 5th grade scored better than most of the 6th grade kids, causing them to be a little jealous. They plan to humiliate him by writing "I cheated on my tests" on his PE uniform, but Shouko finds out what they're doing and tries to stop them. Yuuji is conflicted at first whether or not to help her, but ultimately does, and gets in a fight with the 3 older boys. Shouko is really moved by his chivalry, and vows to marry him, hence why she's always trying to get him to marry her throughout the series. Not that it justifies what the older Shouko does to him, but at least it shows the method to her obsession with him.
  • Almighty Janitor — Class F as a whole, when fighting on an ESB. They may fare poorly in academics (and it shows in their ranking and Summoned Beings), but they sure are no easy prey. Particularly Mizuki and Yuuji. The former could've easily gotten into Class A were it not for a freak fever that forced her to skip placement exams, and hasn't lost her touch even in a cellar-dwellers' class; the latter takes a while to gain proper motivation, but once he does he turns out to have Class B-caliber intelligence.
  • Amusing Injuries
    • Akihisa, courtesy of Minami as well as other situations he gets himself into.
    • Also Yuuji from Shouko.
  • Anachronic Order — The anime jumps into between parts of the light novels. For example, Season 2 Episode 3 follows a small story from Volume 6.5, while the second half follows that from Volume 3.5.
  • Animation Bump — Happens a couple times when enunciation is stressed for emotional emphasis. Shouko in Season 1 Episode 7, Minami in Season 2 Episode 8.
  • Art Shift — When situations become ridiculously over the top. Which happens a lot.
  • Ascended Extra — Kudou in second season.
  • Attractive Bent Gender — Hideyoshi, when dressed in any female clothing, which is to say most of the time.
    • Especially in Episode 5, where Akihisa and several members the FFF try to confess to him (see Insane Troll Logic).
    • In the OVA Akihisa does this to save Class F from two troublemakers. May include Badass Adorable.
    • Akihisa and Kouta in the Beauty Contest of Season 2 Episode 2.
  • Baka — It's in the title and everywhere else to boot. Episode 4 has Minami pronouncing the word throughout the episode with different emphasis for different situations. Some heartbreaking, some sweet, but mostly Played for Laughs.
  • Balanced Harem — Largely due to the fact that Akihisa is an oblivious moron, its very unclear as to who he will end up with.
  • Banana Peel — In episode 7 of Season 2, Akihisa receives a text message from one of his male classmates asking him why he was so obsessed with looking in the girl's bathroom during their study camp. He replied with "Isn't it obvious? I like what I like", but he accidentally sent it to Minami, making it look like a Love Confession to her. Then Yuuji slips on the banana peel, kicks the phone of out Akihisa's hand and steps on it before he can fix his mistake.
    • And while it was entirely an accident, Akihisa gets back at Yuuji by sending a message to Shouko, who happens to be Yuuji's only cell phone contact address, and sends a message to her that he wants to propose to her.
  • Batman Gambit — Back in grade school Yuuji taught Shouko a wrong answer so that he could beat her later... and lo, Shouko gets 97 points. Too bad Yuuji laid his own plans to waste when he scored a measly 53.
    • In the anime it is played with. At the end it is discussed that the same trick won't work twice. Then Yoshi and Shoko hold a "sudden death" quiz-match and that question comes up. Yoshi gets it right, and Shoko gets it wrong, meaning that ultimately it was played straight. But she got it wrong on purpose because she said she would "never forget" the answer Yuji told her, making it enforced.
  • Battle Aura — Used from time to time, usually during summoner battles or when Minami and Mizuki are both mad at Akihisa.
  • Beach Episode — Season 2 Episode 1.
  • Berserk Button
    • Don't let the FFF find out you have a girlfriend. They will transform into unstoppable kamikaze grim reapers in their efforts to punish you.
    • Also, never ever berate Mizuki in front of Akihisa.
      • On that note, never, ever point out Minami's faults, especially in front of her, if you want to keep your spine in perfect shape.
    • While Yuji hates being forced to spend time with Shouko, when a couple insults her dreams in episode 7, they smash Yuji's button.
  • Between My Legs — This shot is used of Hiromi when she and Class E fight Class F in episode 1. Appears again in episode 4 of Minami, and twice of Yuuko in episode 12 during the class war.
  • Big Damn Heroes — Mizuki comes to save the day, complete with ridiculously overpowered stats.
    • Yuuji does this in episode 11 of Season 2 when 3 older boys threaten to beat up Shouko.
  • Bishonen — Akihisa, Yuuji and Hideyoshi.
    • Akira mistakenly invokes this trope on Hideyoshi, Minami, and Mizuki in episode 9 of Season 1. She assumes that there's no way Akihisa would have any female friends. To which he counters that all 3 of them are in fact girls.
  • Bishoujo Series — Thanks to Mizuki, Shimada, Shouko, Yuuko and again [2].
  • Bishie SparkleHideyoshi when suffering Clothing Damage in Episode 5, Kouta in Episode 6, and Hideyoshi again a couple times during the Pool Episode.
  • Bland-Name Product — Akihisa has games such as Love Minus, THE iDOLC@STER, and Tales of Arts, published by Atolis, Circle Fenix, Oonami, and Nomca. His game systems include the Mimtendo WS and the FSP.
  • Blood From the Mouth — Non-lethal example. Happens twice to Akihisa in episode 7 of Season 2 after he accidentally sends a text message to Minami, when he meant to send it to one of his classmates, Sugawa. He runs a train of thought on how it might've happened, looks over the messages again, and spews out more blood when it looks like he sent a Love Confession to her.
    • Akihisa, borrowing Yuuji's phone, is unable to reach Minami because Shouko is the only contact address in Yuuji's phone. He sends Shouko a text stating that he wants to propose to her. Yuuji does it when he looks at the message Akihisa sent using his phone. Hilarity Ensues after this.
  • Book Dumb — The main characters of Class F, although they have their brighter moments:
    • Yuuji is a good strategist. There is no guarantee, however, that he may follow his role in the plan.
    • Hideyoshi is a good actor. He exploits it (that and his androgyny) to great effect.
    • Minami does well in math, but sucks at anything involving kanji (i.e., most other subjects). Which is mainly due to the fact that she's still getting used to Japanese.
    • Kouta is the best at anything health-related, especially if it involves female biology.
    • Akihisa... well, it's hard to say; either he's an Idiot Hero or a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass.
    • Subverted with Mizuki: she's actually bright; it's just a freak illness that forced her to skip placement exams (as well as her refusal to leave her beloved Akihisa) that kept her in Class F.
  • Brain Bleach — Akihisa seems like he could want some after seeing a few things in Episode 5.
  • Bromantic Foil — Yuuji is the best friend, but Kouta is the pervert.
  • Brother-Sister Incest — Akira wants to kiss (and more) her younger brother, for punishment or otherwise. She also punishes him not for having porn, but for not having incestuous porn. Averted, because surprisingly enough, the normally super-horny Akihisa expressly considers incest to be disturbingly immoral and so constantly resists the nonstop attempts at seduction of his older sister.
  • Brilliant but Lazy — While stuck in Class F, it's highly implied in the manga (and confirmed in the anime) that Yuuji has Class A level intellect, but doesn't really bother to show it off.
  • Butt Monkey — Akihisa's defining characteristic.
    • Yuuji too, courtesy of Shouko.
    • Hideyoshi will never be able to convince anyone that he's a guy.
  • Cameo
    • Episode 3 has Akihisa's head transforming into Tokyo Pig and a Ponyo movie poster.
    • Also, apparently Miku is in Class B.
    • On the OVA when Hazuki ask her way to Class F, Touko Amano and Kuroneko are seen walking in the background while Kyoukya Eaeriaea also watches Hazuki.
  • Cannot Spit It Out
    • Mizuki is just way too shy to show her affections for Yoshii.
    • Shimada also has some trouble with communication.
    • Akihisa suffers from this too, partly because of this trope, and partly because he keeps mistaking things, such as a love letter Mizuki has being intended for Yuuji instead of him. Other times though, he seems to suffer from Oblivious to Love syndrome, since its made pretty blatantly clear to him both girls like him, and often beat him up for his ignorance.
