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Events in Video Games that are not possible. Only list examples that fit this description

  • Near the climax of Kingdom Hearts, Beast, in order to find Belle, tears through dimensions by sheer force of will. Malificent comments on how this was impossible; everyone else (herself included) either needs aid from the Heartless or a gummi ship to cross dimensions. Beast doesn't know how he did it. He just wanted to see Belle that badly.
  • One of the rules of ghost tricks in Ghost Trick is that you can only resurrect a corpse that has been dead for less than 24 hours, and only go back to four minutes before their death. In the final level of the game Sissel realizes that Yomiel's shell has been kept suspended at the moment of death by the Temsik fragment, and it only technically became a corpse when the fragment was removed. He exploits this rule to go back to four minutes before the corpse's death, which occured ten years ago.
  • Iji: Assassin Asha can dodge almost all attacks you throw at him on his second fight, including a nuke, even though you're fighting him within an enclosed space. A nuke. A nuke that, in his previous fight with you, triggered an instant victory.
  • Ace Combat Joint Assault: In the second phase of the final Sulejmani fight, he can suddenly do a bullshit roll maneuver to dodge pretty much all your missiles, something no one else can do. Not even you in the same plane.
  • Ar tonelico has two examples and justified in both
    • Melody of Elemia: It is technically possible for a Reyvateil to craft a song outside her cosmosphere and without the aid of a Hymn Crystal, but its so difficult and happens so rarely that anyone who sees it happen will say its impossible.
    • Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica Melody of Metafalica. The game likes to mention how only one person at a time can dive into a single reyvateil with a two person dive being a big deal that only the most skilled therapist can perform. Jacqil says Frelia can handle four people at once. Everyone shouts how impossible this is, and normally they would be right, but Jacqil reminds them that Frelia is a goddess and so can handle it easily. Croix' response is pretty much, "oh yeah....I forgot..."
  • One fact about Final Fantasy X you're unlikely to discover during the main quest: you can break the cap on HP and MP! Granted, it's only by one digit each. For a plot example of this trope, see the main cast screwing the rules on Sin's death-resurrection cycle; whereas killing it temporarily via a Heroic Sacrifice was considered the only way, they kill it permanently without a sacrifice. It was like taking the book describing how the world works, throwing it out the window, and writing a new one.
  • In Assassin's Creed Brotherhood you can slit a guard's throat with a broom.
  • Warhammer 40,000 has the Necrons, an entire race of (mostly) humanoid automatons made of regenerative metal. They carry theoretically impossible molecular flaying energy weapons
  • Battle Clash: Eddie and the ST Valius. This guy is so fast he can jump out of the corner of one side of the screen and reappear from the other less than a second later, landing in the same exact spot. In other words, he manages to cover the entire span of the stage you're on in a single jump. The stage in question (the Tower of Babel) is a giant space elevator.
  • At one point Bayonetta starts a motorcycle by jamming her middle finger into the ignition switch.
  • In Borderlands, Some class abilities allow more ammo to be used than some guns can hold. In some cases this allows for five shotgun rounds to be used when onlytwo are loaded as well as sub-machinegun and assault rifles being able to hold as much as THOUSANDS of rounds.
  • In Asura's Wrath, at one point Asura becomes so mad, he gains the level of power it took his fellow Deities nearly 12000 YEARS to accumulate. Yasha even states that this is impossible by the standards they were using.
    • Similarly, killing Chakravartin was said by Chakravartin himself to be an impossibility.
  • Almost all of Cerberus of Mass Effect 3 is semi-huskified and heavily indoctrinated. Check out their reaction to Shepard showing up on Mars;

Cerberus Trooper: HOLY SHIT! IT'S SHEPARD!

    • Now realise that Shepard is actually scaring the hell out of people who can no longer think or feel anything for themselves.
    • At one point in Mass Effect 3, Garrus and Legion are debating weapon calibration. Legion insists that the maximum possible improvement is .32% percent. Garrus tinkers with the weapon, and manages to pull .43% improvement, baffling Legion.
  • Mega Man NT Warrior: Explicit in the fifth chapter of Takamisaki's manga, regarding how quickly Lan and Mega Man achieve Full-Synchro.

I'll be...You've just redefined what's possible!!!

  • Mother 3: Meta example. The online readme, about halfway down the page has a list of every hack that had to made in order to make the translation work. Buried in there is this gem:

The game only had enough memory for 40 letters of battle text on the screen at once. Fixing this was assumed impossible, but a fix was figured out anyway, allowing for infinite text per line.