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Two-hour Game Show programming block (2:00-4:00 AM) on Game Show Network from 2001-06. Consisted of three classic shows shown in 40-minute timeslots, typically What's My Line and I've Got a Secret plus one of the following:

Notable for GSN, at least for most of the run, airing Winston-sponsored Secret episodes during this timeslor; prior to this, the Winston-sponsored episodes were banned due to the heavy use of said Winston logos on-set. The ban went back into effect around 2004 when the block itself was reduced to two games aired in regular 30-minute timeslots, and the "Overnite" title slowly phased out.

For the most part, episodes would be run in order except for special theme weeks, or if a noted celebrity died. In such a case, episodes featuring that person would run in the time slots with a special slide noting the passing aired directly before and after it. The "monochrome-only" rule was bent for this practice, allowing episodes from the syndicated What's My Line? and Beat the Clock as was needed.

The following tropes are common to many or all entries in the Black and White Overnite franchise.
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