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File:Teen scene 01.jpg

That kid was in Nerd Heaven, and never realized it.

Ever wondered what Beverly Hills, 90210 would be like if it was animated and didn't take itself so seriously? Well that actually happened. Actually, aside from the city and the teenagers, this show didn't have much in common with that other show. This has far more in common with Dynasty, Richie Rich and the 1980s. Oh man, this show is definitely of the 1980s. Just about everything So Bad It's Good of that decade was featured on that show, as long as it was G-Rated. But that still left room for a lot.

What was it about? Well, it's about teenagers living in Beverly Hills. There wasn't much of a plot, as the show was almost a Sitcom. Basically, it's better to just understand the characters.

Characters include:

  • Bianca Dupree the raven-haired Rich Bitch of the group. Has a poodle named Empress.
  • Blaze Summers A cowgirl and a Tomboy.
  • Buck Huckster A guy who always wears his shades, and thinks he's a business genius.
  • Chester McTech A boy genius with a crush on Bianca.
  • Gig A burgeoning rock star, with either a British or Aussie accent.
  • Jett A Valley Girl who is part of Gig's band.
  • Larke Tanner A sweet blonde who Bianca sees as her rival (particularly over Troy). She has a cat named Tiara.
  • Nikki Darling An aspiring actress and fashionista.
  • Pierce Thorndyke III A self-centered Casanova Wannabe with an American posh accent.
  • Jillian Thorndyke Pierce's younger sister, who tries to act more adult than some of the other cast.
  • Radley the Surfer Dude.
  • Shanelle Spencer the Token Minority, and the most level headed of the group.
  • Brenda, aka Switchboard the gossip hound of the group.
  • Tara Belle a Southern Belle, although she acts more demure and naive than she actually is.
  • Troy Jeffries Larke's boyfriend, although every other girl is basically his Unwanted Harem.
  • Wilshire Brentwood Bianca's chauffeur, but is so in love with her, that he's willing to be her Extreme Doormat (save for certain instances).

Take those characters, and mix and match with any appropriate Sitcom plot you can imagine.

Tropes used in Beverly Hills Teens include:
  1. (Well no more than for any other form of opulence in the show, anyway)