  • Cannot Keep a Secret — The second half of Ni!s Episode 4 features a new summon testbed that spins out of control when the Summoned Beings start revealing their masters' true colors.
  • Catgirl — Hideyoshi's avatar turns into one in episode 12 of Season 2. His sister yells at him and wonders why he's one but her avatar is just a regular cat.
  • Cat Smile — The student's avatars often display one when they're happy.
  • Chains of Love — In Episode 3, Shouko brings Yuuji to the movies in chains, and he tries to escape twice only to get a dose of her taser.
  • Character Exaggeration — In the manga and novels, the confusion surrounding Hideyoshi's gender is a Running Gag, but it's cranked Up to Eleven in the anime, where he pretty much gets half the screentime for Fan Service shots.
  • Chekhov's Classroom-- During the exam duel between Akihisa and Shouko, several questions from past episodes come up like one involving Alexander the Great and the "uneventful" Taira Reforms.
  • Chekhov's Gun
    • At the end, it's implied that Shouko purposely lost in return for obtaining the marriage application Yuuji took from her.
    • Striker Sigma V.
    • In Episode 5, a hypothetical battle is posited at the beginning of the show. Come the end, the exact battle comes to pass, right down to the participants.
  • Chew Toy — Akihisa and, to a lesser extent, Yuuji and Hideyoshi.
  • Childhood Friend Romance — Shouko and Yuuji. Shouko is constantly trying to win his heart, but the poor guy is horrified at her extreme efforts.
  • Christmas Episode
  • Class Is in Room X-01
  • Clingy Jealous Girl — Minami and Mizuki to Akihisa.
    • Gets interesting in episode 9 of Season 2. Minami steals Akihisa's first kiss, then they clear things up to avoid a war with Class D (which Miharu is in), only to have to go back to "dating" each other in order to start a war with Class D to avoid a war with Class B (yeah, it's a little confusing). Mizuki is asked to be part of the plan and initially agrees. But she seems to ad-lib when she sees them holding each other, then gets jealous of the kiss from earlier and storms off. Since she was wearing the wiretapping device (put there so Miharu could "overhear" how Minami is dating Akihisa and get jealous/declare war again), he runs off to find her, leaving a distraught Minami behind.
    • To some extent, Miharu is also this for Minami.
    • Dear Lord, Shouko (towards Yuuji) makes all of the above seem like tamed clingy. Not that it justifies her actions, but episode 11 of Season 2 shows you the method/motive behind her madness/obsession with Yuuji.
  • Class Representative — The final boss of each ESB.
  • Clothing DamageHideyoshi in Episode 5, complete with Bishie Sparkle. Ho Yay ensues.
  • Combat Pragmatist — Yuuji whittled down the mettle of Class A just for a chance to win.
  • Comically Missing the Point — Akihisa is totally oblivious to Mizuki and Minami's affections for him. This is exemplified in Episode 13 where Mizuki deliberately fails her second placement test because she doesn't want to leave him behind by not having her name on it. Akihisa, not knowing she did it on purpose (even though the name on the test had clearly been written and erased, not forgotten), chews out the principal.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment — In episode 3 of Season 1, while Akihisa is on a forced date with Minami and Mizuki, they spot Shouko dragging Yuuji in chains. Shouko mentions wanting to spend a lot of time with him to make up for not being with him at school, and decides to watch Apocalypse Now, the unedited version, two times in a row. When Yuuji objects to it, she simply uses her taser on him. She does this to him again the next week, this time while watching a 7 hour film twice in a row. Yuuji later mentions to Akihisa something about waking up to the infamous scene where a bull is slaughtered onscreen, getting tased again while trying to escape, and then waking up to that same scene several hours later.
    • Hilariously, both times Minami and Mizuki have glittering, awe-struck eyes at the "love" Shouko has for Yuuji during those scenes.
  • Conspicuous CG: Mizuki's breasts in some of the later episodes.
  • Covert Pervert — Who knew the school principal was one?
  • Cranial Eruption — Typically, the aftermath of an Amusing Injury.
  • Cranked Up To Eleven — Every. Single. Joke.
  • Crash Into HelloAkihisa and Toshimitsu.
  • Critical Existence Failure — Part of the whole RPG Elements package.
  • Cry Cute — Virtually all of the girls. Bonus points if they run away at the same time.
  • Curb Stomp Battle — Once Mizuki shows up in the E vs. F battle, it's over in two hits.
  • Cursed with Awesome — Due to his extremely poor grades, Akihisa is "punished" with having him feeling the same pain as his summon. However, this has the side effect of his summon being tangible and thus able to interact with the environment, making it stronger than what the numbers would indicate.
  • Cute Little Fangs
    • Class A's Aiko, a "practical" pro at Health class, if you know what she means.
    • Miharu, too.
  • Date Crepe
    • In episode 2, Akihisa promises this to Minami in order to get out of her wrestling hold. When they actually go get the crepes, Mizuki comes along. Both girls are about to give him a taste of their crepes when Miharu shows up with throwing forks. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Manga and Light Novel versions have Minami blackmailing him into into taking hers or else the other class's Summoned Beings will beat them. It works.
  • Deadpan Snarker — Furukara, the initial homeroom teacher of Class F before Ironman took over. He then becomes the narrator, and often comments on the situation at hand. Occasionally scolds the characters for playing Mr. Exposition when they try to explain unfamiliar things instead of letting him do it.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts — Class F's strategy in Episode 12's ESB war. When it's several of them against one A-student, victory becomes easy.
  • Defeat by Modesty — Also employed in the Episode 12 war. Akihisa steals a couple belts off the Class A students. It doesn't work on Aiko, since she's not wearing a bra, nor on Toshimitsu, since he strips himself.
  • Design Student's OrgasmGoodness, look at that page picture. Or any of the openings or endings.
  • Dirty Old Man — The Beauty Contest judge, Obata-san.
    • This trope, along with Shouko being a little jealous when the judge starts hitting on Yuuji in drag, ends up saving the guys from having to humiliate themselves even more in the beauty contest of episode 2, Season 2. She brings out her taser and knocks out the power on the stage and the immediate area.
  • Disproportionate Retribution — The girls seem to like punishing the guys they like for the smallest of offenses, whether it's accidentally saying something stupid, or sometimes even just as innocent as being in the same general area as other girls.
  • Distracted by the Sexy — Happens to Kouta and Akihisa a lot. Not as much to Yuuji, because anytime something sexy comes up, Shouko tends to poke his eyes.
  • Divide and Conquer — Yuuji utilizes this in the 2nd fight against Class A in episode 12, either with favors gained from the other classes, or deception in the case of Class C, to do mock battles with Class A in an attempt to wear them down before they fight. It almost succeeds until the school starts to fall apart.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything? — Whilst fleeing from Miharu's throwing forks and holding a plate with two bites of crepe on it, Akihisa runs into Toshimitsu. The crepes end up all over his face, and Yoshii's face ends up in his crotch. The latter gets up and says, "Yoshii... you've dirtied my face", before licking up some of the cream.
    • In episode 5 of the first season, Kota's "camera" going limp after he finds out that there aren't any girls changing in the locker room.
  • Domestic Abuser — Shouko to Yuji.
  • Dropped a Bridget On Him — Hideyoshi. He wears the male uniform, speaks like an old samurai, and acts like a man, but is nonetheless subject to this due to being all but identical to, well, his Half Identical Twin sister Yuuko. Furthermore, they force him into sexy outfits for the second ESB, and he is the main focus of the fanservice in the entire anime series.
  • Dragged Into Drag — In Ni!'s festival episode, the boys are forced to crossdress for a Beauty Contest. The judges love them.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady — There are three genders in the world of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: male, female, and Hideyoshi. This has even led to separate facilities in public baths and changing rooms just for him!

