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Ben Bova (1932- ) is an American Science Fiction author, most well-known for his Grand Tour series of novels dramatizing the colonization of the Solar system through the 21st century.

His story "Zero Gee" was included in Harlan Ellison's anthology Again, Dangerous Visions. He also worked with Harlan when he wrote at least part of the Series Bible for the infamous TV series The Starlost (and later fictionalized the whole story of that debacle in the novel The Starcrossed).

In order of publication, the Grand Tour series consists of:

  • Privateers (1985)
  • Mars (1992)
  • Empire Builders (1993)
  • Moonrise (1996)
  • Moonwar (1998)
  • Return to Mars (1999)
  • Venus (2000)
  • The Precipice (2001)
  • Jupiter (2001)
  • The Rock Rats (2002)
  • Saturn (2002)
  • The Silent War (2004)
  • Powersat (2005)
  • Mercury (2005)
  • Titan (2006), winner of the John W. Campbell Memorial Award (no relation to that Titan.)
  • The Aftermath (2007)
  • Mars Life (2008)
  • Leviathans of Jupiter (2011)

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