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Punk Punk with Bio-Augmentation and Organic Technology (in other words Biotechnology all time), usually centered around biotechnology and genetic engineering. Expect to see a lot of exaggerated Organic Technology, sculpted physiques and Petting Zoo People walking around... or hopping, swimming, flying, slithering, etc. Many buildings and ships will be grown, and a general Womb Level aesthetic will usually prevail. Issues examined may include Designer Babies, What Measure Is a Non-Human?, what is human, various aspects of ecology and effects of modified crops/animals/bacteria. And you'll see Aesops (particularly Green Aesops about creating what you can't control), both real and Fantastic.

It should be noted that the line between Bio Punk and Cyber Punk is very thin, and the majority of cyberpunk stories will contain some limited Bio Punk elements. The line between Bio Punk and Post-Cyberpunk is sometimes even thinner or very opposite in more/less Organic augmentated with(out) Nanorobotics put as keep it cleaner and less gorely, with Post-Cyberpunk sharing many more elements/themes with occasions the setting and metaphysical style with Biopunk in addition to not using as many Cyberpunk elements as its precursor due being a Fuzzy concept in general both fictional and reality.

Examples of Bio Punk include:

Anime & Manga

  • In Akira they are working on creating telepathic in used of children as test subjects even after of disaster of Tokyo they still working on them and reveal that Titlar protagonist later ironic antagonist is one of them.
  • Appears frequently in Tsutomu Nihei's works, most notably Biomega.
  • Elfen Lied only share least one or two Strong Biopunk elements are Cloning and Genetically engineered Psuedo-Human/Mutants of Diclonius (Human-like mutants with Horns that telepathic things), And there treatment within human society are "fine".
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: a through deconstructions of both Cyberpunk and the Humongous Mecha genres, except all the humongous mechas are indeed Cyborg [theme] put rest parts are actually cloned from monstrous aliens that ware prosthetic armor as their shields with cyber-style weapons [to mistake them even more as Mechas] against the Angels the antagonistic enemy of story.
    • One of Main character, Rei Ayanami have implies that she Human-Angel hybrid also created from cloning given in pilot until later of series that she have been mutated into her Angel form.
  • The technology of the North in Xam'd: Lost Memories consists of this, including the titular Xamd.
  • Gunnm features this in Venus, where everything is biological: furniture, vehicles and clothes. All of them are genetically engineered, and based on the human DNA.
  • Red Line features this when we are introduced to Roboworld, many of it's weapons feature Organic Technology
  • Pokémon the First Movie revolves around the creation of Mewtwo, an artificial Pokemon created by reverse-engineering the Legendary Pokemon Mew. It doesn't turn out well; his story provides the page quote for Gone Horribly Right.

"We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokémon... and we succeeded." - MewTwo

  • In the Suzumiya Haruhi universe, Asahina implies that future technology will evolve along these lines.
  • Guilty Crown has shades of this.
  • Kill La Kill main plot device is always about an living clothes or "Lifevibers" that feed human blood as other alternate path to organic singlarity.
  • Karneval is first Biopunk story that finally crossed with Fantasy genre in Japanese media (least ether Urban Fantasy or Sci-Fantasy) and dubbles only with limited on illegal genetic activites by Biotechnological group dubbed themselves as "Circus" who hated Goverment for there practices.


  • The comic book series Elephantmen deals with human-animal hybrids created in a war between Africa and China, and their struggle to reintegrate into society being essentially former child soldiers.
  • The X-Men series and its spinoffs trade pretty heavily in biopunk themes.
  • Finder fits into this very well, being set in an After the End scenario where a biotech-based civilization collapsed, but many of its products, being self-reproducing living things, are still around.