Yuuji: It seems society has finally accepted Hideyoshi.

    • To a lesser extent, Akihisa also looked pretty in a Meido outfit and a wig in the OVA.
  • Dungeon Bypass
    • Akihisa does this in the light novel and manga. During a battle against 2-B, Class Representative Kyouji is cornered, but the entrances to his hiding spot are well-fortified. Using the layout of the floor to his advantage, Akihisa fakes infighting against Minami in 2-D's room to use his summon and punch a hole into the wall separating them from 2-B's room.
    • In the anime this is done a little differently. Because Kyouji stole Mizuki's love letter, Akihisa gets his revenge by using his bracelet to create the field, and then punching out the wall even though it caused his hands to bleed.
  • Elite Mook — Sugawa from Class F.
  • Embarrassing Old Photo — Somehow Akira has baby photos of her younger brother Akihisa taking a bath when he was two, four, seven, ten, thirteen, and even yesterday.
  • Emotionless Girl — Shouko is usually this to everyone else, but she shows her cute/scary side only to Yuuji.
  • Enemy Mine — During episodes 5-7 of Season 2, the main male characters of Class F ally with every male in the school in order to peek into the girl's locker room. The real reason they were doing it because both Yuuji and Akihisa were being blackmailed by someone, and needed to find out who it was. Kota narrowed it down to a female student with a burn on her bum. They largely use a We Have Reserves tactic followed by a Zerg Rush, and manage to succeed at the end of episode 7. Turns out it was Miharu, who wanted Akihisa out of the way so she could pursue her one-sided romance towards Minami. They then walk into the bath as a bonus reward, only to find out that the only person taking a bath was the elderly school principal, who suspends the entire male student body for a week.
  • Epic Fail
    • Most of the things that Akihisa thinks of.
    • End of Episode 2. A massive Batman Gambit many years in the making finally pays off, allowing 1-F to beat 1-A by having Shouko get only a 97 on an elementary level test, everyone is celebrating... and then Yuuji got a 53.
  • Even the Guys Want Him
    • Hideyoshi.
    • Akihisa has Toshimitsu lusting after him. It's mentioned in Volume 7, after Nishimura-sensei confiscated the students' contraband items, including Shouko's hypnotism book. Toshimitsu attempted to use a follow-the-pendant-with-your-eyes on Akihisa, and when it failed, grumbled to himself that it was necessary to borrow the book. Akihisa commented that he had a strange feeling where he had nearly gone to hell after the guy left.
    • Also mentioned in the book, Hideyoshi sort of hit Akihisa because he was probably jealous. He questioned himself as to why he hit him.
  • Every Girl (and Hideyoshi) is Cuter with Hair Decs
  • Evolving Credits — Now with Akira and the main cast of Class A.
  • Expressive Mask — Ironman has one temporarily in the second half of episode 3 in Season 2. Akihisa planned to steal a key by attempting to throw a bucket of water at him. However, Ironman skillfully deflects the bucket, and Akihisa being Akihisa, gets a broom, screams that he won't let him get away, and hits the bucket, which then falls on Ironman's head. After Akihisa innocently claims his foot slipped, an angry Ironman grabs him, and mentions something about hearing him not getting away, with a very angry looking bucket. Despite getting beat up, he does manage to steal the key.
  • Eye Poke — Shouko does this to Yuuji anytime she doesn't want him looking at other women, which is practically all the time.
  • Faceless Masses — Anyone who doesn't have a name is represented with their class letter. Double points for evoking Faceless Goons with the FFF, who just need to change into a black KKK-like robe.
  • Failure Is the Only Option — If they ever won against Class A, what would be the point of the series?
  • Feminine Women Can Cook — Strongly subverted. Mizuki is quite feminine and can make visually astounding meals. But just smelling her food is enough to induce nightmares. For another layer of subversion, Minami has been shown to cook elaborate bentos and no complaints have been made so far about her food.
  • Festival Episode — Season 2 Episode 2.
  • First Kiss — Minami takes Akihisa's in Episode 7 of Ni!.
  • First-Name Basis — Mizuki finally managed to get to this point with Akihisa in Episode 11.
  • Five-Man Band — The main characters of Class F.
    • The Hero — Akihisa. Also an Idiot Hero. He's a "Punishment Inspector", which means that he literally feels the pain of his Summoned Being but he can also use it to manipulate physical objects, which is often a deciding factor in battle.
    • The Lancer — Minami, a rare female version and a violent Type-A Tsundere.
    • The Big Guy — Mizuki. Her grades are second only to those of a 2nd-year valedictorian, making her Summoned Being one of the strongest.
    • The Smart Guy — Yuuji. He's also the Class Representative and strategist, who has thus far made good plans with a decent success rate.
    • The Chick — Hideyoshi. Source of Ho Yay for both Akihisa and Kouta.
    • The Sixth Ranger — Kouta. A pervert who also happens to be a godsend whenever the class needs an extra pair of hands.
  • Fork Fencing — Miharu uses throwing forks while pursuing Yoshii in Episode 3.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus — In a similar fashion to Pani Poni Dash!, Class F's chalkboard always has something different written on it with each new camera angle of the scene.
  • Friction Burn — While trying to get a glorious panty shot of Mizuki, Kouta slides around on the floor so fast that he sets himself on fire. His nosebleed that immediately followed dowsed out the flames.
  • "Friend or Idol?" Decision — At the end of the first season Akihisa beats Shouko in an exam battle and the principal agrees to let Mizuki take a retest. However, she decides to leave her name blank and fail so she can stay in Class F.
  • Funny Background Event
    • While the members of the main Love Triangle are discussing where to go on a date-like... thing, there is a fountain in the background shaped like a cupid that spouts water in varying volumes and pressures out of its butt. Also, someone rides by on a unicycle, as well as a cameo by Bonta-Kun.
    • In Episode 10, when Mizuki is walking in the halls, look behind her. There are acrobatics and fights that go on back there.
    • Also in Episode 10, there are silhouettes of people with flowers growing out of their heads walking by when the students are spying on Nishimura-sensei.
    • When a few of the characters are sitting on the roof discussing strategy, there are a few shadows of birds that are flying overhead, and then suddenly the shadow of a giant dragon.
    • In episode 6 of the second season, when Yuuji is giving an impassioned speech about "peeping into paradise" we see a bunch of girls wrapped up in bath towels. Look closely, and you'll see Hideyoshi in there as well.
  • Furo Scene — Part 2 of the Pool Episode.
  • Gainaxing
    • Oh, god. Mizuki's puppies even seem to expand and retract in Episode 3.
      • They rhythmically move with her breathing throughout the whole series.
    • In Episode 9, we're introduced to Akihisa's sister Akira who has even bigger ones than Mizuki.
  • Gag Series
  • Gratuitous English
    • "Connection", as seen in Episode 7.
    • "Awaken" when Akihisa uses his bracelet, and "SUMMON!"
    • Minami insults Akihisa in episode 8 when he tries to talk to her in French. His English isn't any better, so it goes right over his head as well.
  • Gratuitous German — Minami does this in episode 8 of Season 2. Justified because it's a flashback, and she had just recently returned to Japan, and isn't comfortable speaking in Japanese yet.
    • She also does it in episode 6 of Season 1 after seeing Mizuki in her bikini. Her little sister says that Minami sometimes does that when she's in shock.
  • Grade System Snark — Whoever came up with the entrance exam was either really discriminatory, really snarky, or some combination of both: Whoever aced the exams was placed in Class A and got the most luxurious dorm rooms and treated with the utmost respect. Whosoever failed the exam immediately was placed in F Class. Those who got placed in this class were treated like pariahs and given dorm rooms that were literally falling apart at the seams, even down to the cardboard boxes they used as desks and the third-rate pillows (the stuffing was quite clearly spilling out of the seams). Even the teachers of Class F realized the terrible situation, copping a very bored, sarcastic tone of voice.
  • Half-Identical Twins — Hideyoshi and Yuuko. The similarities are to the point that Akihisa thought Yuuko was "her" brother.
  • Hello, Nurse! — Hideyoshi, unsurprisingly, since he fits the bill.
  • Heroic Blue Screen of Death — Hideyoshi suffers one in a Corner of Woe in Episode 5 after Mizuki's chiffon cake takes down his teammates.
    • Mizuki suffers one after seeing Minami kiss Akihisa in episode 9 of Season 2.
  • Heroic Sacrifice — Subverted when Akihisa ditches Minami, telling her to hold them off while he runs away. Lampshaded immediately.
    • 2-F tries to hold off Nishimura-sensei so Akihisa could get away. He still has to go to remedial lessons.
  • Heterosexual Life Partners — Yuuji and Akihisa, so much so that they make a great team... although some people (especially Shouko) see something completely different.
  • Het Is Ew — Akira forbids Akihisa from engaging in heterosexual romance. This initially comes off as simple overprotection, but then it turns out she's a brazen Yaoi Fangirl. And the only boy-girl romance she will allow is that between herself and Akihisa. The poor kid is none too pleased.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!
  • Hold the Line — During the first ESB, the plan is to hold class 2-E long enough for Mizuki to recover her hit points so she can take them out.
  • Hot Mom — Yuuji's mom as seen in episode 11 of Season 2.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed
    • Parodied. Being left-handed — especially in the anime, when said hand had been superglued to a table for half the episode — doesn't help Akihisa's Physics score.
    • Yuuji plays this straight in the battle with Class B by leaking outdated intel to them.
    • Played straight later in the original novels with Akihisa and Yuuji during the tournament final.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming — "Nth Period: X and Y and Z".
  • If I Can't Have You — Members of the FFF are so bitter about not getting any girlfriend they will put on trial and then burn at the stake any guy they sense anything even remotely resembling any type of flirting to or from a girl. Yuuji used this as part of his plan to defeat Class D, convincing them to have their Beings perform a kamikaze attack on the enemy to clear a path for Mizuki.
  • Image Song — There are several of these out, but only Hideyoshi was popular enough to get his own solo, complete with a thick booklet of his outfits!
  • Improbable Weapon User — 2-E's Hiromi uses a baseball bat and glove like sword and shield, with umpire gear for armor.
  • Indirect Kiss — Implied twice in episode 3: first with Toshimitsu, and then later with Mizuki and Minami.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl — Akira spends half of her introductory episode lounging around in a bathrobe and thinks nothing of it.
    • Hideyoshi also counts.
  • Insane Troll Logic
    • In episode 4.

