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Events in Web Original that are not possible. Only list examples that fit this description

  • Charlotte of Making Fiends can Hold her breath For 9 Hours...
  • How beyond can The Impossible Man get? His inexpicable power has no respect for physical rules
  • Dr. Insano managed to get a Atari Jaguar CD working. Thats something even The Angry Video Game Nerd couldn't do. Yes it broke right after it was used, but he still managed to get the thing to actually work while catalouging every single thing the system has wrong with it.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd himself, however, shares an equally impressive feat, when he conquered the Game Glitch Gremlin and defeated one of the end bosses of Mega Man 5 despite the fact that the game was glitched so that the platforms he was supposed to use were invisible. This, of course, extends to James Rolfe himself, who accomplished the feat at a young age.
  • During the BSC Sonic 3 Knuckles playthrough, Solaris dies from being CRUSHED BY A RING BOX in Mushroom Hill Zone. Guess what happens right after this.
  • Animator vs. Animation. In the latter 2 installments, the Animation hops out of Flash and wreaks havoc on the Animator's desktop!
  • A New Age: The Sky Worm. The largest size a creature can be in D&D is Colossal. The Sky Worm was as large as four colossal creatures in a line.
  • This is Monty Oum's philosophy: "Never let anyone tell you that something is impossible." He practices what he preaches.
  • Walking to the Far Lands, without mods or assistance, is this trope in Kurtjmac.
    • Speaking of Minecraft, any Mod/Admin who uses Mcbans. Now Look up Notch. The List is longer than Minecraft chat can display.