  • Much of David Cronenberg's work, particularly:
    • Shivers, where a scientist accidentally creates a sexually-transmitted Puppeteer Parasite, causing in turn a Zombie Apocalypse of rape zombies.
    • Rabid, where an experimental skin graft creates a sort of Bio Punk vampire, whose victims all become rabid zombies and attack Montreal.
    • The Brood, where a revolutionary psychiatric method results in hideous bodily mutations.
    • Scanners, where a pharmacological error creates a Bizarre Baby Boom of socially-maladjusted, creepy psychics.
    • Videodrome, where warring ideologies use communications technology to mutate viewers into monstrous pawns.
    • Naked Lunch is Bio Punk via The Beat Generation, with sentient typewriters, giant bugs, and monsters who give you tremendous creativity in exchange for blowjobs.
    • eXistenZ, where genetically-engineered amphibians are used to create Organic Technology video game hardware. And noted even some fans of Matrix movie trilogy calling this as Canadian Biopunk version of Matrix.
      • While movie as whole is really combines Biopunk with actual "Dreampunk" (as in wikipedia calling that genre) and Platoian Cave theme, were story majority set inside never ending dream-like simulation created from aforementioned genetically-engineered amphibians instead virtual reality simulation seen Matrix movies.
    • The Fly, where a failed teleportation experiment fuses Jeff Goldblum and... well, a fly-human thing.
  • Repo! The Genetic Opera plays this with a healthy helping of rather almost limited Cyberpunk, Gothicpunk and Gorn.
  • Aeon Flux (based on the animated show)
  • Gattaca
  • The Island is about man trying to escape from island that it's population is actually clones.
  • Splice is about scientists were creating an human-like creature that have most of every animal DNA.
  • Antivirtal is majority and backstory about near-future that viruses and other illness can be buyable from celebrites who got infected and rest movie is also focus on employee from clinic that sell forementioned plot device psyche with dreams in form of art from punk itself.
  • Jurassic Park films is perhaps the Trope Codifier for modern audiences and was a huge box office success. The story focuses heavily on the themes of scientific ethics, man's hubris and the force of nature being beyond our control.
  • Similarly, the rebooted Planet of the Apes films focus on highly artifically evolved apes that take over the world, mutated and aided by a man-made viral agent that kills 90% of human population.

Fan Works

  • Most fanfictions that used science fiction category (Like Bioshock series of fanfics and with its crossovers) will use several elements from this punk for plot or backstory reasons.
  • Plague Inc, PC expanded Plague Inc: Evolved have creating mods though Steam Workshop, offer of mods are trending with this genre, Make virus turning un-infected humans into various monsters (like Splicer from Bioshock series) that mostly bio-genetic engineered as "symptoms" or wiped out remaining non-genetic engineered/uninfected humans.
  • Some fanfic author in named ChadR-2014 (Who also ChadTroper02's fanfic account by way) seems devoted or loving this Punk in some to more of his Fanfics (Like one of his odd King of the Hill Fanfic "Furry Outbreak" that set days after that whole state of Texas infected with furry virus), That even few of his fanfics that Cybernetics are either randomly banned or non-existed at all causing somewhat of big heavily enforced with No Transhumanism Allowed trope on Cybernetics.


  • Every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story or versions always have genetic engineering as the main common plot device as 'Mutagen' a genetically modified substance either made by Aliens or Humans, where any person or animals come contact transforms to any other humanoid-animals or worst.
    • There one alternate timeline in last three episodes of 2012 reboot that what if four Turtles failed to stop a Mutant bomb that destroys the world. Leaving a Post-apocalyptic biopunk dystopic wasteland where all Humanity has functionally extinct and become nothing but all mutantic Anthro-animals.


