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  • Alternate Character Interpretation - Interestingly, the dub. Baki was originally portrayed as dreaming of being the strongest to take down his psychopathic father and for love of fighting. The dub portrays Baki as someone who was born into it, and while he likes fighting, he'd give it up for a nice, normal life.
    • Well, in the manga Baki also says, that if his father was weakest man on the Earth, he would have been satisfied with being the second weakest.
      • Yujiro has gotten a lot of characterization. he believes himself to simply be an animal and above human morals. All he wanted in life was simply to fight someone as an equal. Now that Baki has gotten near Yujiros level, Yujiro is seemingly happy and treating Baki more like his own son rather then a maggot.
  • Complete Monster - Yujiro in SO many ways. Just check the Trope page.
  • Game Breaker - Yujiro. It's so far beyond Badass, Can't Catch Up and Villain Sue that it's ridiculous.
    • The defining example of how broken Yujiro is? His article on the other wiki lists what styles he's beaten and destroyed. The list goes on for a while, and ends with The Forces of Nature Itself, with a link to the Acts of God article.

Baki: "Not even cancer or AIDS could do a thing against him."

      • Plus, the anime's last two episodes are basically a flashback to Yujiro's youth, when among other things he went on a 2-year romp/killing spree through a warzone at the tender age of 16. Turns out he's one of the main reasons America had to pull out of Vietnam.
        • The final fabled fight between Baki and Yujiro has come to pass. You would think Baki now the 2nd strongest character alive would finally be able to hold his own against Yujiro. Think again. All that work and Yujiro still effortlessly defeated Baki.
  • Memetic Loser: Mohammad Ali Jr. has become one of this since the Anime adaptation showing him quickly defeated by Baki.
  • Moral Event Horizon - Yujiro's brutal and deadly maiming of Emi, while their son (and everybody else) is incapable of doing anything to stop him.
  • Nausea Fuel and High Octane Nightmare Fuel - Open fractures are the least sort of horrible maiming you can expect to see in major fights of this series.
  • Tear Jerker - Emi's final moments with her son Baki; they're probably the only time Baki will ever have a (somewhat) normal parent-son relationship. You WILL hate Yujiro afterwards.