Akihisa: You might not know this, but in Japan, there's a legend saying you'll be blessed if you confess beneath a legendary tree! And there's only one thing "legendary tree" could be referring to at this school... It refers to the legendary beauty, Hideyoshi [3] In other words, you'll be blessed if you confess to Hideyoshi!
Hideyoshi: This Is Wrong on So Many Levels that I don't even know where to begin.

    • Also from episode 4, right after some people eat Himeji's cooking.

Hideyoshi: They say you might as well swallow the plate if you're eating the poison... So I'll be fine if I swallow a plate...
Akihisa: Dammit, his cognitive ability is leaving him!

    • Followed almost immediately after by "use the spice named love to cure the poison".
      • Which Yuuji afterward promptly points out that love doesn't work on poison.
    • Used by Akihisa's sister in episode 1 of Season 2 after she finds out that he's inviting girls to the beach with them. She allows it this one time on one condition...

Akira: However, if I see you engaging in any illicit sexual activity...
(Akihisa gulps.)
Akira: (smiley face) ...your entire family will be killed.
Akihisa: Er, that includes you sis.

    • For much of the first season, Akihisa has a single cup of ramen noodles as his only food source simply because he never has any money to buy more. He believes that he can extend his food almost indefinitely by dividing the noodles in half, and then dividing those in half, and so on. By reading the nutrition label, his train of logic is that he can get the full bowl's worth of calories from each individual piece.
  • Insecure Love Interest — Despite how much he may deny feelings for and run away from Shouko and her advances on a frequent basis, when Yuuji actually talks about his relationship with her, he makes it out like it's all his fault that she's fallen in love with a worthless guy like him.

Yuuji: I want to set her free.

  • Instant Awesome, Just Add Ninja — Kouta does this from time to time, complete with outfit, usually when Yuuji is planning a strategy against the other classes during their summoner battles. He will usually do intel with cameras/mics, and in one episode, does an "assassination" by forcefeeding one of the rival class student messenger Mizuki's special Jello.
  • Instant Sedation — During a card game in episode 4 of Season 2, Hideyoshi is called on a card he placed down, and begins to strip his shirt. He immediately gets knocked out by a slightly drunken Himeji, who claims he's simply "tired". When Kouta attempts to mention the chloroform bottle laying nearby, she swipes her handkerchief at him, causing him to "get tired" as well.
  • It's Personal — After a student in class B uses Class F to break into the safe to steal a test in episode 10 of Season 1, he threatens to turn them in if they rat him out. Mizuki tries to defend them, but he just insults her and leaves. Yuuji and Akihisa both plot revenge against the student, first by breaking into the safe again, then distributing the tests to all the students. Both Yuuji and Akihisa then apologize profusely to Ironman, who's a little confused as to why they did it (they claim it was a prank, but in reality they just wanted to nullify the class B student's advantage without directly blaming him). Finally, they also plant Mizuki's cookies into the class B student's locker for some tasty payback.
    • Akihisa does it again in episode 11 when the class B rep blackmails Mizuki into not fighting, although this time he gets help from more of his friends.
  • It's Up to You
    • Subverted in Episode 1 by Mizuki's Big Damn Heroes moment.
    • Akihisa also gets taken out almost immediately when they fight 2-D.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy — The real reason Akihisa even bothered to fight 2-B is to give Mizuki a chance to take a retest and transfer to Class A. This of course backfires on him at the end of Season 1: Himeji doesn't want to leave them.
    • Mizuki seems to imply this in episode 9 of Season 2 as part of an act to get Class D to declare war on Class F, but seeing Minami holding Akihisa's arm, combined with the kiss Minami gave him in the beginning of the episode really irks her and causes her to run away, making Akihisa chase after her and ruining Yuuji's plan.
  • I Was Beaten by a Girl — More or less Akihisa's life with some women, namely Minami, Miharu and Yuuko, although mostly Minami, who beats him up at least Once Per Episode, or every few paragraphs.
  • I Will Protect Her — Akihisa invokes this trope occasionally for Minami and/or Himeji. Yuuji won't admit it, but he also invoked this trope for Shouko, as evidenced by episode 11 of Season 2. Which then causes her to obsess over him even more, although he believes she's wasting her time/efforts.
  • Japanese Pronouns — In case you have trouble telling Hideyoshi and Yuuko apart, here's a tip: Hideyoshi uses very antiquidated medieval Japanese (e.g. "washi" = "I", "o-nushi" = "thee"); Yuuko uses normal feminine vocabulary (e.g. "watashi" = "I", "anata" = "you").
  • Jerkass — That couple from Episode 7 at the theme park.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold — Akira
    • Yuuji towards Shouko during episode 7 of Season 1 and episode 11 of Season 2. Hard to believe, but she could really use a hug in those episodes.
  • Keystone Army — Defeat the Class Representative, and you win the ESB.
  • Kimodameshi — The Test of Courage tournament in the last two episodes of Season 2.
  • Large Ham — Almost all the characters do at some point. Particularly hilarious with Mizuki, Minami when referring to Yoshii.
  • Lemony Narrator — Shin Fukuhara takes this Up to Eleven in the dub, becoming this constantly where in the original he was this on a rare occasion.
  • Lethal Chef — Himeji. This is due to her LEGO-style of cooking, adding ingredients without ever tasting the result, because she's heard that sampling your own cooking will make you fat.
    • In Ni! 10, Himeji made jelly / Jell-O consisting of cocoa, corn soup, scallions, natto, fish, mustard, ginger, secret ingredients and tabasco pepper.
    • Becomes a Running Gag throughout the series. Yuuji sometimes utilizes this to his advantage against the other classes.
    • One of the DVD Extras shows what Mizuki goes through in order to prepare her "Special Nikujaga". "It's guaranteed to be a traumatic experience." It requires the use of lethal doses of "food preservatives" such as concentrated Sulfuric acid, Chloroacetic acid, and Potassium Nitrate. Himeji recommends serving it immediately in a glass bowl, because the glass won't melt.

Narrator: A special nikujaga that will not only melt that special person's tongue, but many other things as well, is now complete. Call a company that specializes in chemicals and have them dispose of the leftover solution in the pot. It's dangerous, so please do not ever drain in the sewerage.