  • Monster Blood Tattoo seems to cross this genre with Steampunk and a healthy dose of Nightmare Fuel.
  • Night's Dawn, a trilogy of well-researched Space Opera novels by Peter F. Hamilton.
  • In the Courts of the Crimson Kings, a sci-fi novel by S.M. Stirling set on John Carter of Mars-type world made plausible with Bio Punk technology given to the Martians by Ancient Astronauts.
  • Jeff VanderMeer's Ambergris stories, especially the newest novel Finch are Urban Fantasy Bio Punk, or perhaps Spore Punk, with the Graycaps' fungus-based high technology that almost passes for magic, as far as the humans are concerned.
    • Hell, in Finch we even get fungus-cyborgs in the form of the Partials.
  • China Mieville's Bas-Lag Cycle, though closer to Dungeon Punk, has elements of this with the ReMade: bio-thaumaturges can warp flesh, bone and biology to heal, remake a being as something new, or (far, far more often) to punish.
  • The books Oryx and Crake and The Dry Flood by Margaret Atwood are set in the near future, and features many many bio-engineered animals, most notably pigs who can grow human organs for use in transplants.
  • The Maximum Ride series skirt this genre, with the protagonists being genetically engineered bird people that were created by immoral scientists in order to find the secrets of immortality.
  • S. Andrew Swann's Moreau Series is a perfect example. The protagonist is Nohar Rajasthan; a Half Tiger/Half Human Private Investigator in a world where hybrid "Moreaus" (As in "Island of Dr. Moreau") are confined to ghettos as second class citizens. The series also has genetically improved humans, called "Franks" as in Frankenstein, and aliens.
  • Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress, along with the attendant novels in the trilogy.
  • The 'Leviathan series by Scott Westerfeld has fabricated beasties created after Darwin discovered the "chains of life". Also uses Lego Genetics.
  • The foundations of biopunk were arguably laid down as early as 1818, with the release of Shelley's Frankenstein—which means that biopunk was among the first science fiction ever published.
  • The West of Eden series by Harry Harrison is set in an Alternate History where dinosaurs never went extinct and the Earth is dominated by the reptilian Yilanè who use specially bred creatures as everything from microscopes to submarines.
  • Twig take place alternate 1920s where Biotechnology become quickly advance and accepted decades eariler by even expanded British Empire used it to create Biologically engineered Child Soldiers to future wars.

Live Action TV

  • Dollhouse is all about messing with the human brain.
  • Farscape features heaps of organic technology (from the Translator Microbes to the Living Ships), and quite a few plots revolve around genetic manipulation.
  • Orphan Black are focus on Sarah Manning an con artist and her look-likes like Beth, For rest episodes in season 1 that she and several others are in facts clones of original person who dead long ago. And transhumanist movement call 'Neo-lution' (Neo/Evolution) believe cloning along biohacking is two of ideas lead of New Evolution while an some goverment officials and cult named 'Proletheans' believe clones are "monsters" and thus must be destory.
    • By first episode of Season 4 are also by that point, the Neolution movement are become less terroristic to world are begin plans on biohacking animals to their advantage.
      • Within later episode in same season that group secretly implanting synthetic maggots within human cheeks.
    • Setting of show have some elements with postcyberpunk (mostly by building designs and couple technologies only works through synthetic biology as examples)
    • It's Japanese remake Orphan Black - 7 Genes take more tone down version of genre (only Clones, DYAD biotech corporation and Neolution movement are only so far are focused) due of show focus more Dramatic elements of remake.


  • Centaur may well be an Ur-Example, as the title creature depicted on the backglass is a mix of human, horse, and Organic Technology motorcycle.

Tabletop Games

  • The Lords of Madness source book includes a "Fleshwarper" prestige class, designed for creating this sort of thing in a Heroic Fantasy setting.
  • Shadowrun offers Bioware, a genetically modified cultured tissue that can be implanted in characters to provide many of the same benefits of the more traditional Cyberware.
  • The GURPS supplement "Bio-Tech" is all about Biopunk.
  • Eclipse Phase is Post Cyber Punk, but most of the modifications available are biological in nature, and bio-morphs (bodies which are fundamentally organic—but still often weird) are culturally preferred over Synth-Morphs (robot bodies—derogatorily called the "Clanking Masses") or Pods (half-synth, half-biological bodies, the name comes from the derogatory "Pod-People," a riff on how the biological parts of the bodies are grown). For an example of the sort of bio-mods you can get in this game, see the Sex Switch—which switches your sex at will—or the Skinflex—which allows you to make major cosmetic alterations to yourself in around ten minutes.
    • Also, the bio-engineered space-whales that live in the corona of the sun.
  • Mortasheen combines this with Mons.


