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File:BakuganCCG 4936.jpg

Bowling for cards. And you thought Chaos Orb was fun.

The Bakugan Collectible Card Game/Collectible Figure Game mostly known as the Card Game that is mostly known (Or unknown) for being the basis behind the beginning of the Bakugan anime.

It began with B1s/Battle Brawlers (Who were slowly phased out due to being choking hazards) and replaced with B2s (Battle Brawlers), followed by B3s (New Vestroia, some of the first Gundalian Invaders sets also held the B3 logo). It is currently in its fourth Expansion Pack (Known as B4/Gundalian Invaders) and will soon continue on to it's fifth expansion (B5/Mechtanium Surge)

The game is now in a state of limbo anywhere outside of Japan, as the B5 sets are still being sold but nothing new has been announced while Japan has reset the namings style as Bakutech! instead of B# due to the launch of the Bakutech Bakugan anime.

Game Rules

Each player starts with three Bakugan, three gate Cards (Each of a Different Colour) and three ability cards. Optional are Bakugan Traps and Battle Gear. The object of the game is to get Bakugan to win Battles, therefore ‘winning’ that Gate Card. Battle ends when three gate cards are won by one person. The Battle begins in three phases.

Starting Battle Phases

  • Gate Card Set: Two players set down the Gate Cards face down on the battlefield.
  • Rolling: Players attempt to roll Bakugan onto the Gate Cards. If a player misses a roll, it is the other players turn.
  • Battle: When two opposing Bakugan stand on the same gate card, battle ensues. This is when Gate Bonuses are added to a Bakugan’s printed G-Levels and Ability Cards are usually used.

Players are then free to either set more Gate Cards or Roll Bakugan, or both. Rolling of Bakugan is required and once one is rolled it is put into the used pile until all three are used, at which it is returned to the unused pile. Ability Cards can only be used once unless stated so on the card, therefore putting them in the used pile permanently..

Battle Items

  • Bakugan: Bakugan are the creatures that participate in battle on gate cards. They have various G-Powers and are affected differently by Gate Cards depending on their attributes. Bakugan have Magnets in them that let them stand on Metal Gate Cards.
  • Gate Cards: Metal cards that let Bakugan stand. They offer two main things, Gate Bonuses, that raise G-Power and Effects.
    • Gold Gate Cards are based on specific Bakugan and Attributes, some offering random effects.
    • Silver Gate Cards offer G-Power Bonuses only.
    • Bronze Gate Cards are based on effects concerning G-Powers or having certain Bakugan in your Party.
  • Ability Cards: Cards that are not made of metal and are used as directed on the card. Offer various effects.
    • Red Ability Cards offer effects that depend on the attribute of the Bakugan.
    • Blue Ability Cards offer G-Power Bonuses.
    • Green Ability Cards offer effects that depend on how the battle situation.
  • Bakugan Traps: Released as part of the B3 New Vestroia set. Bakugan traps can be used during battle on Bakugan that have the same Attribute as them. They change a Bakugan’s Attribute to take advantage of Gate Bonuses.
  • Battle Gear: The most recent addition to the game, released as part of the B4/Gundalian Invaders set. Are colored in the same manner as gate cards and provide Bakugan with slight G-Power boosts. Also Look really cool.
  • Mechtogan and Mechtogan Activators: The newest as of yet unreleased set of battle assists where Mechtogan are Humongous Mecha and Mechtgan Activators are their special gate cards. They both sport the same colours as Gate Cards.
  • BakuNano: The replacement for battle gear in B5.


There are six attributes based on the elements. Each with its own unique style.

  • Pyrus: Heavy attacking but very vulnerable to counter-attacks.
  • Aquos: Going with the flow of the battle.
  • Ventus: Controlling the flow of battle.
  • Subterra: Stacking G-Powers to crush opponents, but very vulnerable to tricks.
  • Haos: Tricking by making it look like excessive strategy is involved, but easily overpowered.
  • Darkus: Based on tricking the opponent directly and deception.
Tropes used in Bakugan include:
The Mons themselves provide examples of: