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When a nice, normal character suddenly goes into a rage, you've hit his Berserk Button.

  • On a certain famous Image Board, there exist "rage inducing threads," whose sole purpose is to hit the Berserk Button of as many posters as possible.
    • This isn't simply trolling, it's actually more of a specific activity, approaching that of a game. The thread is even traditionally started out with the phrase "You get filled with rage, you lose." The starting image is usually a recent piece of Canon Discontinuity or Wall Banger or some such.
      • On 4chan, at least, it's "You Rage, You Lose," with certain amounts of time giving you certain grades. (Ranging from a few seconds to several minutes.) The common responses are either "Easy/Medium/Epic/etc. RAGE!" or "FFFFFFFFUUUUUUU"(CK)!"
    • Also don't harm a cat, they will have you arrested.
    • Go ahead. Ask for Rule 34 of Yotsuba. Then pack your bags for your inevitable trip to Hell.
  • Mods that add cloaking functionality are a berserk button issue for the entire Freelancer community. Merely mentioning it is a ban-worthy offense on most Freelancer forums.
  • Don't ever accuse Leo Laporte of being a shill when he gets a test product, or question his editorial independence. He will take you down and the T Wi T Army will finish you off.
  • In the Left 4 Dead fandom, it is a well-established fact that Louis isn't very visually distinct from the standard infected, because he wears an outfit very similar to one of the infected models. It's also a well-established fact that if you bring this up, you will be shot down by thousands of posts calling you a racist.
  • On the message boards, don't fuck with Lord Styphon or else you're banned from the forum within the year.
  • NEVER, EVER, post a picture of Weegee on the You Chew Poop forums. Anywhere. You will be ripped apart.
    • It's strangely disappointing that this has nothing to do with the photographer.
  • The internet is a raunchy, sometimes lawless, often vulgar place; but dare, just DARE insult Fred Rogers's memory and you will have a flaming such as you have never known. This is the one man for whom the internet holds universal respect.
  • If you're going to torture a cat, make sure Anonymous doesn't find out. Anonymous does not truck with cruelty to cats.
  • Because Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, do not link any page on this wiki, ever.
  • Parodied reguarly in meme circles with Rage Comic, which has several variants now.
  • Go ahead and ask Linkara when he'll release the next History of Power Rangers.[1] We dare you. People constantly badgering him about this pissed him off to the point that he ended up using almost the entire first six minutes of one of the videos to rant about all the work that goes into the episodes and that badgering him about them does not make them come any faster.
  1. Or give him spoilers from a season he hasn't covered yet.