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Edutainment Game series from The Nineties created by the company known as Davidson, aimed largely at elementary schoolers, though a few have been aimed at middle schoolers. First there was Math Blaster and then Reading Blaster. Very briefly, there was Science Blaster, Geometry Blaster, Spelling Blaster and Word Blaster (don't ask how that last one is any different than Reading Blaster).

True to being both educating and entertaining, the Blaster series centered on an astronaut called Blasternaut (get it?) and his Robot Buddy Spot, a little blue droid. They worked for the Galactic Commander, who herself helped to run a federation-like organization that spanned the galaxy to apprehend criminals. Eventually Galactic Commander (or GC, as the others called her) joined the team. Their images changed rapidly - for example, Spot eventually became a robotic dog named MEL while G.C. became a 12 year old girl instead of a female adult and Blaster became a 12 year old boy instead of a green astronaut like man. This last version of the characters was featured in the Saturday Morning Cartoon series Blaster's Universe, produced by Nelvana in the early 2000s.

Another universe appeared in the Blaster Series with a kid named Rave going up against the Mad Scientist Dudley Dabble. Rave is a green creature with a yellow horn growing out of his head and most of the other inhabitants of his world appear to be monsters and/or creatures of some description, with the odd exception of Dabble, although he was eventually given blue skin. While generally unrelated to the original universe, there was a readable crossover story featured in Reading Blaster 2000 titled Dr. Dabble's Revenge, wherein the original heroes fought against Dr. Dabble.

Tropes used in Blaster Series include:

Blaster's Universe provides examples of:


Max: Yeah! What a blast!
Pirate: What? Head's up, what?!
MEL: Head's up? (looks up)
Max: No, MEL, "head's up" means... (sees a cannon) ...DUCK!