  • Love DodecahedronOh yes.
  • Love Epiphany — Shouko has one in the flashback in episode 11 of Season 2, and tells Yuuji's mom that she's going to marry Yuuji after he saved her from 3 bullies. She happily agrees to support Shouko in this effort.
  • Love Hurts
    • How Minami shows her awkward love for Akihisa.
    • Cranked up with twice the pain for Shouko to Yuuji.
  • Love Makes You Crazy
    • Shouko for Yuuji. Either that or she's just batshit insane.
    • Mizuki for Akihisa. She develops a slight Yandere streak.
    • Minami for Akihisa. She Cannot Spit It Out in words so shows her love with painful wrestling moves.
    • Toshimitsu for Akihisa. During the final battle he willingly drops his pants in public in front of him without hesitation.
    • Miharu for Minami. She's willing to kill anyone (especially Akihisa) to be near her.
  • Lover Tug of War — Minami and Mizuki towards Akihisa. Poor guy.
  • Luminescent Blush — Omnipresent.
  • Marilyn Maneuver — Yuuji's bright idea in Episode 10. Akihisa thinks Hideyoshi is better for that job.
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Yuuko to Masculine Girl to Hideyoshi to Feminine Boy. Yuuko is aggressive and competitive while Hideyoshi is calm. Ironically, Hideyoshi is more popular then Yuuko, possibly due to his looks.
  • Meaningful Name
    • Yuuko: "superior child" (makes sense; she looks like Hideyoshi, but with more brains and athletic talent)
    • Hideyoshi: "good esteem"/"good excellence" (given his antiquated speech pattern it's not that far off)
    • Yoshii: "righteous"/"good"/"good luck" (the first two definitely apply to Akihisa; the latter is the total opposite of his life, unless one counts his Unwanted Harem)
  • Meido — Hideyoshi and Akihisa, although the in the latter's case the anime and light novel differ in how this happens. In the anime Akihisa wore it to get away from Miharu. In the light novel and the OVA he wore it to get revenge on a pair of 3-A boys badmouthing Class F's Maid Cafe.
    • This becomes a plot point in episode 5-7 of Season 2 when Akihisa is blackmailed on it. He and Yuuji convince the FFF, and later, the entire male student body, to help them find the blackmailer, which basically involves them against a lot of girls and the teachers.
  • Mission Control — Yuuji often performs this role when Class F is fighting the other classes. Luckily he's pretty Badass himself, so when some enemy class students try to sneak around Class F's defenses, he soundly stomps the would-be attackers.
  • Mons — The Summoned Beings. They look and act like a miniature version of their summoner. They also looks alot like the Dwarves of Class of Heroes.
  • Morton's Fork — The first OVA episode has Multiple Endings for the winner of the popularity contest. No matter who you choose, Akihisa gets hurt and/or makes a fool of himself.
  • Mooks — Both sides have them in the first ESB.
  • Ms. FanserviceHideyoshi. No, seriously. What can we say, the guy transcends gender conventions.
    • To a lesser extent, Akira.
  • Narrator — While the narrator is only occasionally lemony. In Episode 3, when Nishimura-sensei takes over as 2-F's homeroom teacher, he also trades narration duties with the previous homeroom teacher, something the show draws attention to.
  • Nice Guy — While Akihisa may be as dense as lead regarding love and a total moron, he genuinely is a good guy at heart, and often goes out of his way to help others, such as when Hazuki wanted to buy a stuffed bear that was too expensive. He also tries to help Himeji out by trying to get better equipment for her to study with. And he was the first person to try and befriend Minami when she first moved back to Japan and had a language barrier issue (unfortunately he was trying to reach out to her in French instead of German). Hence one reason why both Himeji and Minami like him.
  • "No. Just... No" Reaction:

"What's the capital of Europe?!"


"It's Brussels silly."