  • Rossum's Universal Robots by Karl Capek. The titular robots are not mechanical but artificially created organic beings who rebel against their master, making this trope Older Than Television.

Video Games

  • Bioshock combines Bio Punk with Diesel Punk in First two games. Until Bioshock Infinite that swap with Steam Punk setting in Floating city (Semi-Skypunk) instead underwater with very several Bio Punk elements thoughout majority of main game.
    • Put however all Steam Punk tech was 89% steal from other Alternates universes, With other 10% were from their universe.
  • The first Half-Life with lesser extent Half-Life 2 does share with few or more elements from examples Bioweapons like Hivemind and some enemies like Vortigaunt, Snarks, and Nihilanth using their electrokinesis and otherworldly abilities to attack Protagonist.
    • Opposing Force expansion pack in Half-Life take this further with "X-Race" that included three new bioweapons that player uses and showing some organically pretense is taking over Black Mesa faculty than the main game.
  • The Resident Evil series in general
    • First three games focus on survival of local-wide Zombie outbreak made by Biotech corporation.
    • Two other Main games are fighting back against people who are infected by Parasites with some Genetic engineering for latter
    • Six game is expanded second game plot but this time infected least three more cities done by a new Bioterrorist group who claim successors to Umbrella Corporation.
    • Seventh and recent game has survive an mutated and infected-Louisianan family from Bio-engineered Human that infected people with her "mind-control" fungus
  • Ciem 2 combines Bio Punk with Cyberpunk and Spy Punk. And a sprinkling of The War on Terror just for the heck of it. So in some chapters, Dirbine feels like a (mutable) Crapsack Town.
    • There are ships, airplanes, cars and so on, but there seems to be not a single weapon.
  • Final Fantasy VII has numerous examples of bioengineered Super Soldiers.
  • Fracture is presents a post-apocalyptic world where the East and West coasts/states or case East coast are official as Atlantic Alliance of the USA (Two technically become Pseudo-Technocratic drove nations put different field of technology as there state's ideology) are split over biotech use and treating it as ether good/bad thing for human race (West coast/states become Bio-Transhumans while another side of East coast/states "still" [become] human or just in-named humans by law put become Cyborgs/Cyber-Transhumans).
    • On the Pacific coast, gene modification and grown biotech along bioweapon technology is embraced as the key to humanity's survival in the Post-climate change world and as semi-cultural norm, while on the Atlantic coast (Aka The Hero's Main Faction/Army), it's banned and heavily cybernetics is the go-to future tech to order survival in Post-climate changed world and enforcedly adapted as cultural norm but it seems that instead unintentionally symbolized that those "humans" repeating the same mistakes of humanity did centuries ago instead learned from it.
  • Escape Velocity's third part features the human race of the Polaris, who grow star ships and space stations of organic material.
  • Evolva gives this feeling.
  • Far Cry 3 standalone DLC Dragon Blood, delves into a bit of this as well, with the blood of the eponymous dragons causing mutations when consumed by organic life with one that cause sthem glowed. The blood acted as a Super Serum for Sloan and also fueled Dr. Carlyle's experiments on reanimating scientist corpses.

