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File:BROS Group Shot 9527.jpg

More amazing than the dictionary!




An all-volunteer group stationed in Baltimore, Maryland the B.R.O.S. (as they are commonly referred to as) are dedicated to creating the most mind-blowing, face-melting, gut-busting theater ever. Specifically, rock opera. What started with a small group of Goucher college graduates has encompassed a bevy of multi-talented twenty-somethings, whose talents include dance, music, puppetry, fine arts, and craftsmanship. With a total of three original shows, the B.R.O.S. pledge to continue to bring rock to the masses for the next seven thousand years.

The shows created by the B.R.O.S. are as follows:


In a land where music has the power to grow crops and win wars, the dark king Lothorio usurps the throne and bends the people to his will using the foul creature known as the Gründle, an ancient beast that feeds upon the musical talent of others. Only the young prince Bennadon, raised as a farmboy, can wield the Gründlehammer, the ultimate guitar, and save the kingdom.

Double Feature: Amphion and The Terrible Secret of Lunastus

Amphion tells the story of a forbidden love between a court musician and an ambassador's daughter during the time of ancient Justinian. It ends with a guy getting amputated in the name of love. Now that's metal.

The Terrible Secret of Lunastis takes place in the far-flung future. The moon has exploded, and it's up to a small crew to seek out a new homeworld in the depths of space. They land on the planet Lunastis and meet its inhabitants, the Abzug. The crew soon discovers that, though thousands of light years away from Earth, the two planets have a strange connection....

  • The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Clichés: This show utilizes every single Sci-Fi trope, and loves every minute of it.
  • The Reveal: The connection between Lunastus and Earth is that the Abzug possess a machine that dictates everything that has happened on Earth. They were responsible for every war, genocide, and moon explosion throughout the 120,000,000,000 year history of Earth

The Phantom of the Paradise in 6D

A special wide-screen showing of the cult classic film The Phantom of the Paradise. The six dimensions come from the B.R.O.S. stopping the film at every musical number in order to do a live, on-the-spot production of the number with a full band and singers, complete with light and smoke effects. It also opened with a recorded introduction from the Phantom himself, William Finley.