  • NosebleedKouta and Akihisa, reaching High-Pressure Blood and Overdrawn At the Blood Bank levels especially during the Pool Episode. But Kouta easily tops Akihisa in this department, so much so he even brings with him a blood bag. Nosebleeds are treated with a significant amount of lampshading throughout the whole series, to the point that they often play an impact on the scene itself.
  • No Guy Wants to Be Chased — One reason why Yuuji is so turned off by Shouko (in addition to her Yandere traits).
  • Oblivious to Love — No, Akihisa. Mizuki doesn't like Yuuji, and Minami doesn't beat you up for no reason at all.
    • Minami, when Miharu acts all mushy towards you and all violent towards the one guy you secretly like, you should know something's up.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome — When a couple insults Shouko because of her dream, Yuuji beats the crap out of them. Too bad it was never shown.
  • Panty Shot — Kouta is most often seen on the ground with his camera, trying to peep up the various females' skirts. Whenever he succeeds, well, Nosebleed ensues. Oddly enough, there aren't any panty shots visible to viewers in the broadcast version, due to TV Tokyo's standards.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise — Five 2-F students tried to do so during the visit to Kisaragi Theme Park, but Yuuji was able to quickly figure out their true identities at first sight. For example, he tricked Mizuki (in a yellow fox costume with her hair spilling out) into thinking that Akihisa (in a blue fox costume with the head backwards) was seeing an older woman, causing the guy to get dropkicked by Minami (in an orange fox suit) when the rumor reached her ears.
    • In the first part of episode 3 in Season 2, Yuko forces Hideyoshi to swap their identities because the principal wants her to sing the school's anthem for a promotional video, but she's a terrible singer. Despite not sounding or acting like Hideyoshi at all, Akihisa is completely fooled by it.
  • Petting Zoo People — Most Summoned Beings.
  • Pool Episode — Episode 6. Also featuring a Furo Scene, for double the Fan Service in one dose!
  • Power Levels — The strength and hit points of one's Summoned Being are based on the scores of the summoner's most recent tests.
  • Puni Plush
  • Ranked by IQ/Urban Segregation — The school system works in a way that one's IQ decides which group an incoming student fits in, ranging from the prestigious (Class A) to the insignificant (Class F).
  • Rank Inflation — Before the start of the story, there was no Class F... until students even dumber than those at Class E showed up.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits — And Mizuki. 2-F is about as ragtag a group as one can find.
  • Rapid-Fire Comedy — This is not the kind of show to play in the background when you are multitasking! Many jokes come and go by in literally a few animation frames. Not a shot goes by that doesn't have some unusual art shift or slight in-joke at something.
  • Readings Are Off the Scale — Minami, when analyzing the other girl's bust sizes in the Furo Scene in episode 6, has the numbers go Off the Scale when she tries to scan Mizuki... much to her despair.
  • Red Baron — Kouta and Nishimura-sensei go around by their nicknames, "Mutsurini/Voyeur" and "Tetsujin/Iron Man", respectively. Incidentally, Kouta's nickname, if That Other Wiki is to be believed, is also a reference to Benito Mussolini.
  • Red String of Fate — Referenced in the Matsuri OVA.
  • Revenge by Proxy — The three 6th grade boys in episode 11 of Season 2 try to beat up Shouko when she insists on stopping their plans to humiliate Yuuji. Unfortunately for them, he happened to be passing by the classroom at the time...
  • Rousing Speech — Done by Yuuji to rouse Class F to attack Class E. The art style goes all sketchy as he gets increasingly Hot-Blooded.
  • RPG Elements
  • Rule of Cool — Force fields generated when a battle is started?! Chibified avatars the students use to battle with?! Gigantic screens that pop out of nowhere?! JUST SHUT UP AND WATCH!
  • Running GagMany
    • Hideyoshi never getting any male clothing (apart from his uniform), and even if he does it won't be on him for long. He's practically worn more female clothing than male.
    • Akihisa getting injured due to his Summoned Being.
    • Nishimura-sensei popping and dragging anyone with a score of "0" to remedial lessons whatever the day, place, or time.
    • Kouta trying to get panty shots.
    • Shouko trying to get Yuuji to like her, in, umm, extreme ways.
    • Miharu's insane love for Minami.
    • Minami's wrestling moves on Akihisa whenever he says something unflattering about her. He always continues nonchalantly talking about how his limbs are getting twisted for a few seconds before his brain registers the pain.
    • Yuuji convincing Akihisa to go declare war on another class with a heartfelt speech. The latter always gets brutally beaten and in one case apparently "ruined for marriage" as well.
    • The show appears to be trying to revolutionize the Nosebleed trope to the next level every episode.
  • School Festival — The OVA.
  • Secret Test of Character — The entire point of implementing the ST system was to force students to work together rather than just for themselves. Also the winners get a choice whether to humiliate the losers and take their stuff, which is the primary reason most wars start.
  • Screw Destiny — Seems to be Yuuji's motive for starting all the summoner wars. Since the school thinks Class F are a bunch of morons, he attacks the other classes one by one, and either beats them or seriously challenges them through strategy and skill, rather than academic achievement.
  • Serious Business — Exams are serious enough in the real world, but not to this degree!
    • The mini-arc in Season 2 where they try to find the blackmailer too. Both the teachers and the girls from the various classes are wondering why Akihisa and Yuuji are so determined to get into the girl's bath. Gets a little extreme towards the end when all the boys from the various classes help out (mostly by getting bribed with pictures of the Class F girls...and Hideyoshi...)
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend — Yuji claims this with Shouko. She refuses to believe it however, and often forces him on dates anyway.
    • Akihisa seems to act this way towards both Mizuki and Minami. Both girls don't take it too well anytime he claims this, although Minami is much more physical about punishing him when he tries to invoke this trope.
  • Shipper on Deck — Judging by Episode 7, everyone ships Yuuji and Shouko.
  • Shmuck Bait — The Phosphorus Monoxide sign in Season 2 Episode 4. Sounds like "summon" so it triggers summoning.
    • Akihisa turns the tables on Himeji a few moments later by causing her to inadvertently say "summon" as well when she presses him/his avatar on who he likes.
  • Shout-Out — Enough examples to get a separate page.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang
    • Akhisa Yoshii and his older sister Akira. The former is a consistent underachiever who, given the funds and resources, can cook like a pro; the latter is a Harvard student but has little to no culinary skills.
    • Hideyoshi Kinoshita and his twin sister Yuuko. The former has trouble studying, but is a very good drama actor and a genuinely nice boy; the latter is haughty and arrogant, but has the grades to back her up.
  • Signs of Disrepair — The school wasn't ready to give a room to Class F, so they gave them a temporary place and overlapped the room's original label with a makeshift one. At some point in time, the makeshift label drops off. What does the original say? Class 2-E.
  • Single-Target Sexuality — Pretty much any character who likes another seems to be a bit too dedicated in trying to get with said character, such as Shouko towards Yuuji, or Miharu towards Minami.
  • Sleep Cute — Shouko and Yuuji in the cinema. He's a bit crispy, though. [dead link]
  • Something Else Also Rises-- After Akihisa imagines an erotic image of Mizuki and Shouko, Kouta's camera lens fully extends. Then it goes limp when he's cockblocked.