Western Animation

  • Aeon Flux inhabits a world where self-modification is the new makeup.
  • Batman Beyond has strong elements of this with the splicers and Kobra cult who are heavily into genetic manipulation.
  • Steven Universe does have hints of thier Homeworld Gems were used this idea with their [Pseudo Bio]technology to create Earth gems though The Kingdergarden with creations like Amythest for example. And seems they stop using this until episodes in that they still want to make more Earth Gems even they lost the War to Crystal Gems.
    • Subverted, That whole Gem species (sans Steven himself) are anthropomorphic mineral entities that blend Gemstones with implanted AI to present "super advanced" hologram genderless personalities.
      • Double Subverted, In more later episodes that indeed they given up by Yellow Diamond (Very likely main antagonist of show), And let better it destory by Cluster (An literal bioweapon-like denator of captured/corrupted crystal gems) to erase Earth from existance.
      • Also forget that some elso incomplete mutant-like gems dubbed 'Cluster gems' have this vibe even more horrorifc.

Real Life

  • Not really a huge concern as of yet, but far eastern and western (And hopefully but eventually Oceanian) cultures are well on the precipice of this being an actual thing in almost likely several to more years away like starting begin creating organic body parts from 3D painting in work of progress on this decede, And announced that UK is first nation to legalizing make genetic engineered babies from it's three parent's DNA. And later same year that Chinese scientists mostly successfully created genetically engineered embryos to make designed babies for Chinese parents, And again same year that some americans begin rise of small support on Human Cloning with other rise of now almost instead of huge smaller support of Animal Cloning according to then-recent polling (And also treated as part of Mortally/Politically Left which offically implies that Cybernetic implants in American social norm is now can treated as Mortally/Politically Right as back then thinking was new revolutionary idea of defines being Transhuman) as few other americans supporting other Biopunk concepts and themes in internet through Facebook, Blog sites, etc. and wish becoming part of reality like Monsanto idea below to seemly mock of Cyberpunk genre, Cyber subculture and Conspraicy Theorists in general.
    • Already, cloning is being carried out with animals on small levels, transsexual operations, body modifications with used from animal parts which few subcultures (Mostly Furry Lifestylers, Otherkin, Vampire and Therian/Wereanimal subcultures) are begins adopting with punk's style as some form new tradtion since 2000s and plastic surgery does touch on some of this punk longer before WW1.
    • Looking forward, nanotechnology has gotten a huge boost by integrating with microscopic organisms, and there have been other breakthroughs, like a prototypical memory storage device utilizing salmon DNA.
      • This type of technology gets even its own Punk Punk (Nanopunk) in OtherWiki when ether Cybernetics or Bio-Augmentations are limited or banned put still retain somewhat of Biopunk elements.
      • According an Article and video who are actually promoting an new series for Neo Graphic literal named Breakthrough are mostly believe in this scenario can happen thanks from Climate Change which is really happen now, And they seems removed Cyberpunk idea almost out of window if they saying that Cybernetic/Cyborging are (possibly depends) not longer thing used too centuries ago to or got impilying its limited down by far future (Bio-trans)human society to Brian uploading as last/only option to be Cyber-transhuman put this sceinario have Strongly Biopunk "aesthetics" and big elemental ideas about punk with Nanotechology (Limited Nanopunk theme) are very still gorely soild and almostly possible in next twenty to fourthy/fifthy years or impossibly longer in real life.
    • A company named Monsanto is working hard to make this a reality in food for years since mid-20 century.
      • It is worth noting that Monsanto is quite controversial (For begin status as infamous Big Corporation and some customer are even aware or knwoledge what are eating) in mostly all cultures, and this is not necessarily a good thing.
    • So there also seems minor rise of Biotechnological or Biohacking small business around North America, Europe, even South Korea and eventally Australia due of their first Biohacking business Biofoundry officially made appearance in web media this year again since 1980s while same time Rise of popular Cyberpunk movies like Blade Runner invented Bio-Cyborg concept.
  • One can say it is Older Than Dirt because agriculture uses artificial species. This is especially true for modern day agriculture.
  • Raelism, a religious group founded in the early 1970's by former French racecar driver Claude Vorilhon. One of their dogmas involves using cloning and mind-transfers as a way of achieving immortality.
    • Vorilhon actually created a attempted Biotech corporation to research cloning, claiming at one point to have successfully cloned a human child. Considering the source, actual evidence is not forthcoming.