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The Welsh says: "I am not in the office at the moment. Please send any work to be translated."[1]


"That pond it seems me many multiplied of fishes. Let us amuse rather to the fishing."


"'Caution: do not take while consuming alcohol or impregnating heavy machinery.' I guess they let the Kudzu write the labels again."
Suicide, Just One Letter

Translation is a work to be worked by person who understand language, or moreover, two language. When a producer forget it, we this trope.

Some cases which translate a job or simply want Did Not Do the Research filled the room with what they thought was the appropriate it's trope about. Why do not know the language, we get a string of nonsense not make sense meaning. Asian European Western trend is the translation of the more bizarre to the results weird.

The Japanese-to-English translation will not be available this week, as she is taking maternity leave. Please forward any work to be translated to the main office from 9am-5pm. You are thanked.

It should be known that this trope is common in video games and cartoons in the 80's since they were not sufficient to integrate people to care about the results, they often have no more than little writing that is traditional to pen, and the fans are so smile to have the product in their hand. Overall, this is for the company used its own staff native who passed the knowledge of the language or because they did not bother to prepare a test of translation agencies (be train to provide a literal translation and how straightforward you are, the customer and, then write that cater to their needs). However, you think the local branch has recruited a person with a third-level step in education learning or not better just by rubbing the text limited sucks.

Translation Train Wreck is a Sistertropics at them. Either World Domination or Something About Bananas produces a cover when a fictional character in itself. Babel Fish not a related family member, or Azathoth, the blind idiot god (At least that is how generally we not want, but trying to translate Starfish Language became can easy see). Contrast As Long as It Sounds Foreign. Ad of bad translation Bite the Wax Tadpole. Exact opposite for Superlative Dubbing please see this trope.

If you do intentionally, it is Intentional Engrish for Funny. Pleases me no do this on purpose, it bad language.

Plain English Translation

A Blind Idiot Translation is a translation from one language to another where the translation is overly literal, grammatically incorrect, very awkward, or clearly misses what the word or phrase was supposed to be. When a translation is complete gibberish, then it is Translation Train Wreck. Sometimes overlaps with Gratuitous Foreign Language.

The name is not intended to be an insult against the translator (although it works just as well that way), hence the quotation marks in the title: "Blind idiot" is the Blind Idiot Translation of the old saying "Out of sight, out of mind". A computer in a lab was running a beta of some translation software package and translated "Out of sight, out of mind", meaning "If you hide something, sometimes people forget that it existed in the first place." into Chinese and back to English, and the printout read "Invisible idiot".[2]

In another variant, the phrase "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" got translated as "The alcohol is strong but the meat is rotten".

Compare Recursive Translation. Also see Japanese Ranguage and Asian Speekee Engrish, where jokes are made about odd pronunciations.

Not to be confused with this Blind Idiot.

Examples of Blind Idiot Translation include:
  1. The correct translation should be "Dim mynediad ar gyfer cerbydau nwyddau trwm. Safle preswyl yn unig."
  2. * And we somehow "Blind Idiot" the "Invisible Idiot". Self-Demonstrating Title?

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