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File:1105 barry manilow wi-1 1595.jpg

At the Copa, Copacabana...

Barry Manilow is an American singer/songwriter best known for hits such as "Mandy", "Can't Smile Without You", "I Write The Songs" and "Copacabana".

Is the Trope Maker for Stuck on Band-Aid Brand (he wrote the jingle).


  • Barry Manilow (1973)
  • Barry Manilow (1974)
  • Tryin' To Get The Feeling (1975)
  • This One's For You (1976)
  • Even Now (1978)
  • One Voice (1979)
  • Barry (1980)
  • If I Should Love Again (1981)
  • Here Comes The Night (1981)
  • 2:00 AM Paradise Cafe (1984)
  • Manilow (1985)
  • Swing Street (1987)
  • Barry Manilow (1989)
  • Because It's Christmas (1990)
  • Showstoppers (1991)
  • Singin' With The Big Bands (1994)
  • Summer of '78 (1996)
  • Manilow Sings Sinatra (1998)
  • Here At The Mayflower (2001)
  • A Christmas Gift of Love (2002)
  • Scores (2004)
  • The Greatest Songs of The Fifties (2006)
  • The Greatest Songs of The Sixties (2006)
  • The Greatest Songs of The Seventies (2007)
  • In The Swing Of Christmas (2007)
  • The Greatest Songs of The Eighties (2008)
  • The Greatest Love Songs of All Time (2010)
  • 15 Minutes (2011)

Barry Manilow's Work Shows Examples of the Following Tropes:


 Lily: You creep

Into my heart,

And make my heart burn.

Barry: You sneak

Into my mind,

And make my head ache.

Both: There are things I long to tell you

Lily: You're much too blond.

Barry: You snore.

Both: Look, It's time to face the music.

Barry: Bye bye!

Lily: Don't slam the door!

And I don't want,

Barry: I don't want,

Lily: I don't want.

Barry: I don't want,

Both: No, I don't want your flowers anymore!


 Wouldn't it be fine bein' lonely together?

Wouldn't it be fine havin' a shoulder to share?

You could tell me how he broke your heart,

And I'll tell you how she broke mine.

Then maybe later on I could take you home.

Now, wouldn't it be sad bein' lonely all alone?


 You start off with the verse

That's the part that tells you

What the song is gonna be about.

You gotta grab 'em first

Dope is good, or death is nice

But love is still the best way out.

And then you pad, and then you fill,

Or you complain, or get a chill.

But most of all, you move along

To the center of the song.



 Yes, that's the chorus

Sing it for us

Never overlook givin' it a hook

You see sometimes I really do write the songs!


Barry Manilow Shows Examples of the Following Tropes: