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File:Beth Phoenix Turnbuckle Entrance No Mercy1 2107.jpg

Gorgeous, smart and can lift a man across her shoulders

Elizabeth Copeland (nee: Kocianski, formerly: Carolan), also known as Beth Phoenix, is one of the current Divas on World Wrestling Entertainment, and surely the most unique among them. Unlike other Divas, that were models or dancers before going into the ring, Beth trained hard to be a wrestler since the beginning, going as far as being the first woman varsity wrestler in her high school. With her amateur wrestling skill and physical strength, she quickly developed in one of the best female wrestlers in business, and it's earned her the Women's Championship three times and the Divas championship once in WWE so far.

In 2017, Phoenix is inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame, class of 2017; making her the youngest person to be inducted. She is married to Adam "Edge" Copeland in 2016 and have two daughters - Lyric and Ruby. 

Like usual, That Other Wiki has a complete rundown on her career.

Tropes associated with Beth Phoenix include:

  • Aborted Arc: In 2006, there were plans to reveal the history between the Glamazon and Mickie James, but they were canceled when Beth broke her jaw in a match with Victoria.
  • Arch Enemy: At various times: Mickie James, Melina, Candice Michelle, Maria Kanellis, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Lay Cool, and Maria Menounos.
  • Badass: All the time (or, as former boyfriend Santino Marella would put it, "all the times!").
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: She zig-zags through it. Like the rest of the Divas, their hair and makeup will stay roughly in place after a match. However, after a recent botched spot my Alicia Fox, she showed off a nasty looking welt on her cheek.
  • Blondes Are Evil: As a heel.
  • Catch Phrase: Hashtag actually is #ding Glam Slam Ding
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Most notable female example since Chyna, she picked up both Michelle McCool and Layla El on her shoulders at the same time, while she had a torn ACL. She did it again to them in their tables match and has also done the same thing to Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, Melina and Mickie James.
    • This was also how she won the Battle Royal for her 2011 title shot, eliminating both of the Bella Twins at the same time.
  • Chickification: Many WWE fans were displeased when Beth eliminated The Great Khali from the 2010 Royal Rumble Match. No, they weren't upset with the fact that she was able to do it; it was the way she did it that was annoying. She leaned back against the ropes and grabbed Khali's face, passionately embracing and kissing him, and then leaned backward a little more so that Khali fell over her and out of the ring. Some Smarks commented that the ploy never even would have worked if Khali weren't such a clumsy oaf.
    • At the same time, it's Fridge Brilliance: She needed to find a way to gain leverage to pull Khali, the tallest person on the roster, over the rope. Combat Pragmatist?
    • The main reason it worked was that Khali was in the middle of his Punjabi Playboy phase, and most segments with him ended up with him kissing some "lucky" lady, or trying to run away from a beast of a woman. This angle in turn came about when the WWE realized that Khali wasn't only kind of slow, but there was a relative inflexibility of his arms and legs and his movelist basically consisted of a chop, a clumsy kick, and shoving/throwing people.
    • Also, wouldn't she know what a clumsy oaf he was from seeing him every week?
    • Her latest Heel Turn is due to her and Natalya both being fed up with how prevalent this trope is in the WWE, and swearing to put an end to it.
  • Combat Commentator: Full time on NXT since 2019.
  • Cute Bruiser: Yes, she can be as girlish as any other Diva.
  • Dark Action Girl: Even as a face.
  • Game-Breaking Injury: In kayfabe, she torqued her ankle during a match with Nikki Bella and as such lost the Divas Championship to the latter via a roll-up after dominating the division for the better part of a year.
  • Gentle Giant/Mean Character, Nice Actor: Is known to be one of the sweetest, most accessible WWE stars.
  • Glamazonian Beauty: That's her bread-and-butter right there. She's muscular but that can add to the appeal, and if not... it most likely doesn't detract from it. (In fact, her nickname is one of the alternative titles for the trope in question.)
    • She's dubbed it "Pinup Strong" and has a running Twitter gag of finding fun examples.
  • Happily Married: To fellow wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer, Edge.
  • Hidden Depths: Kayfabe example when she and Natalya found each other on opposing teams on Superstars, Beth (who was the heel) didn't want to hit her. Nattie had other ideas...
  • Hot Glamazon: "The perfect combination of strength and beauty." In fact, her fancy headband is clearly meant to evoke Wonder Woman.
  • Hypocrite: She and Natalya (as the heel Divas of Doom) claim that they strive to prove that women can be real wrestlers, but they can't seem to win without cheating and are total Sore Losers when they lose.
  • Lady of War: In contrast with Natalya, who's a fellow powerhouse but more of a brute, Beth is a little more elegant with her offence.
  • Lovely Angels: With Natalya.
  • It's All About Me: Starting to show signs of this recently. Several tag-team Divas matches she's participated in as of late have had her tagging herself in rather forcefully to hit her Glam Slam and take the victory for herself. Then, to top it all off, she doesn't interact with her teammate(s) much at all, leaving them in the ring wondering what the hell the problem was.
  • Mentor Ship: Her first husband was her wrestling coach, Joey Knight.
  • One of Us: Loves video games and horror films (no, really), and more often than not mentions comic books and some very geeky jokes on her personal Twitter. Not that it makes her any less badass.
    • Recent Twitter updates have shown she's also a huge Simpsons fan.
  • Progressively Prettier: From a borderline Brawn Hilda on her first appearance in 2006, she's now become just as beautiful as any other woman on the WWE roster. They don't call her "The Glamazon" for nothing.
  • Reality Subtext: In most of Beth's tirades against Kelly Kelly during her heel run, Beth will make at least one reference to Kelly being a Barbie doll Diva. Kelly Kelly's real name is Barbara Jean Blank. She often goes by 'Barbie.'
  • Red Baron: The Glamazon.
  • Slasher Smile: As a heel, Beth had a pretty effective one. It doesn't seem right that a woman that gorgeous can look that sinister.
  • Stocking Filler: Sometimes sports fishnet stockings as part of her attire.
  • The Giant: Averted. Her pure strength could easily put her in this position among the WWE Divas. But she backs it up with technical skill.
  • Tiny Guy, Huge Girl: The Glamarella storyline. Not too much taller, but obviously stronger and more skilled.
  • Villainous Cheekbones
  • Villain Team-Up: With Natalya to form the Divas of Doom.
  • Wardrobe Malfunction: On the 10-21-11 episode of Smackdown, after a bit of trash talking with Eve Torres, she begins to provoke her. Eve gives Beth a good hard shove, sending her head over heels to the mat. Beth, in a very billowy dress, accidentally flashes her underpants to half of Mexico City, and she came perilously close to flashing the other half with her... other assets.
    • Beth often wears a kilt-like flared skirt as part of her "warrior" persona, and it whooshes up quite a bit when she is jumping or executing moves, so seeing her undies is pretty much business as usual these days.
  • What Could Have Been: Well... not yet anyway, but one could only imagine that AJ and Beth Phoenix would get along really well.
    • Beth was supposed to go against Kharma for the latter's first feud, but Kharma's pregnancy put that on hold.
  • Wild Card: When she was first moved to Smack Down and put in a 3-way feud with Michelle McCool and Mickie James. After her recent Face Heel Turn she still remains this due to having a sympathetic point of view. Interestingly enough her partner Natalya is more of a full blown heel.