  • Status Quo Is God — At the end of Season 2, Akihisa is still as dense as bricks regarding feelings for either Mizuki or Minami, and Shouko is still chasing Yuuji around with a marriage certificate. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing of course...
  • Stealth Hi Bye — Several characters seem to be experts at this, such as Ironman anytime a student's avatar reaches 0 hp, Miharu anytime Minami gets a little too close to Akihisa, Minami herself at times when Mizuki gets too friendly with Akihisa, and Shouko anytime Yuuji is around other women or getting too friendly with a male character.
    • Ironman doesn't care if it's the weekend and the students are out of school. If their avatar reaches 0 HP, he will show up and drag them off to remedial class.
  • Suicide Attack — Akihisa uses this in their summoner war against Class B. He tells the FFF guys that the Class B rep is dating the Class C rep girl. They go into berserk mode and start bombing themselves in order to take out the much stronger Class B students. It largely works until the Class B rep blackmails Mizuki, Class F's strongest student, into not fighting. But then Akihisa just does something else...
  • Super-Deformed
    • The Summoned Beings are armed chibi versions of their summoners.
    • Also happens frequently with the real characters as well.
  • Supreme Chef — Akihisa is surprisingly good at cooking when he's given actual ingredients. So much so that his classmates initially don't believe he made his own lunch in episode 9 of Season 1.
  • Surprisingly Good English — All English sentences that appear in the series make complete sense and have excellent grammar.
  • That Came Out Wrong — Akihisa telling everyone he had 2,000 porn magazines in his room to keep them from coming to his house.
  • The Sneaky Guy: Tsuchiya Kouta.
  • The Tease — Kudou likes to do this, usually to Kouta, but occasionally Akihisa and Yuuji too. Which then causes Minami, Himeji, and Shouko to enter Clingy Jealous Girl mode.
  • The Thing That Goes Doink — The hotel in the training camp arc of season 2 is apparently pretty expensive, because a Shishi Odoshi is shown in the last episode.
  • This Is Wrong on So Many Levels — Poor Hideyoshi. No one within or outside the fourth wall listens to him as he utters out this trope word for word as he Lampshades how Akihisa gets the FFF to try to confess to him.
  • Tsundere
    • Minami shows her love for Akihisa with wrestling locks like the figure four and head lock, to name a few. She practically fits this trope to a T, calling the guy an idiot and being unable to confess. Thus, her image song is aptly named "Tsundere Dou" — "The Way of the Tsundere".
    • Yuuji has moments of this toward Shouko after he saved her in Episode 12.
  • Tranquil Fury — Both Yuuji and Akihisa display this in the final battle of episode 13 in Season 2 after hearing Mizuki scream at the two class A students who were insulting the two guys and getting disqualified. Instead of getting Hot-Blooded, they instead trick the two students into a wild goose chase, then lure them out of the physics field where they're strong, and instead force them to fight in the math field, where they were weakened from a previous fight, and thereby defeating them pretty easily.
  • Transformation Sequence — Calling forth a summon has a lot of flash and flare to go with it, but only Hideyoshi gets a full transformation sequence, which he even lampshades.
  • Twin Switch — Episode 12 has Hideyoshi posing as Yuuko to stir up trouble. Except for one tiny slip up, he does a shockingly good job of it.
    • In Season 2 Episode 3, both twins swap places and end up making things worse for each other in the end on accident.
  • Unrequited Love — This show has a lot, and then some. Particularly egregious with Minami/Mizuki towards Akihisa and Shouko towards Yuuji.
  • Unwanted Harem — Yoshii has five people in love with him: Hazuki and Akira are the ones he's aware of; Toshimitsu shows it in his awkward way; Minami shows it through her wrestling moves; Mizuki is very open in her advances to him, but he always feels she could do better than love him.
    • And as of recent light novels Hideyoshi is shaping up to be his sixth harem member, and probably the only relationship that is mutual.
    • Hideyoshi himself has his own unwanted harem in the form of pretty much every guy in school (and evidently nearby schools as well).
  • Urban Segregation — Within the school itself. The difference between Class A and Class F is astounding.
  • Unwanted Spouse — Shouko is this to Yuuji. Part of their Running Gag is that she wants to marry him, but he either refuses, or in one case, couldn't because he wasn't 18 yet. Not that it stops her from trying, as well as preventing him from getting too friendly with other girls, or even his male friends.
  • Victorious Childhood Friend — Shouko wanted to be this to Yuuji. So does Mizuki to Akihisa.
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend — Shouko towards Yuji, although inverted since she often takes it out on him instead of others, such as poking out his eyes repeatedly at the pool so he can't look at other girls.
    • Miharu acts this way towards Akihisa, anytime he seems too close with Minami.
  • Visual Innuendo — In the same episode, when Miharu grabs hold of Minami, there's a brief shot of a flower losing its petals.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds — Yuuji claims to hate seeing Akihisa happy, and the latter goes after the former with a knife at one point, but that doesn't stop both guys from hanging out. Akihisa calls Yuuji his best and worst friend.
  • Weak but Skilled — Akihisa's summon is the weakest, but he can control it manually, allowing him to do some quite amazing feats. It's basically the Fragile Speedster of the series — it has low survivability but has the ability to dodge and do combos that chip away at other Summoned Beings' "lives". Akihisa discovers that he can take advantage of this tactic for everyone in Class F because the bracelet he won in a contest allows him to summon an ST field and his avatar at any point, allowing his classmates to practice and control their avatars without having to be directly in battle.
  • What Does She See in Him? — People wonder what Mizuki, the second brightest student in school, finds appealing about Akihisa, the dumbest student. See that little rabbit hairpin she wears all the time? It has something to do with Akihisa when they were kids.
    • Another reason Mizuki likes him is because of his kindness, such as buying Hazuki a doll worth 25,000 yen (~$320). Even it made him the Punishment Inspector.
    • Episode 8 of Ni! reveals the roots of Minami's attraction to Akihisa. When she moved from Germany to Japan and entered Fumizuki, she could hardly make friends due to the language barrier. Akihisa is the first to try to communicate with her... in French. Although that left a bad impression to her and even exposed her wrestling skills, Akihisa's sincere attempts made her skip a heartbeat.
  • What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome? — All over the place. Especially when Akihisa pulled off a climax by throwing a pencil in Episode 13. You'd probably study harder if it allowed you to win epic wars between chibi avatars.
    • 80% of the drama in this show stems from prejudices formed among the different classes. Racism is treated very seriously for those people who....... get different grades?
  • What the Hell, Hero?Miharu delivers one to Yoshi about the way he treats Minami.
  • "Which Restroom?" Dilemma — Hideyoshi. The solution is rather creative.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser
    • Probably the only reason Hideyoshi is doing this is because no sane person would give him boys clothing, anime-wise, that is.
    • As seen on the cover of volume 7.5 of the light novel series, Akihisa strikes again.
  • Wrestler in All of UsMinami and Miharu use wrestling moves on Akihisa regularly... very painful ones.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko — Shouko has the looks as well as the intense desire to be a wife, but the rest of her personality most certainly does not fit the archetype.
    • Mizuki fits the bill to a greater degree.
  • Yandere
    • Shouko towards Yuuji.
    • Himeji, though not as blatant as Shouko, still has her moments.

