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A subtrope of the Harem Anime genre, where the male lead has a harem of potential love interests, all of whom are some sort of Action Girl. Sometimes the harem may appear in a form of Hero Secret Service or as an Amazon Brigade.

Because this is a more action-oriented subgenre, Battle Harems are less likely to be focused on romance, but still provide plenty of Fan Service. Often this appears in the form of a Supporting Harem.

Related to Harem Hero.

See also Battle Couple.

Examples of Battle Harem include:

Anime & Manga

Fan Works


  • In Manos: The Hands of Fate, the antagonist has a harem of wives that are ready to fight for him... which apparently includes fighting each other.


Video Games

  • Kei from Akai Ito has four women who are seriously interested in her, ready to fight to death to protect her. It's very noticeable because Kei herself is not an Action Girl.
  • Every party member in Brave Soul except The Hero and his pet dragon is female, and is a potential love interest. Actually, so is the pet dragon.
  • In Eiyuu Senki, every other character other than the nameable protagonist Harem Hero is female. All of whom eventually fall in love with him.
  • Shirou in Fate Stay Night, and more prominently in Fate Hollow Ataraxia, has attracted gender flipped King Arthur, a magus who can use all five elements, a girl who possesses a piece of the Holy Grail, Medusa and a homunculus who is the Holy Grail, among possibly several others.
  • Galaxy Angel features Mission Control Takuto Myers in command of the Angel Squad.
  • In Galaxy Angel II, Shiranami is a pilot and leader of the Rune Angel Squad.
  • In Koihime Musou, Kazuto's generals do all the fighting.
  • The Valkyries of former Training Squadron 207B form Takeru's Battle Harem. Mitsuki, Haruka and Akane would have been the same for Takayuki, but the fact that he died even before the three could join VF-A01 kind of precludes that. The Day After has VF-17 "War Dogs" as Hibiki's, while Total Eclipse's Yuuya has Yui, Cryska and Inia, Cui Yifei and possibly Tarisa, although they belong to different military units, and only got together due to their participation in UN's Project Prominence.
  • Princess Waltz The 2nd Act has all the princesses coming together to face the big bad. They are effectively Arata's harem at this point.
  • Rance of the Rance series has one of these. The amount of female characters in Rance Quest is immense.
  • Record of Agarest War has five generations of harem. All of them are Ladies Of War.
  • An RPG Maker game Romancing Walker has six love interests, and they're all your permanent allies.
  • In Seinarukana, of the 14 Brigade members, 9 are female. Of these, 6 are potential love interests.
  • Shiki in Tsukihime, being in the same multiverse as Fate/stay night, has also attracted a harem which includes an ancient vampire who can summon the moon itself, an Executor from the church, a half-demon hybrid, a succubus, an alchemist and an exceptionally powerful classmate-turned-vampire. Also extends to Melty Blood continuity.

Real Life

  • A male lion will generally have several lionesses in his pride at once.
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