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Events in Comics that are not possible. Only list examples that fit the description!

  • Red Hulk raised Thor's hammer by jumping into space.
  • The Guardians of the Green Lantern Corps made sure that it would be physically impossible for a Lantern to kill one of them. When Hal Jordan kills Krona they are shocked and afraid.
  • As any Thor reader knows, beating Volstagg in an eating contest is impossible yet Fat Cobra can do it anyway.
  • Italian comic Sturmtruppen and the Epic Fail of its firing squad tries to execute a prisoner. They managed to miss him and hit the wall behind him while he was holding their rifles pressed directly against his chest.
  • The Infinity Gauntlet: Thanos' battle with the heroes of Earth is one of the few times Captain America (comics)'s shield has been broken, something normally impossible. All other times have been done by high level cosmic forces (and repaired by them as well) usually those of Asgard.
  • Scott's normal combo ends in a Shoryuken in Scott Pilgrim vs The World. This is mainly because, as an Idiot Hero, Scott's fighting style is copied from fighting games and this is especially awesome because, even as a normal person his Shoryuken still envelop his hand in hand flames.
  • Beetle Bailey:
    • If the General has a headache and Sergeant Snorkel ORDERS you to fire a cannon quietly, then you fire it quietly.
    • Beetle is slower than everyone else even when parachuting down from a plane.
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