Himeji: {{[[[Ominous Music Box Tune]] eerie tone}}] This bra isn't your size, Yoshii-kun...

    • She has another moment with this trope in episode 9 of Season 1 after everyone walks home with him to find out why he doesn't want to go home.

Himeji: Calm down Mimi, you know Yoshii would never even dream of dating someone behind our backs like that. (squints eye) Isn't that right...Yoshii?
Akihisa: Why are you squinting?

  • Yank the Dog's Chain — Akira seems to be the first to acknowledge that Hideyoshi is actually a guy, but then claims that Mizuki and Minami are also guys, under the logic that "my stupid loser of a little brother couldn't possibly have any female friends". It also doesn't help that Akihisa would always butt in and declare he is a girl whenever someone is on the cusp of realizing Hideyoshi's true gender.
  • Yaoi Fangirl
    • Yuuji and Akihisa are apparently an item in the eyes of one of Mizuki's friends.

Mizuki: She told me you were the bottom in the relationship.
Akihisa: I don't think you should be friends with her.

    • Akira also displays a strong interest in yaoi. She forbids him from engaging in anything romantic with girls, but actually awards him points for Ho Yay, and only tolerates heterosexual relationships that involve herself and Akihisa.
    • Episode 12 reveals that Yuuko is also an avid yaoi fan.
    • The King's Game short on the DVDs ends up with Akihisa becomming the king, and ordering Numbers 1 through 7 (everyone else) to burn any and all pictures of the boys when they crossdressed at various points in the series... except for Hideyoshi, who doesn't seem to mind. Mizuki and Minami cry out in agony as they watch them burn.
  • Zerg Rush — One of the strategies Class F uses in episode 12 against Class A.
  1. All character-specific tropes go there; multiple-character tropes can remain here
  2. He ranked number 10 as most popular female light novel character!
  3. Also a pun on his name, which can be translated as "under a tree".